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  1. Maroon Jay

    Best bird guides by region...North America

    I have Hawaii's Birds by the Hawaii Audubon Society, published in 2005. It includes both visitors and endemics.
  2. Maroon Jay

    Falkland Islands and Patagonia

    Patagonia and Pantanal are similar. Joe and Jos are also similar. I'm sorry. I'm past my prime years. My apologies.
  3. Maroon Jay

    Falkland Islands and Patagonia

    Thank you Joe. I want to go to both places but not at the same time. Got them mixed up.
  4. Maroon Jay

    Falkland Islands and Patagonia

    Oops, yes, it should be Patagonia. I also want to go to Pantanal, but not on this trip. There are too many trips on my bucket list. How can I change the title?
  5. Maroon Jay

    Falkland Islands and Patagonia

    Is anyone interested in birding the Falkland Islands and Patagonia in Chile? One week in each place. I am thinking of late January or possibly Feb or Mar. There are five species of penguins in the Falklands, and lots of other species are found only in the far south.
  6. Maroon Jay

    Common Loon in winter plumage in May

    Thank you Viking.
  7. Maroon Jay

    Common Loon in winter plumage in May

    Why is this loon in winter plumage in mid-May?
  8. Maroon Jay

    Advice for NZ Trip in May

    Take a trip to Tiritiri Matangi Island. Rare native flightless birds are common there, including Kiwis and penguins. Most people go for day trips, but I recommend booking an overnight stay at the government cabin to see night birds. I did not see any penguins during the day there, but I saw some...
  9. Maroon Jay

    Birdguides for Ciapas, Mexico

    This guy is a professional guide, but he is just a small one-man company. He is much cheaper than others in the area, and he has his own property for birding. He does not have a website, but you can find him on Facebook at Ecotouristica Las Ninfas. His name is Cesar. Or telephone 52 958 107 3736
  10. Maroon Jay

    Poll & petition: proposed cull of almost half a million Barred Owls

    It depends on the definition of "invasive." For me, an invasive species is one such as House Sparrows or rats that humans bring intentionally or unintentionally from another country. Or one that is moved by humans from one part of a country to another. Is an animal that expands its range on...
  11. Maroon Jay

    Birdguides for Ciapas, Mexico

    I can give you a good guide in Huatulco if you are going there.
  12. Maroon Jay

    Help with my school assignment

    I have seen Arctic Terns in Alaska and northern Canada, not on your list.
  13. Maroon Jay

    Galapagos ideas for short 3 day trip based on San Cristobal

    If you will be there in five days, it is kind of late to book very far ahead. However, I booked several tours with just a few days notice. Seymour Norte is the best island for birds if you don't have much time. Email Galapagos Path now to make a reservation. On Santa Cruz, check out the...
  14. Maroon Jay

    Galapagos ideas for short 3 day trip based on San Cristobal

    I went on several day trips to small islands. I went to Bartolome, Dauphne Major, Seymour Norte, Sante Fe, Las Tintorias and others. You can make arrangements with any of the many tour agencies along the main street in Puerto Ayora. You don't need to book too far in advance. A few days is...
  15. Maroon Jay

    Galapagos ideas for short 3 day trip based on San Cristobal

    El Chato Ranch, where you can see giant tortoises. You can also see them at the Darwin Centre but these are captive animals. The ones at El Chato are much bigger and roaming free. You can also take a boat trip to the island of North Seymour to see birds and land iguanas and do some snorkeling.
  16. Maroon Jay

    Crossbilled Cimson-rumped Toucanet

    I photographed this Crimson-rumped Toucanet in Ecuador that has a severely crossed bill. It seemed to be eating ok. Perhaps it is not a problem. What would have caused this?
  17. Maroon Jay

    Hi from Mexico

    Hi Mike, I will be in Mexico City in early May for a few days. Do you want to get together for a one-day birding trip? If you are available, send me a message. Thanks.
  18. Maroon Jay

    Small Tree Finch bill colour

    Small Tree Finch, female, Galapagos. Why do some of them have an orange bill and some have a black bill? If you look at photos of them on ebird you will see both. (not counting males). Do they change colour during breeding season or as they get older? I also have one that has an...
  19. Maroon Jay

    Dictionary of English Bird Names

    In my spare time _which is not much), I study Middle English and read books in Middle English. I am in possession of an antique English Dictionary. You must go back to the Middle Ages to see why some of these bird names originated and what they mean. For example, why is a Redstart called a...
  20. Maroon Jay

    Namibia and Botswana Sep 2024

    I shortened the trip to 25 days because I found a vehicle rental company that allows me to leave the vehicle in Botswana and fly back to Namibia. If you are interested I will send an itinerary.
  21. Maroon Jay

    Hi from Mexico

    Hi Miguel. Welcome to Birdforum. Great photos. Where did you photograph the Red Warbler (Cardellina rubra). I have seen and photographed them a few times but could not get a nice photo like yours. I travel to Mexico often. Will be there again in April or May.
  22. Maroon Jay

    NZ Field Guide

    I used Birds of New Zealand by Fitter and Merton. A good Princeton book. Published in 2011. I don't know if there is a newer edition. Has photos of birds, not drawings. With more than one photo of most birds. Also, there is the Hand Guide to the Birds of New Zealand by Robertson and...
  23. Maroon Jay

    Namibia and Botswana Sep 2024

    Have three people so far. Looking for a 4th. We will rent a vehicle and travel mostly on our own but with a few guided day trips and a boat trip in Botswana and a side trip to Victoria Falls. 34 days. Expensive but a lot cheaper than a guided safari. Also, a safari tour will be with...
  24. Maroon Jay

    Mexico, Portugal, Jamaica, Africa, Brazil Chile

    Hi, I also do a lot of travelling without guided tours. I am currently in Mexico on my way home from Galapagos. I spend a month island hopping in Galapagos without a tour or cruise ship. A month in Galapagos cost me what most people pay for one week on a tour in a cruise ship. I am...
  25. Maroon Jay

    Storm Petrel

    Thanks Neils, I agree it is probably Elliotts. But not 100% sure so I asked a guide who works for Galapagos National Park and he was sure it was Elliots. Thank you.