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  1. Jon Gallagher

    Arfak Mountains, West Papua

    I was in the Arfaks in May and wasn't cold once! I used a sleeping bag liner at night. Days were warm, occasionally hot.
  2. Jon Gallagher

    Are there companies which organize self-driven tours?

    Gunnar Engblom (Kolibri Expeditions, Peru) and Sid Francis (Sichuan Birding, China) used to offer this kind of service. Don't know if they still do
  3. Jon Gallagher

    Urban birding in Tallinn, Estonia - July 2022

    Vergi list now up to 162! https://ebird.org/hotspot/L4892377
  4. Jon Gallagher

    Travel Insurance for birders

    I would repeat my experience in Guatemala that I outlined here: https://www.birdforum.net/threads/car-hire-in-guatemala.425430/ This was insurance for the full value of the car, not to cover any excess beyond a CDW.
  5. Jon Gallagher

    Travel Insurance for birders

    The main problem with credit card coverage as car insurance is that if you were unfortunate enough to total the car, the car agency would want to charge you that and you would then have to claim it back. And would your credit card maximum be enough to cover the charge?
  6. Jon Gallagher

    Jamaica info

    I think you may be out of luck. My record was from the end of February, and ebird shows most in Feb/Mar with only a couple of records from the same observer off Ocho Rios years ago in mid-Dec.
  7. Jon Gallagher

    Ecuador, Mindo & Antisana - August 2023

    Glad you had a great time with Jorge Luna, Shumi. He is without doubt one of the best guides I've travelled with. Cheers, Jon
  8. Jon Gallagher

    Surfbirds World Rankings?

    Anyone aware what's happening on the Surfbirds.com World Rankings page? The other lists are still there, just not the full world list rankings. Right now there are just 3 people listed! https://surfbirds.com/cgi-bin/surfbirds/display.cgi?list=list1&lowVal=0&highVal=49
  9. Jon Gallagher

    Guatemala birding

    For Sierra de los Cuchaniantes NP (near Todos Santos Cachuman) I stayed at Hotel Casa Familiar in Todos Santos Cachuman (cost 190Q per night). I used Esteban Matias (WhatsApp +502 5381 0540) for an evening (for the Unspotted Saw-whet Owl, successful at the third site we tried), and a morning...
  10. Jon Gallagher

    Budget-friendly accommodation on the Napo

    DM sent (look for the icon that looks like an envelope on the top right of your screen). Cheers, Jon
  11. Jon Gallagher

    PNG in the first half of July 2023

    Hi Jose, I'm just back from West Papua and experienced no problems whatsover. The region where the New Zealand pilot is being held is a long way from birding sites such as Biak, Nimbokrang, Arfak Mountains, and Raja Ampat. There's no warning from the British Foreign Office about travel to West...
  12. Jon Gallagher

    Birding West Papua –Logistics and Observations

    Hi Jurek, I wasn't given the option on arrival in Raja Ampat not to pay, and I didn't have a guide... At least the price has come down from the 1,000,000 Rph per person that the Gallardy's had to pay! As for attempts to rip you off... The Waisimons in Nimbokrang were very clear upfront with...
  13. Jon Gallagher

    Birding West Papua –Logistics and Observations

    See my post here on Birding West Papua –Logistics and Observations https://www.birdforum.net/threads/birding-west-papua-%E2%80%93logistics-and-observations.440352/
  14. Jon Gallagher

    Birding West Papua –Logistics and Observations

    Just back from a trip through West Papua and thought I'd post a few hopefully helpful comments on logistics and observations for what in the past has been a challenging area. This was done as an independently arranged trip without an agency or a tour company. Biak I contacted Benny Lesomar...
  15. Jon Gallagher

    PNG in the first half of July 2023

    You would certainly need to include Wamena/Lake Habbema if you want all the families, and that would be the major complication but not impossible. I have just completed a run through Biak, Nimbokrang, Arfaks, and Raja Ampat with no issues whatsoever, all organized by myself, not using a tour or...
  16. Jon Gallagher

    PNG in the first half of July 2023

    I would second Jurek's observations. I'm in West Papua right now, finishing off a se;f-organized trip. I feel totally safe here, like anywhere else in Indoensia. I would not say that about PNG. There I was escorted by armed police! Definitely a better place to be.
  17. Jon Gallagher

    Sacha Lodge Ecuador

    You'll do well, I'm sure!
  18. Jon Gallagher

    Sacha Lodge Ecuador

    Chris, Another option even compared to the lower cost Sani Lodge would be Kallary Kausay, a new venture close by that is run by Sani tribespeople. This has the advantage of access to the Sani lands both north and south of the river, and even access to the tower at Sani Lodge if necessary. You...
  19. Jon Gallagher

    Trip Suggestions: Kind of a long shot

    If you decide on Ecuador, my best suggestion would be to contact Jorge Luna based in Mindo. He charged me USD130 per day inclusive of his guiding and all 4x4 car costs, and we stayed mainly in low cost accommodation. PM me if you need his contact details.
  20. Jon Gallagher

    Ecuador bird photography mid September - start of October

    Don't know if there's any other cheaper options at WildSumaco at the moment. When I visited in December, the Biological Station was closed, and it looked like it had been that way for a while.
  21. Jon Gallagher

    Costa Rica or Ecuador ?

    Pretty sure you'd see more species in the two Ecuadorian lodges than in Costa Rica. (You can take a quick look on ebird and see the totals for all hotspots). Of course it depends on what you've seen before in terms of new birds... You might also want to look at accommodation prices and see if...
  22. Jon Gallagher

    Recommendations for Birding trips: September (2022)

    I'd second Duncan's recommendation of Malaysia and Indonesia. In addition Indonesia is an inexpensive destination.
  23. Jon Gallagher

    Recommendations for a day of birding near Copenhagen

    I'd second Jan's recommendation of Amager. Years ago I also used to bird north of Copenhagen at Skodsborg which had nice coastal areas and good nearby forest. Checking my notes I had Honey Buzzard at Fureso near Holte at the end of August. Both Skodsborg and Holte are accessible by train from...