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  1. C

    Comment by 'chris baker' in media 'Dunlin'

    Spot on Dean
  2. C

    Comment by 'chris baker' in media 'Green Lady'

    Very nice Marise, silky smooth
  3. Black Tailed Gnatcatcher

    Black Tailed Gnatcatcher

    Tricky bleeder to get in focus but well worth the time, cracking bird
  4. Flycatcher---Vermillion-1


    Cracking bird, my first, it was in feeding mode and kept returning to the same spot, very nice of it.
  5. Northern Cardinal

    Northern Cardinal

    Couldn't have picked a better spot myself, entertained me for a good couple of minutes.
  6. C

    That Lincoln - Song Again!

    All were taken in April this year, SE Arizona. The Song, San Pedro House The Lincoln, Madera Canyon The Hawk, Whitewater Draw near Bisbee Would the Song be a SW Variant?
  7. C

    That Lincoln - Song Again!

    First 2 pix when taken, gotta be dead easy to ID, nope, poss Song Variant? No3 I've got as a Lincoln's No4, again thought it would be easy, grey headed, rufuos chest streaks, sharp shinned variant? Appreciate any input from the experts.
  8. C

    Some US Birds for ID/Confirmation

    Filed as Dusky and Hammond's, thanks one and all for your time and expertise. They are all lifers for me so I'm well chuffed. A couple of sparrows in the pipeline possibly, though I've found a thread by Lisa Williams covering Lincolns and Song so it's work in progress at the moment. All the best...
  9. C

    Some US Birds for ID/Confirmation

    The pix were taken Apr this year on my first birding trip to western USA. So far then; # 1 Dark eyed Junco # 2 House Finch ( using Sibley's I'd got to female Blue Grosbeak having only seen the red type house finch, I note now that Sibley's mentions orange hue due to diet- thanks). # 3 Ash...
  10. C

    Some US Birds for ID/Confirmation

    Hi Folks, Would appreciate some help with the attached. No 1 was taken in the Grand Canyon and I suspect it's a Dark eyed Junco, the colour of the bill is throwing me a little, should be pink but I don't think it's anything else....... or is it? No 2 believe it or not was taken on the Strip in...
  11. C

    Comment by 'chris baker' in media 'Nest building time'

    Yet another nice one Lisa
  12. C

    Comment by 'chris baker' in media 'Lunch'

    Yeah, nice one Lisa, hid this one !!!!
  13. C

    Comment by 'chris baker' in media 'Least Flycatcher'

    Nice trio, this one in particular, very nice
  14. C

    Comment by 'chris baker' in media 'David and Goliath'

    Superb Lisa, hey what's this with a Mk 3, you'll be getting a 500 F4 next. Great shot
  15. Female Gambel's Quail

    Female Gambel's Quail

  16. Broad-billed Hummingbird

    Broad-billed Hummingbird

    No feeders here so it was quite a job keeping up with her as she did the rounds, feeding that is !!
  17. Acorn Woodpecker

    Acorn Woodpecker

  18. C

    Comment by 'chris baker' in media 'Common Redstart'

    Very, very nice
  19. White Winged Dove

    White Winged Dove

    Another smart bird which can be shy, this though was most obliging and gave me a nice shot on the rather spikey cactus.
  20. Rufous Winged Sparrow

    Rufous Winged Sparrow

    Failed on first visit but entertained by a pair on second visit. Smart little fella!