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  1. redtail7

    Goose ID, Alberta, Canada

    Hi Guys Took this photo back in September during migration. This fella was all alone in a clearing on a cutline in the middle of the bush, when I approached him he took off fairly well although it looked like he had a broken leg. May have been attacked by a predator or was hit by gunfire as it...
  2. redtail7

    Hawk ID Required Alberta Canada

    Hi Guys I need some help with identifying this hawk. Thanks in advance. Regards Redtail7
  3. redtail7

    Wader ID Alberta Canada

    Hi Need help....would this photo be a Greater or a Lesser Yellowlegs? Thanks in advance for the help. Regards Redtail7
  4. redtail7

    Sparrow ID Alberta Canada

    Hi I need help with ID. I believe this sparrow to be a Brewers but others say it's a Clay. Help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.
  5. redtail7

    Help with ID, Alberta, Canada

    I agree Baltimore Oriole
  6. redtail7

    young duck

    Thanks Randy, That was the fastest reply I ever received, probably less than 20 seconds. I agree with your answer.
  7. redtail7

    young duck

    I took this photo of a immature duck ID may be impossible but lets give it a try. photo taken yesterday Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Thanks in advance for all help.
  8. redtail7

    Sparrow ID Alberta, Canada

    Hi Guys Need some help to ID this sparrow. Thanks in advance. Redtail
  9. redtail7

    Nikon AFS 300 2.8

    Get some photos and show us what it can do. Regards Redtail
  10. redtail7

    ViewNX Problem

    Hi Guys I have a problem in ViewNX where the picture is in RAW format but has a symbol below it in the bottom right corner and when I click on the photo to convert it to Jpeg the "Convert" command at the top of the screen is unusable, I don't know what I did to get this symbol. Can anyone...
  11. redtail7

    10.5mm vs 10-24mm

    Thank MichavdB I recently seen the Tokina at a trade show and that may be the way to go. regards Tony
  12. redtail7

    10.5mm vs 10-24mm

    Hi Guys I'm looking to purchase a wide angle lens, my question is, Should I buy the fixed lens AF-S DX 10.5mm f2.8G or the AF-S DX 10-24mm f3.5-4.5G? Has anyone got any experience with either lens shooting landscapes? Regards Tony
  13. redtail7

    Elements 8

    Thanks very much Bill, it's working good now.
  14. redtail7

    Elements 8

    Hi Guys I just purchased PSE 8. I previously had PSE 5 and I uninstalled it before installing PSE 8. PSE 8 installed successfully. My problem is that when I click on a photo in my previous Nikon View NX files and click on "send to" it comes up Elements 5 and says it does not exist. Has...
  15. redtail7

    New Zealand waders ID

    Hi Took these photos mid January at Miranda Springs New Zealand. In the one photo of the Banded Dotterel, can anyone ID the bird in the foreground? In the next photo of the Pied Stilt, can anyone ID the tall bird on the right? Thanks in advance. Redtail7
  16. redtail7

    HDMI Computer and monitor

    HI Wonder if anyone is using a computer with HD video card and a HDMI monitor. I have a flat screen Viewsonic monitor and a computer that puts out only analog signal. Pictures when taken right look good on my present system. Question- Will purchasing a new computer HD and a monitor HDMI give...
  17. redtail7

    New Zealand bird ID?

    Hi Guys Just got back from New Zealand, Auckland area and need some ID's. One I think is a green finch the other I'm not sure. Thanks in advance for the help. Regards Redtail7
  18. redtail7

    Opus (birds) ID

    Thanks Guys
  19. redtail7

    Opus (birds) ID

    Hi I was looking in the opus (Birds) on this site for a Spur-winged Plover photo to compare with the one I took in New Zealand. The photo on the site must be wrong My bird has like a yellow wattles. Have a look and let me know what you think. Thanks
  20. redtail7

    Australian bird ID

    Hi Guys Need some help to ID this bird. Photo taken near Brisbane, Australia. Thanks in advance. Redtail7
  21. redtail7

    Drop in Filters

    Hi Guys Just purchased a 300mm f2.8 lens and was wondering what drop in filters anyone is using for bird shots. It comes with a NC 52mm filter, is this good enough or should I be looking for a different filter. Thanks for any help. Regards Tony
  22. redtail7

    Nikon TC-17E 11 1.7x Teleconverter

    Hi May I interject with a quick question-- I'm looking to buy the 300mm f2.8 for use with my D300. I currently have the TC20 teleconverter and am wondering which to by for the 300mm, should I get the 1.4 or the 1.7? Thanks for any advise. Redtail7
  23. redtail7

    Coastal Wader Photography...

    HI I just use a chair hide (very light and portable) and I set it up on the side of the marsh ( I usually take a square piece of plywood and hide it in the marsh so its there when I decide to visit, it helps keep the legs of the chair from sinking in the mud) then I just get inside and wait...
  24. redtail7

    Correct setting for birds in flight

    Hi thanks for the replys. I just took some photos in the manual mode. Settings were: F 8 S 1/200 exp. comp 0v metering--centre-weight but I forgot to look at ISO which was at 1000. It was a horrible dark...
  25. redtail7

    Sparrow ID Alberta Canada

    Hi Guys Is this a Song Sparrow. Thanks for the help.