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  1. Björn Bergenholtz

    Some Japanese Eponyms

    On a request, made in November (by myself and James Jobling), my dear friend and neighbour (here in Stockholm, Sweden) Mr Nobuhiko Osawa has kindly lent us his time, and his knowledge in Japanese (also of Old School Japanese) and I think he now, after a couple of Months, has managed to find...
  2. Björn Bergenholtz

    Monsieur Le Dart's Marsh Tit

    Here's a guy, and bird, that I just happened to find, while looking for others ... darti as in: • in the invalid "Parus palustris darti"* H. JOUARD 1929, (here, on p.206), signed "22 décembre 1928": In the dear old HBW (no longer-Alive) Key this eponym was explained as: But I now think we...
  3. Björn Bergenholtz

    Naturaleza y naturalistas en Tucumán

    Now digitized, and accessible, in full: • Zaia, D. G. (Daniel Gustavo). 2012. Naturaleza y naturalistas en Tucumán. – 1st Ed. – San Miguel de Tucumán, (privately) published by "el autor, 2012", pp.1–234 (in Spanish). ISBN 978-987-33-2116-0 . Copyright © 2012 by D. G. Zaia. Enjoy! Björn
  4. Björn Bergenholtz

    Eponymous scientific bird names of Hungarian relevance

    • Magyar vonatkozású eponím mdárnevek, in Aquila 126, pp.83–100, by Gábor Magyar (November, 2019), here. Most of it is in Hungarian, although there's an English Summary, on pp.93-97. Enjoy! Björn
  5. Björn Bergenholtz

    Mr Nakamura's invalid Swift and ditto Jacana

    As a mere consequence, of the recent developments in thread Tanygnathus lucionensis koikei [here], Nobuhiko Osawa at the same time, simultaneously (somewhat accidentally), delivered a pure bonus! In his PS he mentioned a certain Mr Yukio Nakamura, that he himself had met [!], as well as...
  6. Björn Bergenholtz

    Ambassador Macartney's Fireback (Pheasant)

    Short question: Does somebody know who's commemorated in the scientific name ... macartneyi as in: • the somewhat debated Bornean/Crested Fireback ssp. Lophura ignita macartneyi TEMMINCK 1813, as "Gallus Macartneyi (here, all in French): Anyone? And does it say anything additional of what...
  7. Björn Bergenholtz

    Etimología de los nombres científicos de las aves de Argentina

    Here's a fairly recent work that might be of interest... (even if it's all in Spanish): Mouchard, Alejandro. 2019. Etimología de los nombres científicos de las aves de Argentina : su significado y origen. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires : Fundación de Historia Natural Félix de Azara. 1st...
  8. Björn Bergenholtz

    Mr & Mrs Wilson and their Hummingbirds ...

    Quick one, found along the way, maybe of interest (at least for Martin? As it's about "Hummers" ;)) ... regarding (Mr & Mrs) williami & addae, as in: • Viridian Metaltail Metallura williami DeLATTRE & BOURCIER 1846 (here), as "T. [Trochilus] Williami" • the (Rufous-booted) Racket-tail...
  9. Björn Bergenholtz

    Herr Koren's Willow/Red Ptarmigan/ Grouse

    Quick one, regarding ... koreni as in: • the subspecies Lagopus lagopus koreni THAYER & BANGS 1914 (here): = the Norwegian Polar explorer (of both Antarctic and Arctic), field zoologist, hunter and collector Johan Koren (1879–1919). Johan Koren was born in Fredrikstad, Norway, 4 October 1879...
  10. Björn Bergenholtz

    Kubary's three (or four) birds

    Here's some (minor) additional (and possibly contradictory) info regarding ... kubaryi as in: • the debated species, or subspecies Pohnpei Fantail Rhipidura (rufifrons) kubaryi FINSCH 1876 (here), as "Rhipidura kubaryi" • White-fronted Ground Dove (Gallicolumba) Alopecoenas kubaryi FINSCH 1880...
  11. Björn Bergenholtz

    Dr. Franke Jahncke de Valencia's brand new Tapaculo

    Re. the newly described Jalca Tapaculo Scytalopus frankeae Rosenberg, et al [K. V. Rosenberg, T. J. Davis, G. H. Rosenberg, P. A. Hosner, M. B. Robbins, T. Valqui, and D. F. Lane], 2020 (see the Bird Taxonomy and Nomenclature forum, thread Rhinocryptidae, post #124-126, here) = Dr. Irma Franke...
  12. Björn Bergenholtz

    Herr Grün's (North Western Little) Owl

    Here's some additional info on yet another guy, simply stumbled upon, along the way, while looking for others [Grün (Green) is a hard name/word to search for ;)], commemorated in the scientific name ... grueni as in: • the debated ssp. (valid or invalid?) Athene noctua grueni* VON JORDANS &...
  13. Björn Bergenholtz

    Gilbert's birds

    With focus on Gilbert's (true) Whistler ... I think it's about time to delete an old, protracted question mark, regarding the birth of the naturalist and explorer John Gilbert (fairly famous in Australia), commemorated in several birds (even if most of them are invalid today), however we still...
  14. Björn Bergenholtz

    Lönnberg 1921, shouldn't it be 1920 ... ?!?

    This is a tricky text to formulate (when not fluent in English, and I do want to get it all right), as I´m about to deal with both particular dating in Taxonomy and the tricky ICZN Code, however, I will give it a try ... In the work The Natural History of Juan Fernandez and Easter Island...
  15. Björn Bergenholtz

    HBW Alive transition

    See today's Birdquest E-newsletter 31, here: James, how will this affect the dear HBW Alive Key ... ?!? Any trouble in sight? Björn --
  16. Björn Bergenholtz

    Birdquest E-newsletter

    I got this e-mail today, that might be worth to read, for all "listers" ... Hopefully of some help/use? Björn
  17. Björn Bergenholtz

    Prince Henri's Tit (-warbler) identity ... ?

    Here´s a small spin off from Joek's recent sophiae sidetrack (posts # 352-361) in thread HBWAlive Key; mission accomplished or mission impossible?, regarding ... henrici as in: • the invalid "Arboricola Henrici" OUSTALET 1896 (here), all in French (and Latin), with a clear dedicatee*: Thereby...
  18. Björn Bergenholtz

    Mr. Hauxwell's birds

    Here´s some minor additions (nothing major) on the obscure Mr. Hauxwell, commemorated in... hauxwelli as in: ● Hauxwell's Thrush* Turdus hauxwelli LAWRENCE 1869 (here). Type collected by Hauxwell, at Pebas, [in today's Departemento Loreto], eastern Peru, 3rd October 1868 ● Plain-throated...
  19. Björn Bergenholtz

    The Names of the Birds of Venezuela

    Verea, C., E. J. Calvo y M. A. Pacheco. 2018. Los Nombres de las Aves de Venezuela: Comunes, Científicos, Aborígenes. Primera Parte: No Passeriformes. Instituto de Zoología Agrícola, Facultad de Agronomía, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Maracay, Venezuela (here):
  20. Björn Bergenholtz

    Menageries, Animal Merchants, Bird Shops and Taxidermists, in London ...

    Not sure of the relevance to any Bird Name Etymology ... but (just for the fun of it) here´s a Paper, found along the way, maybe of some interest, for anyone curious, especially for those keen on the London Bird trade, and its traders, in the 1700's: Plumb, C. 2010. Exotic Animals in...
  21. Björn Bergenholtz

    Dame Godman's (Metallic) Pigeon

    As a pure (somewhat quick) side-track, of Martin's ("Taphrospilus") Hummingbird subspecies thread Coeligena iris eva and Eriocnemis luciani catharina, I happened to take a look at: godmanae as in: • the debated and extinct Lord Howe (Island) Metallic Pigeon subspecies Columba vitiensis godmanae...
  22. Björn Bergenholtz

    "Curruca Eliotæ"

    After a short re-visit to ellioti/elliotii, that we had a closer look at back in 2017 in the thread Elliot's Laughingthrush (but don't worry nothing new, nothing contradictory on that one), I also had a go at the all unexplained ... eliotae as in: • the invalid "Curruca Eliotæ" [a synonym of...
  23. Björn Bergenholtz

    Berlandier's (Carolina) Wren

    Time to delete another question mark ... Bour, Roger. 2016. Where and when was Jean Louis Berlandier born? - Notes on Jean Louis Berlandier. I. Bibliotheca Herpetologica, Vol. 12: pp. 18–40 (here): The same Dr. Jean Louis (no hyphen) Berlandier is apparently/allegedly [see Appendix 1, page...
  24. Björn Bergenholtz

    Gone fishing

    Well, that´s it guys! At least for now ... Time to slacken the speed, to downshift and slow down. I´m off, for (quite) a while, I have another Book Project to handle. From now on, until finished, I´ll be in the Passenger seat, silently lurking around BirdForum, simply enjoying the ride (mostly...
  25. Björn Bergenholtz

    Father and Son Cockerell ... and "their" birds

    James, it´s time to delete some question marks! Here´s a last new thread, by me (for a while), with some additional info (and a contradictory birth year!) for the eponym ... cockerelli as in: • the invalid "Ardetta cockerelli" DIGGLES 1878 (1874, here, a k a "Cockerell's Bittern" [Synonym...