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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. Mark Batten

    Lady Amherst's Pheasant, Bedfordshire

    Surely you mean Ken :-)
  2. Mark Batten

    Twitching by numbers - Book only available on Amazon

    Best days with British Birds although not a book about twitching has stories about twitches and rare birds included. Excellent read.
  3. Mark Batten

    Twitching by numbers - Book only available on Amazon

    The irony that having set up an inclusive twitching group which included around 40 female members, Gary has now left the group as a result of the observations made in the book.
  4. Mark Batten

    Twitching by numbers - Book only available on Amazon

    I agree that it is very difficult to write new/fresh stuff on a subject such as birds and birding, particularly on a monthly basis. Still feel this can be done without making some of the content more suited to being in a Guardian editorial which is one of the reasons I no longer subscribe.
  5. Mark Batten

    Twitching by numbers - Book only available on Amazon

    Difficult to decide what is most offensive: Gary’s “shite” book or those leading the social media campaign to have the book removed? We are talking about a book written by Gary Bagnell, not Shakespeare or Jane Austen, although it is clear those who are "unhappy" appear to have read the...
  6. Mark Batten

    Twitching by numbers - Book only available on Amazon

    Two things to avoid. This months edition of birdwatch magazine and Gary's book :cool:
  7. Mark Batten

    New ATC/ STC 17-40x56 Telescope

    Telescopes work much better mounted on tripods. End of discussion.
  8. Mark Batten

    New ATC/ STC 17-40x56 Telescope

    2nd hand Swaro HD 65 with 25-50 w Eye Piece
  9. Mark Batten

    Swaro 8x32 eyecup issues.

    Talking to a birder (not on this forum) who has had eyecup issues with the right eyecup falling out. Currently on third replacement. Anyone else had a similar experience. Own the same binoculars and mine have presented no issues.
  10. Mark Batten

    MacBook Pro 14 screen issues.

    Had multiple problems with a recently purchased MacBook Pro. Great computer for photo editing. The deal breaker is that the screen cracks through normal usage. Have read other horror stories of a similar nature on the net with M chip Macs. Has anyone go any experience of similar problems.
  11. Mark Batten

    Upgrading for a 7D which way to go?

    The Mark 2 Prime lens have outstanding optics and when paired with a full frame sensor produce quality results in the right hands. Most of the lens for mirrorless are more expensive than the older L series glass for DSLR's. I am sure mirrorless is the future but having invested in the very best...
  12. Mark Batten

    Upgrading for a 7D which way to go?

    Used the 7D 2 and all the 1DX series. No contest. The weather sealing on the 7D 2 is poor although they do dry out eventually :-) Ultimately the images are as much down to the glass being used and the person taking the pictures :-)
  13. Mark Batten

    Upgrading for a 7D which way to go?

    If you are going to stick with canon go for full frame body such as a 1Dx or 1DX mark 2. Apart from build quality the sensor handles noise much better than crop sensor camera's such as the 7D 2.
  14. Mark Batten

    It’s May!—has anybody bought/tried out a NL Pure 32 yet?

    Had an 8x32 since Wednesday. Usual Swaro optics. The field of view is very noticeable. Mine is in green.
  15. Mark Batten

    NL Pure 8x32 and NL Pure 10x32!

    Picked up a pair today. Very comfortable in the hand. Huge field of view. Nice colours. A step up on the EL’s although always the subject of subjectivity and personal choice. For those who have not pre-ordered, Viking optics have received units for which some are destined for RSPB shops. The...
  16. Mark Batten

    W.T.Eagle ( N W Norfolk ) reintroduction proposal

    Are you referring to the Norfolk Monty's which vanish despite having satellite tags?
  17. Mark Batten

    Another Leica Service Experience...

    Indeed. My SV 8x32 were bought used. Serviced free of charge last year and apart from a little wear on the bridge they are a brand new unit. A spare pair of FL 8x32. Obvious that Swaro built the brand with after sales service as a key feature. Only the die hards and the Leica ambassadors use...
  18. Mark Batten

    Another Leica Service Experience...

    Leica have had issues with the coatings on scopes. The early APO's were noted for lens coatings peeling off for which service support not not good. On that basis would not touch anything made by Leica. Zeiss service is ok and have had little problems with their binocular's. Swaro service is...
  19. Mark Batten

    Is it really worth buying an NL 8x42?

    Just had a pair of 8x32 Swaro's back from a repair. As would be expected, Swaro have returned the unit to tip top condition. The 8x32 is a great Binocular and although there is not a NL in production yet. Looked through the new Zeiss 8x32 in the summer. A great binocular also with a slightly...
  20. Mark Batten

    UK bird information services - which to use?

    Think you have answered the question.
  21. Mark Batten

    DPP 4 problem

    Been using Canon's DPP 4 software for sometime without issue. When processing large RAW files to JPEG's DPP4 is compressing to very small files. Previously the JPEGs on conversion have been large JPEG files. Anybody know what is going on and how can go back to converting RAW files to decent size...
  22. Mark Batten

    Suppression vs reporting; birders’ obligations during lockdown.

    Doing a local patch close to home for the last five weeks. A few common migrants and the hope of a fly over raptor. I would like to know what is around as passage does make you look a little harder and gives you hope of a surprise bird. Most appear to be playing by the rules. However, there is...
  23. Mark Batten

    Bird girl

    Probably. The child would be best served by a moratorium on media coverage for a couple of years.
  24. Mark Batten

    Bird girl

    Andy. The "birdgirl" project is not just parents wanting the best for their child, which of course is perfectly reasonable. In the last ten years the "birdgirl' project has been a well constructed marketing and publicity exercise in which the "birdgirl" brand has been carefully managed with a...
  25. Mark Batten

    Bird girl

    Those who have raised politely the potential conflict between a large carbon footprint through world birding and the “conservation pioneer” brand name have been accused by those managing the “birdgirl” brand of being racist.