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    ID help for a few Amazonian (Brazil) birds

    Dear all, I would be most grateful for your opinions. i attach (in order) photos I took on a recent (July-August) trip with my guesses: - Greenlet (Grey-chested ?) - Woodcreeper (Striped ?) - Tyrannulet (Amazonian ?) and then one from two years ago, also in summer but from the Atlantic Rain...
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    India, Rajahstan: Warbler and Prinia ID help

    Dear all, I am confused with this Prinia taken in April in Rajahstan a few years ago. Ist it a Jungle Prinia ? Ditto with this warbler, but I am completely dry with clues .... any idea ? Thoughts are welcome. Many thanks in advance, ugolino
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    Kenyan Sunbird for ID

    Dear all, Am I right in calling this bird an "Amethyst Sunbird" ? Taken in Kenya many years ago... Many thanks in advance, ugolino
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    Brazil Pantanal (Matto Grosso states) summer

    Dear All, These are from a trip a few years ago during the summer in the Pantanal; I am not certain the IDs for these skulkers are correct and would love it if you could cast your eyes over them. From the left, here were my guesses: -Pale-breasted Spinetail -Plain-crowned Spinetail...
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    American yellow warblers ?

    Dear all, While reviewing some old photos, I realized that I may have mis-identified a female warbler which now looks to me more like a Wilson's female. Photo no 1 was taken in Alaska during the summer...I am thinking that the yellow brow and grayish crown are most likely symptoms of it being a...
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    Scottish Warblers (Willow ?)

    Dear all, While reviewing some old photos I took in a trip a long time ago in Scotland, I came upon these three different birds which I had all called Willow Warblers. I am now all full of doubt, and would be enormously grateful for your help. Especially doubtfull about no 1, as I am now...
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    Tanzania help with a few ID

    Dear all, I would be grateful if you could help out on some old photos all taken in Tanzania 1 is a Bishop, but which ? 2 is a Cukoo, but can we tell if it is Common or African ? 3 and 4 look like Jackson's Hornbills but supposedly not in Tanzania... and also is it now a full species or a...
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    Eastern central Africa (Uganda and Tanzania)

    Dear all, A few more that I unearthed from a while ago... that I would love help to identify if at all possible Photo 1: poor photo of a bird of prey in Tanzania Photo 2: I thought male Sooty Chat but cannot see the white patch on the wing... (photo taken in Uganda) Photo 3: Tanzanian...
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    Ugandan passerines (summer)

    A few more from a while ago, that I had not really been able to identify. Would be extremely grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. Photo 1: male weaver, but which (overexposure does not help) ? Photo 2: ??? Photo 3 and 4 are larks, but which ? Photo 5 looks like a...
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    Ugandan sunbirds (summer)

    Dear all, not the greatest shots, and I apologise for this, but would love it if someone could confirm/correct my tentative identification of this pair being male and female of the Red-chested Sunbird. many thanks in advance
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    Bean Goose (Tundra or Taiga ?)

    Dear all, I attach two shots of different birds taken in different locations and different times. Is it at all possible to identify them ? Photo 1: taken in Hong-Kong's Mai Po in November Photo 2: taken in Hokkaido in March Thank you in advance, ugolino
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    A few from India (recent and old)

    Dear all, I was lucky to finally encounter last month, though at great distance, a slender-billed Vulture (on the left) as it now completes and "finishes" the Vulture family (Old World and New World) for me. In photo 1, there are two other vultures on the right... but I am having difficulties...
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    Indian Phylloscopus warblers (II) and an old photo

    Dear all, First, thank you for your complimentary comments about the quality of the photos in my last post. I attach now two more Phylloscopus taken again in West Bengal a month ago, at mid altitude (1000-2000m) My only guess for photo 1 is Hume's Leaf W, based on the single wing bar My only...
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    Indian Phylloscopus warblers (I)

    Dear all, I hope someone will be able to verify or correct the identification of several tricky warblers I photographed last month in West Bengal (all taken at high altitude (circa 3000m) in Singhalila NP. I have called the first 3 "Ashy-throated W."" and the last 2 "Hume's Leaf W." What do you...
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    Two passerines from Brazil, summer

    Dear all, I am finally at the end of my identification process, and these two remain. Both taken in the State of Bahia. Could photo 1 be a pectoral Sparrow female ? No real clue except perhaps a Seedeater for photo 2 Thanking you in advance, ugolino
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    NorthEast Brazil, checking on some IDs

    Dear all, my previous post and your subsequent answers (thank you again !) has created doubt in my mind about similar species. - Am I right to call photo 1 and photo 2 (different individuals) both Planalto Tyrannulets ? - My guess is photo 3 is no longer Mouse-colored Tyrannulet... what would...
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    North-East Brazil, August, 2 hummers and 3 passerines

    Dear all, I am either tired (or useless), and would love your help to ID these five. I am pretty sure they are quite common, and that would explain why I did not take any notes, and am now confused. Apologies for the quality, but as always... Thank you in advance, ugolino
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    Brazil, Pantanal, Short-tailed Hawk, dark morph ?

    Dear all, I think I was too hasty in calling these hawks "Great Black"....both photographed last summer in the Pantanal. I am now inclined to think that they (this is a pair) are both dark morph of "Short-tailed"... the give-away being the small white "tuft" on the forehead of one of them...
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    Yucatan, mid April (2)

    And another post asking for help.... Agan, all seen and photographed in the Yucatan about a month ago. Last two photos are of the same bird. Thank you, Thank you !!! Ugolino
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    Yucatan, late April (1)

    Dear all, Would love some help on these. All photgraphed in the Yucatan about a month ago. Many thanks, Ugolino
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    Central Park, New York, mid May

    Dear all, I am a bit confused about these 2. Am I right in calling the Thrush a Swainson's ? What about the Warbler, is it a young male Blackpoll ? Thank you in advance. Ugolino
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    Woodcreeper, Brazil, Pantanal, summer

    Dear all, I attach a photo of a woodcreeper which I had called straight-billed but now having second thoughts. Can anyone help ? Thank you in advance. Ugolino
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    Sparrow, New York, Central Park 2 weeks ago

    Hello all, I am forgetting my sparrows... is this a Song ? Thank you in advance, Ugolino
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    Argentina, February, Hummingbird: Gilded Sapphire ?

    Dear all, I am a bit puzzled by this old photo. The Gilded Sapphire (Hummingbird) I have seen since all have a mostly red bill. This one is mostly black, with a tiny bit of red. Is there any explanation ? regional differences, different sex ? Or is my ID completely wrong ? Thank you for looking...
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    Brazil, Pantanal, Hummingbird, Summer

    Dear all, I am having trouble with this hummingbird, both shots are of the same bird. Taken this past summer in the Pantanal. Any clue ? Thank you in advance, ugolino