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    Nobilem Super

    Thanks I'll check out the review. Jack
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    Nobilem Super

    What differentiates the 8x50B Nobilem from the 8x50B Nobilem Super?
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    Nobilem Super

    Nice glass Andy! I think you were looking quite a while for a set, no?
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    What case are the Leica 8x42 Trinovid HD owners using?

    Took two minutes. Perfect fit now. :cool:
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    Zeiss Terra ED 8x42 vs Nikon ProStaff 7S 8x42

    @ Diverdude1 Both binoculars seem overpriced compared to what's available in US. It may be the case that binoculars simply cost more in China than in the US, but if not, I might look around for a better value. It may not pay to ship a binocular into China, but for comparison's sake the Terra ED...
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    What case are the Leica 8x42 Trinovid HD owners using?

    Thanks. Since posting, I put my fists inside and stretched it out a bit, which seemed to help. If I need more wiggle room, I'll try your idea. Shame they can't be bought cheap in the UK.
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    Tento 10x50 binocular

    I agree with Jring: a good 10-power Tento center focus is not a bad option. You might also consider a 7-power if one comes up for sale.
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    What case are the Leica 8x42 Trinovid HD owners using?

    The Lowepro case arrived. It's a snug fit for Trini 8x42 HD but very well padded.
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    What case are the Leica 8x42 Trinovid HD owners using?

    I just ordered the Lowepro case for my Trini 8x42HD on ebay (Robert's Camera) for $10 free ship. I've been using a so-so aftermarket case but this looks to be an improvement.
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    Tento 10x50 binocular

    Used Russian/USSR binoculars deliver very good value for the price here in the US too.
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    The three Trinovids battle

    Great photos and review. Thanks for posting your observations. ~ Jack
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    Swarovski 10x32

    I'd contact Swarovski directly; they may just ship you a new pair.
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    new swarovski EL32

    Visual Distance Shorteners
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    8X30 SLC

    Hmmm. It might be hard to fetch that much for a 2009 NEU when for $50 more a buyer can get: https://www.sportsmans.com/hunting-gear-supplies/optics-binoculars-scopes-rangefinders/binoculars/swarovski-cl-companion-compact-binoculars/p/1496691 ~ Jack
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    A new (old) toy - Leitz Trinovid 6x24

    Very nice Eitan. Thanks for posting the pix and good luck with the resto. They're in very good hands at SOR.
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    CZ 8x30

    I have the same pair as the OP and wondered about it. Good glass!
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    CZ 8x30

    Thanks LPT. On that model I've always been a bit curious that it lacks "Jena" on the label yet that it doesn't have "Made in West Germany" on the hinge cover. Oberkochen makes sense.
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    CZ 8x30

    They look 100% authentic to me too. Just wondering if they were produced at a different Zeiss plant, and if so, possibly where.
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    CZ 8x30

    German made, but not labeled CZ Jena. Is this significant?
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    Monocular for one handed person

    Sounds like a great starting point. Good suggestion.
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    Is it normal to see grease inside binoculars.

    My 2 cents: Nothing good ever happened by allowing foreign particles to remain inside binoculars. Send them in.
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    Urgent cleaning help needed...help!

    Laurence. Sorry to hear about your health issues and hope for the best possible outcome. Charcoal and or baking soda sound intriguing, or wrapping. ~ Jack
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    Leica Monovid 8 X 20 vs. Swarovski NL Pure 8 X 32 For Bird Watching?

    About motion sickness using binoculars: Have you tried multiple binoculars and found all produce the same affect? (A single sample might be misaligned). If all binoculars produce motion sickness, then a monocular for walks in the park and a nice spotting scope for the porch might be the way to...
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    WW 2 U Boot binocular repair

    Thanks Anon2020. I hope to see Richard in action. Jack
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    WW 2 U Boot binocular repair

    Netflix US has some episodes, but I expect not very current. Will someone please provide Season/Episode number so I can watch the repair if/when made available? Thanks. Jack