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  1. Birding Bob

    UK micro id please

    Hi anyone know what this is? Thanks, Robert
  2. Birding Bob

    Moths of June 2010

    Poor night last night with only 5 moths.... 1 Common Swift 1 Treble Line (pitured) 2 Heart & Dart and one I still cant id. help please o:D
  3. Birding Bob

    Compact camera with good macro

    Hi all I’m looking at buying myself a new compact camera and I would like to get one with very good macro and as there are so many on the market I was wondering if any of you could recommended one? I would like in to be able to take pictures of micro moths, small orchid flowers etc… cheers...
  4. Birding Bob

    Large Yellow Underwing??? UK

    Hi Could anyone please confirm or id this moth for me please? http://www.flickr.com/photos/robertsjwilliamson/4649618780/ I think its a Large Yellow Underwing but from what I’ve read its a bit early for one? Cheers, Robert
  5. Birding Bob

    UK moth id please

    Hi Caught this last week in my garden. Could any please tell me the name of it? Thanks P.s. sorry about the poor pic
  6. Birding Bob

    Damselfly id please...Lakenheath RSPB (Suffolk)

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me id this Damselfly please taken today at Lakenheath RSPB (Suffolk). I think it’s a Common Blue? Thanks very much! Regards, Robert
  7. Birding Bob

    Insect id Norfolk UK

    Hi My friend sent me this picture today asking me to id it but after reading through several books I'm still stumped on what this is. Any help would be great. Thanks
  8. Birding Bob

    UK moth id please

    Hi all Can anyone tell me the name of this moth please. It was taken at Dunwich yesterday. ATB Robert
  9. Birding Bob

    Plover sp. Waxham (Norfolk) 16//2/10

    Plover sp. Waxham (Norfolk) 16/2/10 Any thoughts? http://countylister.blogspot.com/2010/02/waxham-plover-16210.html ATB
  10. Birding Bob

    UK Hybrid id please

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone could id this goose hybrid for me please? I took this photograph at Flitcham Abbey Farm (Norfolk) on the 8/9/08. I'm guessing that one part of it is Barnacle but I'm not sure about the other side....Brent perhaps? Many thanks
  11. Birding Bob

    European Greenfinch

    Hi I was wondering if anyone can recommend a book that will help me on a college project about greenfiches. Basically I've got to write a 1000 words on why greenfinch numbers don't sky rocket due to age, disease etc.. many thanks Robert
  12. Birding Bob

    Adobe Photoshop 7.0 question

    Hi all, How do I create a watermark on Adobe Photoshop 7? Thanks Robert
  13. Birding Bob

    2 Gulls Northumberland

    Hi all, Can anyone please help me id and age these gulls? I went to Northumberland this July and photographed these two gulls, I think they're Herring but not a 100% sure. Thanks Robert
  14. Birding Bob

    Another UK mouse ID please

    Hi all, can anyone ID this for me please. I think its a Wood mouse? thanks Robert
  15. Birding Bob

    When to watch Cetaceans?

    Hi all, Due to living in Norfolk I haven't seen many cetaceans other than Harbour Porpoises and a Bottlenose Dolphin I saw in July. So I was thinking is there a particular good time of the year to watch cetaceans to give myself a better chance of seeing more? Thanks Rob.
  16. Birding Bob

    1 Norfolk moth for id please

    Hi all, Can anyone id this moth for me please proberly common as muck but never mind. Thanks, Robert
  17. Birding Bob


    Hi all, Today whilst photographing Autumn Lady's-tresses orchid I was thinking that a tripod would be useful. Can anyone suggest a fairly cheap tripod like a benbo etc.. for photographing small orchids, insects and plants etc. that are very close to the ground. Thanks, Robert
  18. Birding Bob

    The Norfolk list

    Hi all, Does anyone now what the Norfolk list stands at? Thanks Rob
  19. Birding Bob

    Gropper id please........Norfolk....UK

    Hi all, can anyone tell me what this gropper is please and any key id points would be nice. Thanks, Robert
  20. Birding Bob

    Roberts Bird quiz

    Lets start off with these o:D Good luck, Robert
  21. Birding Bob

    Hoverfly id please

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me what this is please. I often see these hoverflys in the garden and would like to now what they're called. Thanks Robert
  22. Birding Bob

    Viking 8x42 Navilux

    Hi all, I'm thinking of getting a new pair of bins and these are in my price range so what i would like to now is what you think about these. Thanks Robert
  23. Birding Bob

    Flickr Question

    Hi all, One quick question I would like to make a flickr page for myself but you need a Yahoo account but i already have a google account. I would like to now if I signed up to Yahoo will this affect my google account? Thanks very much, Robert
  24. Birding Bob

    buff tailed bumble bee (bombus terrestris)

    Hi all, I would love to hear what you think of this photo and also point out areas I can improve on. Thanks, Robert
  25. Birding Bob

    4 Norfolk moth for Id please

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me what these four r please. Thanks very much, Robert