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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. yarrellii

    Allbinos review of the Vortex Razor HD 8x42

    Allbinos has just released a review of the Vortex Razor HD 8x42 https://www.allbinos.com/390-binoculars_review-Vortex_Razor_HD_8x42_review.html The result seems quite convincing, it seems a very solid performer with outstanding result in some areas but, just like the 10x42 they analized last...
  2. yarrellii

    Warbler: Phylloscopus or Hippolais? Ibiza - Spain

    @Tib78 Thanks for all the input. I'm afraid I don't have a lot. I was watching it and, by the time I grabbed the smartphone and tried to record it, the bird just flew (and it was just so restless). I don't think I can attach a video just like that, but the website does let me upload GIFs, so...
  3. yarrellii

    Allbinos review of the Diamondback HD 15x56

    Hooray, Allbinos is back on track. And this time with a long range device (it seems that it was one of the areas where they were lacking in reviews, and they've sure made up for that in their latest series of reviews of 12x binoculars). 15x56 is probably not the most popular birding format, but...
  4. yarrellii

    Recommendations for a binocular harness

    @Ignatius WOW, now that is next level, not only is it useful and fit for purpose, but also neat, tidy and simply sleek. I never thought about colour matching, but her solution is simply amazing. I can see you left quite a bit of strap to tighten/loosen, I guess a good portion could be chopped...
  5. yarrellii

    New midsized Razor UHDs

    Wow, this is really interesting, a high level Vortex 8x32 (I can't fault the Diamondback HD 8x32, great value, especially considering the warranty) of a range that hasn't got a compact binocular is really an interesting move, and even more if you think about that huge FOV. ¡Nice! I would love to...
  6. yarrellii

    Recommendations for a binocular harness

    @Ignatius I'm sure she'll love it. Last Christmas I gave it as a present to my brother and his partner, I bought some 20 mm strap and a couple of buckles (for peanuts) and the Peak Design anchors and quick links (which I had to source from overseas). The most "challenging bit" for me was sewing...
  7. yarrellii

    Recommendations for a binocular harness

    It is a quick-lock system that comes with the objective covers of many Zeiss binoculars, here pictured on a Conquest HD (picture from scopeviews.co.uk). Mine comes from a Conquest HD, but if I'm not mistaken, it also comes (or came) at least with the Terra and SF. Maybe you can track one, try to...
  8. yarrellii

    Binocular Comparison: Nikon Prostaff ATB 8x25 reverse porro vs. Hawke Endurance ED 8x25

    @iseegeorgesstar I simply slide downward the rubber cover of the eyecup until it is flush with the eyecup main plastic body. The motion is like if you were sliding a very tight ring down your finger. It's actually pretty daft and simple, have a look (a GIF is worth a thousand words :)). Et...
  9. yarrellii

    Binocular Comparison: Nikon Prostaff ATB 8x25 reverse porro vs. Hawke Endurance ED 8x25

    @uofmrob One great thing about the Nikon 8x25 Prostaff ATB (AKA Travelite EX) is that they offer something quite unique for a 8x25, and that is regular size eyecups, provided you do a small modification (here) that allows you to go from an inner diameter of 25 mm (which is not terrible) to an...
  10. yarrellii

    Two Different Binoculars - In Design, Handling, Prices …. With Center Focus Sharpness To Close To Call ?

    Very interesting, I was looking forward to reading your impressions on these. I looks like Vixen is always offering very competitive products. If I remember correctly, your impression about the DBA VHD+ is that it was slightly better than its sibling, the Vixen Artes J, so I wonder how close the...
  11. yarrellii

    Leitz: Alphas from yesteryear, still in use today.

    I really wouldn't mind a 6x24 someday, what a sweet little bino <3
  12. yarrellii

    Car binoculars

    At home, both cars have a first aid kit, a spare wheel, some clothes/raincoat in case o emergency... and binoculars :D Over the years I've had several models, but I've come to adopt a 100 €/$ policy for this issue, which not only would make damage/loss less of a drama, but also makes for an...
  13. yarrellii

    Very light* setup (binoculars + scope)

    @Dr. K That's a very clear explanation, I haven't seen a tripod that doubled as a "shoulder grip". Very interesting. Thanks!
  14. yarrellii

    Very light* setup (binoculars + scope)

    @Dr. K This sounds interesting. Do you by any chance remember the brand/model of that tripod? @mwhogue I think I recognise that Minox case from an 8x25 I had quite a while ago (I think it was my first ever pair, I probably have the case lying around, but the binoculars took a shock and not only...
  15. yarrellii

    Very light* setup (binoculars + scope)

    To me, the case of any 8x32 and lower aperture binoculars "must" have a loop belt, because one of the reasons you buy them is because their portability, lower bulk, lower weight, etc. In general terms, I feel that manufacturers (even the top ones) don't usually put a lot of thought/care when it...
  16. yarrellii

    EII - Increased Brightness following on from 100th Anniversary Edition

    More serial numbers regarding this model. I bought my EII 8x30 in 2018 from Japan. The s/n is 821387 and compared to my 505xxx 8x32 SE I could not tell a difference in brightness. If I remember correctly, the SE was ever so slightly sharper, like in a more crisp image, and maybe a bit more...
  17. yarrellii

    Vixen Apex J HR8x42WP MFN 14526 ???

    @gcole I've also tried looking for some first hand experiences, since I'm a big fan of Vixen binoculars, but I haven't found a lot. However, as for your question regarding the possible relationship between the Artes J and the Apex J, I've found that, even though the Apex J seem to be a newer...
  18. yarrellii

    Very light* setup (binoculars + scope)

    @fazalmajid That sounds like a great combo! I've tried several L/S/Z pockets, but never the 8x25 Victory, which by most accounts seems an impressive performer (and one that I find enticing, since I find double hinge designs very fussy). I'm not sure about the eyecups though, on picture they look...
  19. yarrellii

    Very light* setup (binoculars + scope)

    @Elkhornsun In my case 10x have never really worked. After using 8x for several years, I felt I wanted more power, but whatever 10x I tried left me wanting for more; I saw little difference compared to 8x to justify the change. It was only when I tried 12x that I discovered something similar to...
  20. yarrellii

    Very light* setup (binoculars + scope)

    Maybe it’s because we now have two kids, maybe it’s because we’re busier, who knows, but sometimes I find myself in “different” birdwatching scenarios, compared to, say, a couple of years ago. Very often there is less time available, and often the opportunity demands a lighter/smaller set of...
  21. yarrellii

    Warbler: Phylloscopus or Hippolais? Ibiza - Spain

    @Alexander Stöhr Vielen Dank for the detailed reasoning. I also usually trust first on-site impressions. There was something odd here, and at first I couldn't pick up what, since the Hippolais are not the most common warblers around here (but then it's high migration season, and the unstable...
  22. yarrellii

    Warbler: Phylloscopus or Hippolais? Ibiza - Spain

    I was watching some action among the branches of a nearby field and what first appeared to be a willow warbler (Phylloscopus trochilus) catched my eye. It displayed what seemed a greyish (or at least darker) cap, and the beak seemed surprisingly clear. I know the picture is pretty awful, but...
  23. yarrellii

    Which binocular(s) did you use today?

    Today it has been raining all day long (exceptionally, given the severe drought we are going through at the moment), I have a friend visiting and was thinking about showing him the coast and the beaches, maybe even go for a swim, but the day wasn't very inviting. So instead, I grabbed the 8x32...
  24. yarrellii

    Difference in View Size: 8.5x42 and 8x30

    Here is an old thread, from 2005, about this (which oddly enough references to an even older thread about this): https://www.birdforum.net/threads/porro-and-roof-object-size.28391/ So apparently, this is an impression being reported by many users.
  25. yarrellii

    Difference in View Size: 8.5x42 and 8x30

    I think I remember reading several forum members stating how switching between Porro vs roof binoculars of the same magnification, say 8x vs 8x gave the impression of viewing smaller image through the Porro, as if one was truly 8x but the other slightly less. I have had exactly that experience...