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  1. Aracari

    Best Bird of 2011 So Far

    Yapacana Antbird last week at Rio Caurés, Amazonas State, Brazil.
  2. Aracari

    Best Bird of 2011 So Far

    Streamer-tailed Tyrant today, at a wetland near home. Not particularly rare but well, the best so far. Haven't been out much.
  3. Aracari

    Best Bird of 2011 So Far

    Good topic idea. Red-shouldered Macaw so far
  4. Aracari

    First Bird seen in 2011 prediction.

    Woke up by a noisy Red-shouldered Macaw screaming outside my window. No complains though :-)
  5. Aracari

    Highs and Lows of 2010

    Highs were probably finding and photographing a Black-banded Owl in the Pantanal and the Atlantic Rainforest race of Long-tailed Potoo (surely to be split from Amazonian populations). Lows... not sure, maybe missing the photo of a Swainson's Thrush here in the Atlantic Rainforest
  6. Aracari

    Confused with Nikon prices, help

    I'm shopping for a Nikon bino, a 10x that is not very heavy. I was set on the 10x36 Monarch ATB but they are out of stock at B&H (where they cost $237). So I checked at Adorama and saw that the same bino there costs $279 http://www.adorama.com/NK1036M.html BUT there's also a 10x42 Monarch ATB...
  7. Aracari

    Ivory-billed Woodpecker (formerly updates)

    That's the saddest hoax in the history of the IBW lunatic search. Just look at the "news" at the front page of that site.... "six packs abs exercizes for men"... or "VIP WEALTH CLUB is a short-cut to success for anyone looking to make money NOW" wow
  8. Aracari

    Parque do Zizo, quick report

    Andrew, unfortunately this time I almost didn't photograph anything. But I'm going back again in a couple weeks, this time to photograph only. best regards
  9. Aracari

    Parque do Zizo, quick report

    Just a quick report from Parque do Zizo (www.parquedozizo.com.br). I went there a couple weeks ago with ecuadorian guide Lelis Navarrete and his client Robert Johnson. Even though we stayed for just a day and a half, we recorded 140 species, and I'm not counting the ones in rural areas before...
  10. Aracari

    Ivory-billed Woodpecker (formerly updates)

    There's no magic. The bird is extinct.
  11. Aracari


    If there was a ranking for birds, the Neotropic Cormorant would probably occupy the lower parts of it. They are very common at its range whanever there's open water with fish in it. They are a bit ugly, with it's all black color. Experienced twitchers may not even raise the binocular to take a...
  12. Aracari

    Birding while on photography assignment

    This past week was spent on Florianópolis photographing for a nice local hotel. The island of Florianópolis is a famous summer destination in South Brazil, as it has many scenic beaches. We did some aerial photography which was really cool. The possibilities of photographing from a helicopter...
  13. Aracari

    Backyard friends

    There's a couple of Tropical Screech-Owls in my area. I've always seen them and took some pictures before. This past week however I decided to try to make a special photo of them. So I put out a multi-flash setup at the backyard, under two big avocado trees. A somewhat "secluded" place, just...
  14. Aracari


    Oh ok, thanks for digging that up. I thought it maybe had something to do with these guys: http://imagecache.allposters.com/images/pic/54/039_16534%7EGoodfellas-Posters.jpg :king:
  15. Aracari


    Just out of curiosity... does anyone know what's the origin of the subspecies name Turdus ignobilis goodfellowi? Pretty funny name for a bird...
  16. Aracari

    Mistery owl hoot, SE Brazil

    I heard this sound tonight here in Campinas. The owl kept calling like that for about 10 minutes. It was very hard to locate it, but after a while I finally did. It was on top of a tall tree, making ID difficult because of the distance. I ran to my house to pick the camera but when I returned...
  17. Aracari

    Red-eyed Thornbird

    Yes very confusing names... red and orange are so close, easy to make a mistake. If I could choose it, it would be something related to their habits: P. ferrugineigula is a bird typical of marshes and wetlands... so I would suggest something like "Marsh Thornbird". P. erythrophthalmus on the...
  18. Aracari

    Top 10 birding areas worldwide

    I will try to limit my reply to South America, not necessarily in order, but here goes 10 great destinations with suitable infra-structure (there are even better places, but with no structure for the travelling birder): - Parque do Zizo private reserve: in the middle of the largest Atlantic...
  19. Aracari

    Hummingbird photography

    Thanks for the comments. FL_Nikon_girl, I consider these work in progress because much can be improved. This is a multi flash setup, this means that all light from the scene, including the background, is illuminated by flash units, is like an outdoor studio. I need at least one or two more flash...
  20. Aracari

    Hummingbird photography

    I have always loved hummingbirds, and for long have been wanting to do some "serious" hummingbird photography. These were done at Guainumbi Reserve, near Ubatuba, in the Atlantic Rainforest of SE Brazil. These are multi-flash setups that I'm working on, see it as a "work in progress" as I still...
  21. Aracari

    Best binocular for US$ 200.00

    What is in your opinion the best binocular up to US$ 200.00? Preferably with some kind of water resistance and magnification range from 8 to 10x. thanks
  22. Aracari

    Really strange hawk - SE Brazil

    Yeah I guess wing size says it all.. it's a Shot-tailed. They are relatively common here, but the white morph. Thanks!
  23. Aracari

    Really strange hawk - SE Brazil

    Amelia, the Long-crested Eagle does not occur in Brazil. But you did point out that the bird was looking down and left... I had a totally different idea looking at the photo, now that "yellow marking on the side of the head" makes sense... its the beak (duh!)! The head is not large at all.... I...
  24. Aracari

    Really strange hawk - SE Brazil

    I just photographed this weird looking hawk in Campinas, SE Brazil. It was effortlessly soaring alone at a medium height, at about 04 PM, with slightly raised wings. Apparently it was quite big, about the size of a Short-tailed Hawk, although there was no other things or birds nearby to judge...
  25. Aracari

    Mono pod head

    The perfect solution for monopod heads. It's what I use and it's great. http://reallyrightstuff.com/tripods/04.html