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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. mfunnell

    Is there a CL 7x21 Curio in my future?

    I'll say some more later, but want to note that I'm just back from the river cruise along the Murray River in South Australia which specifically inspired me to buy my 7x21 Curios. They performed well (not perfectly, because perfect is unachievable, but well) and did exactly as I wanted, hoped...
  2. mfunnell

    Roger Vine’s review of the Zeiss Conquest 8x56 HD

    No doubt these Wunderbins would be interesting to try, but “out of stock” and a minimum shipping charge of more than US$80 rather puts me off… …Mike
  3. mfunnell

    Prevent glare in the Swarovski NL Pure ??

    Not that long ago it seemed easier to find binoculars than toilet paper.. …Mike
  4. mfunnell

    Roger Vine’s review of the Zeiss Conquest 8x56 HD

    I’m sure there are many, many, things which come into total transmission - design (number of elements, number of air/glass surfaces etc.), types of glass used, amount of glass in the transmission path - and probably lots of other things. That said, coatings are probably among the most important...
  5. mfunnell

    Help me Bird Forum, you're my only hope... new binoculars, £1000. UK.

    Form-factor / pack size often matters a lot to me for pretty much this reason. It’s a big part of how my relatively compact Zeiss 8x32 FLs ended up as my most-used binoculars… …Mike
  6. mfunnell

    Resolution 32 vs. 50

    I have a 10x56 FL. I’m probably not the right person to do a ‘proper’ review of them (especially for astronomical use) - but do find they work very well for me, including for “stargazing”. I’ve not noticed any problems with aberrations or distortion in their outer field - but I’ve not really...
  7. mfunnell

    Zeiss SFL comparisons with older models

    That roughly accords with my experience of my 10x40 SFLs with the (rather major) proviso that I’m keeping mine. I can’t see a place for the SFL 30s in my line-up, nor for the 8x40s - but the SFL 10x40s are binoculars I will use. At home, from my balcony (where I’ve mostly used them) I’ll...
  8. mfunnell

    Excellent Zeiss service

    Nice to hear of a good experience: too often we only hear about the bad. Thanks! ...Mike
  9. mfunnell

    Help me Bird Forum, you're my only hope... new binoculars, £1000. UK.

    FWIW: what I actually use, carrying photo equipment and following birds in close country, are Maven B.3 6x30s. Small and light, easy to keep out of the way, a large real FOV (though not AFOV) and good for identifying and tracking birds ‘til I can get the long lens onto them. Good eye relief with...
  10. mfunnell

    Help me Bird Forum, you're my only hope... new binoculars, £1000. UK.

    The Zeiss SFLs might be along the lines of what you’re after - I have the 10x40 SFLs - but they seem considerably above your price-point right now (though below ‘alpha’ pricing nonetheless). I’m not sure Zeiss Conquests would be right for you, either - but maybe something like a Tract Toric or...
  11. mfunnell

    A comparison of prism types, and why the Schmidt Pechan seems to have won the premium binoculars

    Dennis, there is no shame if people can't "afford it", or think they have better uses for their money so chose to use it their way, not yours. Also, despite your implications, some of us can easily "afford it" but choose not to buy because we do not share your preferences. Just because your...
  12. mfunnell


    Yet Zeiss claim that 92% value in their marketing material. And marketeers would never .. gild the lilly .. now would they? …Mike
  13. mfunnell

    Is there a CL 7x21 Curio in my future?

    Well .. I’m not sure about that. The Curios have good CA control, and preliminary checks (it was brighter, earlier, Sydney summer and all) suggest CA is close-to absent at the centre of their view. But it does creep in, further out (not intrusively, but it’s there). Meanwhile, I’d rate my 10x56...
  14. mfunnell

    Is there a CL 7x21 Curio in my future?

    Checking my Curios: past dusk, quite cloudy, and through medium-heavy rain - they still impress me. I have to keep a temptation to over-praise in check. They are constrained by the limits of their 7x21 format. Yet they seem to do so well within those limits that they “punch well above their...
  15. mfunnell

    Monarch M7

    Wonderful! …Mike
  16. mfunnell

    Is there a CL 7x21 Curio in my future?

    I received my Curios this afternoon. I’ve had time to attach the strap and do a quick functional check, set the diopter (easier that I’d guessed), test its fit in pockets and check it for views. I have not made any kind of full assessment, but my preliminary thoughts are: They’re a full one...
  17. mfunnell

    SFL 8X40 or Ultravid 7X42

    I agree the grip in that photo looks awkward - but I'm far from sure it was intended to show how the reviewer holds the binoculars in actual use. In the context it appeared in the review you reference it seemed more designed to give an idea of size and scale (though I guess that's just my...
  18. mfunnell

    How do you feel about your NL 8x42 a year or two down the line?

    And yet: I have 7x42 FLs, 7x35 Nikon Porros, old 7x50 marine Porros (not especially good), 7x18 Carson reverse Porros (really ‘not good’, but very small) and have just ordered 7x21 Curios… …Mike P.S. I also have 6.5x21 Papillos and 6x30 Mavens..
  19. mfunnell

    Monarch M7

    Welcome! :) While I’m not familiar with the latest versions of the Monarch and M7 line, I’m sure (from brief looks through an earlier version) that they’ll likely be just fine (the flaws I found in older models were more regarding my personal preferences and, I’ve read, have since had...
  20. mfunnell

    Zeiss SFL 8x30?

    I should have such excellent impulses! :) …Mike
  21. mfunnell

    What are your priorities in binoculars?

    Which explains much of my one-time problem, now (expensively) fixed. Until I set on my 8x32 FLs, I found plenty of 8x3x bins I thought were fine optically but were too big (for me, and my intended uses). I also found plenty of right-size 8x3x bins which didn’t work for me on the optics front...
  22. mfunnell

    What are your priorities in binoculars?

    It wasn’t my #1 priority, initially, but it became so: An optically excellent binocular, comfortable for me to use in most circumstances, which packed away small enough that I’d mostly have them with me. For me, that ended up as Zeiss 8x32 FLs. Beyond that, my priorities have been: something...
  23. mfunnell

    Do the owners of both Zeiss SF and Swarovski EL/NL feel they are uncomfortable for the different color cast?

    Very true (esp. the small differences bit). And using a digital photography analogy, some of us do the equivalent of “automatic white balance” in our heads, making differences in colour cast hard for us to see and of less importance to us in most circumstances. …Mike
  24. mfunnell

    post cataract surgery - near/far? far/far?

    Not as such. But he does use binoculars semi-frequently for a variety of things (including birds). He’s found that near/far works for him more generally. And the difference between eyes, more by accident than planning, is within the diopter adjustment range of his binoculars. …Mike
  25. mfunnell

    post cataract surgery - near/far? far/far?

    FWIW, my Dad chose near/far and has been very happy with the result. You might want to think on the range of diopter adjustment on binoculars you plan to use (I don’t know if that’s ever a problem, just something which occurred to me). …Mike