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    Birds seen when not 'birding'

    My 'incidental' bird sightings have gone up since I've started carpooling to work on a drive of about 35 miles one-way. It's a route through very flat highly agricultural land, so birds are at a bit of premium anyway (meaning flat and cultivated right up to the fence posts, ditches and roads...
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    Greetings from Maryland

    Welcome, deueldl, from all the staff and admin of BirdForum. We're glad you've joined us. You might want to post your ID question in the forum specifically for that, where it'll be seen by more members. Enjoy yourself on the forums.
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    Peregrine painting

    Wow, zek -- that's lovely!
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    Hi from SW Ontario!

    Welcome, cHARm! I'd love to see some of your paintings in the galleries.
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    Welcome, Sheila. The Chicago region can be terrific for birding, and Lake Michigan is a wondeful conduit for migration. Ever birded down in the Dunes? Hope you enjoy yourself on the forums.
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    Voting Booth - February 2006 :Theme - Perched Bird

    Well, criteria or no, the selection this month was quite difficult for me. I know I was swayed in my final choice by the fact that owls are among my favorite birds . . . I'll leave it to you to guess which I chose . . . . And I'm no photography judge. I just go with what makes my heart go...
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    Hello from Portland, Oregon

    Welcome, SaVvy -- hope you enjoy yourself on the forums.
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    Hello - from Yucatan, Mexico Birder

    Bev, here's a warm welcome to you from all of us on staff at BirdForum. We'll look forward to hearing about birding in the Yucatan. Enjoy yourself on the forums.
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    Hello everybody

    Welcome, willem -- maybe we'll turn you into a birdwatcher!
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    A warm welcome to you, olly, from all of us on staff at BirdForum. You might want to take a look at the "help" forum to get a feel for the place. It can feel overwhelming at first, but you'll get used to everything quickly, I'm sure. Enjoy yourself.
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    Hello from UK, Reading

    Daboone, here's a warm welcome to you from all of us on staff at BirdForum. Loads of information on cameras, scopes, lenses, etc. Enjoy yourself on the forums.
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    Hello to all

    Hello, 1030nrm, and a warm welcome to you from all of us on staff at BirdForum. If you mean to upload the photo to the galleries, full instructions are on the gallery home page. If you mean to attach it to a post, then click the 'manage attachments' button and follow the instructions there...
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    Hello from Tucson, Arizona

    A warm welcome to you, trashbird. I fell in love with Tucson and SE Az on my first visit there last Memorial Day weekend. Hope I can visit again someday. Enjoy yourself on the forums.
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    Hi from Toronto Canada

    A warm welcome to you, mrmike. Would love to see a trip report on Panama in the vacational trip reports forum.
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    OMG, HAWK closeup

    Good thought, KC. Guess I've become a naturalist, then. -25 -- that's so cool about the Sharpie. Hope he sticks around for you.
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    Hello Folks...

    Welcome, divingblue. Enjoy yourself on the forums.
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    If you were a bird..........

    Maybe a Great Blue Heron -- I'd sure like to know what it feels like to have long legs . . . LOL!
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    Bald Eagles in Ohio

    Michelle, a warm welcome to you from all of us on staff at BirdForum. Ohio is, luckily, home to many pairs of Bald Eagles. I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding nests to monitor. And you'll certainly find others with similar interests among our 35,000+ members. Enjoy yourself on the...
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    Costa Rica Trip Report (515sp)

    A Snowy in Virginia?? That's waaaaaay south! Fairly unusual, I'd say.
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    Greetings from Louisville, KY

    Another warm welcome to you, den apple! What a great place to volunteer! And I know the river can produce some really interesting rarities from time to time -- there was an Ancient Murrelet perhaps a year ago or so . . .unfortunately, Louisville is just far enough away (4 1/2 - 5 hours) that...
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    Help identifying this duck

    A bit of a puzzler. My first impression was another mix of mallard and domestic (which happens frequently and turns out all kinds of variations) but then I saw the tail -- which looks a little like a Ruddy's. Hard to know, since there's no size reference.
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    Hi, form Delhi

    A warm welcome to you, ats, from all of the staff and admin of BirdForum. We'll look forward to your pictures in the galleries.
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    Comment by 'Beverlybaynes' in media 'One POed red-tailed'

    Neat picture, Gene! Wonder how many people would think 'eagle' to hear that -- since filmmakers invariably use a red-tail's call . . .
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    Hello from Canada's East Coast

    Krow, on behalf of the staff and admin of BirdForum, a warm welcome to you! The birds will be moving your way soon -- I'm looking for my first red-winged blackbirds of the season in the next or so . . . increased numbers, at least, since some do stay around all year anymore. Do hope you'll...
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    Let It Snow

    Tigerlillie, here's a warm welcome to you on behalf of all the staff and administration of BirdForum! Have read on the news about the storm you're experiencing, so good on you for getting food out there for our friends. I don't have a specific answer for you about the chippers' feeding habits...