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  1. Phil Andrews

    Webcam Birding

    Conscious of the potential for a Covid19 lockdown in the UK in forthcoming weeks, it would be nice to gather together in one place links to as many birding website sites as possible (Britain and further afield) so those of us not blessed with extensive bird-filled gardens. Any recommendations?
  2. Phil Andrews

    White-rumped Swifts

    My better half is looking at Portugal for our family summer holiday - are there any reliable White-rumped Swift sites relatively close to any of the resorts? Thanks in advance Phil
  3. Phil Andrews

    Kumlien's / Thayer's Gull??, Staffordshire

    The roost watchers at Chasewater would appreciate any thoughts regarding this second winter gull, originally identified as a Kumlien's but with Thayer's now suggested.
  4. Phil Andrews

    Birding in the Charente-Maritime department

    I am due to spend a week with the wife's family in Gemozac during August. Sensing I probably will need to escape at some point for my sanity can anyone recommend any good birding locations in the area, ideally no more than 30 minutes drive from Gemozac No particular target species other than...
  5. Phil Andrews

    "Eastern" Garden Warbler?, Worcs 10/11/17

    This first winter Garden Warbler has been present at Upton Warren NR, Worcestershire from the 7th to 10th November, the latest ever record for the site. As is often with extremely late records of migrants in Britain, thoughts have turned as to whether this could potentially be of the eastern...
  6. Phil Andrews

    Thrush, Middle East, February 2017

    Rather embarrassingly I just cant quite work out which thrush I have snapped here; there were both Song and female Black-throated present on the grass before flying up into the trees. Photos are unedited other than resized but all unfortunately from below (otherwise I would probably know what...
  7. Phil Andrews

    Mystery raptor, Worcestershire, UK

    Is an identification possible on this bird of prey? Unfortunately just the one image available, taken in early August.
  8. Phil Andrews

    Acro Warbler - England

    I would be grateful for your thoughts on this acro warbler observed on the east coast of England in the last week. Based on the attached image (not mine) it has been ID'ed as both Reed and Marsh. I am hoping further images may be available later.
  9. Phil Andrews

    Assistance for the Biking Birder

    My good friend Gary Prescott, aka the Biking Birder, is passing through Lincolnshire in the next couple of weeks as part of his quest to see 300 species by bike this year (and potentially also break the European Green Birding record which currently stands at 304 species). He is also raising...
  10. Phil Andrews

    Over-wintering Hoopoe in Britain

    Whilst records of Hoopoe in Britain during the winter months aren't rare, in light of the bird that has been present on the Staffordshire / West Midlands border since the 25th November, how many of these records are actually long-stayers? Have any stayed right the way through to spring?
  11. Phil Andrews

    Best site guide for Cyprus

    I am hoping to spend a fortnight's holiday in Cyprus next June. With Christmas looming and ideas for presents in short supply, can anyone advise which is considered the best, most up to date site guide. Ta in advance Phil
  12. Phil Andrews

    Berry-picking gulls

    I quote the below observation from a seasoned birder at Upton Warren NR, Worcestershire; has anyone ever noted something similar?
  13. Phil Andrews

    Red List - increase in number of flagged species in Britain

    BBC News - four UK bird species including puffins 'face extinction': http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34664385 Yet more bad news (yet probably not coming as a great surprise) for our beligured birdlife. Link to the IUCN website if one wishes to look at the position on these and sadly many many...
  14. Phil Andrews

    Wood Warbler sites

    Are there any reliable sites for Wood Warbler in Cumbria at this time of year? Cheers Phil
  15. Phil Andrews

    Interesting warbler

    An intriguing warbler is being reported today close to Hampton-in-Arden; started off as a Marsh and is currently being put out as an Icterine or Melodious. If anyone has a spare afternoon well worth a pootle.
  16. Phil Andrews

    White-rumped Swift sites

    I am spending the second half of June in Murcia. Keen to add a lifer during my stay (the other target being Western Oliveaceous Warbler) what is the furthest east that White-rumped Swifts are reliably encountered? Cheers Phil
  17. Phil Andrews

    Poisoned White-tailed Eagle in Ireland

    https://raptorpersecutionscotland.wordpress.com/2015/04/17/white-tailed-eagle-found-poisoned-on-nest/ A stark reminder - if one was needed - that there are some right $%&£#@s still out there
  18. Phil Andrews

    'Interpol' virus

    My wife's laptop is infected with a scam that constantly pops up on screen proporting to be or Interpol and the Cheshire Constabulary, advising that the machine has been detected accessing child porn and will automatically shut down and raise a prosecution if a fine isnt pais via PayPal. It is...
  19. Phil Andrews

    Mystery bird, Warwickshire

    Any thoughts on the bird featured on 13th September in Richard Harbird's excellent blog? http://mortonbagotbirder.blogspot.co...tery-bird.html
  20. Phil Andrews

    Worcs MEGA - Night Heron

    Juvenile Night Heron present for at least its third days NNW of Worcester and 1.5 miles WNW of Fernhill Heath at Hawford along River Salwarpe between River Severn confluence and A449 bridge at 4pm SO843601
  21. Phil Andrews

    Bad news for Kent's Nightingales

  22. Phil Andrews

    Blue-winged Teal or hybrid?, Worcs, Uk

    Worcestershire birders would be grateful for any informed views - particularly from the other side of the pond - as to whether this bird is within the bounds of variation (acceptability) of Blue-winged Teal or if, as suspected, its a hybrid (and if so, what the likely parentage is...
  23. Phil Andrews

    Possible Scopoli's Shearwater off Scilly

    Attached is a link to Gary Thoburn's photo of a possible Scopoli's Shearwater seen from the Birder's Pelagic out of St Marys last Friday (8th August): http://www.surfbirds.com/gallery/display.php?gallery=gallery9 What do people think - I can certainly see the features that created the...
  24. Phil Andrews

    Shetland accommodation available Sept 2014 - No longer available

    Probably not the right place to post but couldnt see an accommodate thread ... Regrettably I have had to cancel my party's usual autumn holiday to Shetland; feeling slightly guilty I offered to assist the owner of the self-catering accommodation in trying to fill it given the relatively late...
  25. Phil Andrews

    Roller on the Canary Isles

    Silly question but how common are Roller on the Canary Isles? My friend has just come back from Lanzarote where he saw a Roller sp on the 17th June. He didn't think too much about the finer detail until he saw the details of the Abyssinian Roller on Feurteventura which was noted up to the...