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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. Jos Stratford

    Garden / Yard List 2024

    Not a bad haul of achievements 👍
  2. Jos Stratford

    Guess the bird-

  3. Jos Stratford

    Best european seawatching spots for (seawatching) beginner

    Even bearing all of this in mind, I would recommend Cornwall or the other similar options - if the German coast on the Baltic side for example, the observer could well die of old age before any true seabirds happen to pass by (an average full day in the eastern Baltic almost certainly will...
  4. Jos Stratford

    How much time to spend in Kruger National Park?

    Three weeks will allow for a pretty full exploration at fairly leisurely pace, either start at the extreme north and work south or vice versa. it will be amazing . Personally I'd travel north outside the park taking the highway north from Joburg, then enter at the far north, a few days up...
  5. Jos Stratford

    Best european seawatching spots for (seawatching) beginner

    Don't think I'd be taking that advice 🙂 I'd also go with the Cornwall suggestion - not only excellent seawatching, but cracking landscapes and always the side benefit of possible American waders or other good birds nearby for non-seawatching moments.
  6. Jos Stratford

    Southern Africa Trip - Looking for input

    Can be full if coinciding with South African school holidays for example, but I have not had trouble in regard camping sites (probably bigger issue for chalets, etc). I have booked once or twice in advance, but also have often not booked at all on other occasions or have decided to stay longer...
  7. Jos Stratford

    Southern Africa Trip - Looking for input

    Botswanan yes, but there is generally no issue turning up at Namibian parks and getting permits on the gate, especially if camping where there are generally spaces.
  8. Jos Stratford

    For fun: Here's a wordle-inspired daily Bird image guessing game (birdiegame.net)

    Found this one easier than some ... birdie 🦅 #788: 🟩⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ https://birdiegame.net/
  9. Jos Stratford

    Scottish Highlands - Grantown-on-Spey

    Musk Ox Dovrefjell 😅
  10. Jos Stratford

    ZEISS @ Global Birdfair - 12th - 14th July 2024, Lyndon Top, Rutland

    Unfortunately Lee passed away earlier this year, a great loss.
  11. Jos Stratford

    Garden / Yard List 2024

    Send me your WhatsApp number ... I'll text you next time I have one of my nicer birds flying south-west 🙂 Can even tailor the alerts, you say what you want, I text when it flies over in the right direction 👍
  12. Jos Stratford

    Garden / Yard List 2024

    140 for the year in style, sat upon my sofa and a distinctive call outside ...pottered onto the veranda, five Whimbrel passing over, heading directly southbound. Only my second ever record for my land, the other a single northbound migrant in May 2021. Also two Greenshank on a flood pool, a...
  13. Jos Stratford

    Bird Guides

    As for guides when visiting the US, I imagine the vast majority of birders from Europe do it totally independently - locations well known, logistics simple, no major hurdles such as language, etc
  14. Jos Stratford

    Bird Guides

    I think this is down to individual choice rather than geographic location. I have birded in about 120 countries, tropical and temperate, and have virtually never utilised a guide (to the best of my memory, one day in Wakkerstroom being the exception, along with a trip for Snow Leopards where we...
  15. Jos Stratford

    A bird of prey in the tower hide at Attenborough.

    Agreed, Hobby. Clearest when it dives to the right.
  16. Jos Stratford

    Does anyone not keep a life list?

    The first 👍
  17. Jos Stratford

    Does anyone not keep a life list?

    I am almost identical in all respects. Additionally, I do a keep a list/year list of species on my land ...but this is more to aid full record keeping.
  18. Jos Stratford

    Garden / Yard List 2024

    A fairly traditional late summer bird on my patch, six Crossbills over yesterday, all males. 139. Crossbill
  19. Jos Stratford

    HELP WANTED! Updating Opus with new 2023 Clements Changes No 9 Parrots

    This is a big job for a small team of Editors, so we're asking if anyone could assist with it. Following the release of the October 2023 Clements spreadsheet, there are a few changes to be made to the affected Opus pages. Basically the Genus name needs to be changed on the species articles...
  20. Jos Stratford

    Namibia, Walvis bay, Sandpiper ?

    That's more confusing than Southern Viking's original post 🙂
  21. Jos Stratford

    Falkland Islands and Patagonia

    Who is Joe? :) You may mix up Patagonia and Pantanal, but please don't with my name 😅
  22. Jos Stratford

    Falkland Islands and Patagonia

    Title changed for you 👍
  23. Jos Stratford

    Rockjumper & ground woodpecker at Rooi-Els in February.

    More or less mirrors my experience, been to this site a half dozen times at different times of year - always seen Rockjumper, but Ground Woodpecker at this site only a couple of times. Last visit was in January, got there reasonably early, but saw the Rockjumpers at about 10.00 +/- On this...
  24. Jos Stratford

    Garden / Yard List 2024

    Unexpected bonus this evening - hunting in the meadow in the dying rays of the evening sun, a rather resplendent Long-eared Owl ... though they undoubtedly breed not so far away, only my seventh record on my land. 138. Long-eared Owl