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  1. lark o'dell

    Day 2

    Hi everyone, Second day of my new routine. Today saw a much longer journey, around 15km rode in total maybe even more. Used my bicycle and had binoculars and some food with me. Still no bird book though. I have decided to set a target of 20 birds minimum before I have to go home for when I...
  2. lark o'dell

    Day 1

    Recently moved to Germany and I have decided to keep a daily bird count and blog to keep me on a good routine. I am based in Köln in NRW region of Germany. Unlike my previous home for the last 5 years (London, UK) I am now surrounded with beautiful forests and many lakes which are all very...
  3. lark o'dell

    NRW Birdwatching

    Hi All, Recently just moved to Köln and looking at getting back into Birding, Anyone know of any good areas around the NRW preferably nearer to Köln than anywhere else as transport is limited for the time being. Let me know.
  4. lark o'dell

    how rare are cuckoo's?

    hi everybody i went to Summerleyes local nature reserve today (trip report in my blog) and i heard a cuckoo now iv never seen one before but iv heard them in summerleyes a few times before i could not locate it but while i was walking around the site this morning i saw a lot of people with...
  5. lark o'dell

    New Blog - Trip to Summerleyes nature reserve

    woke up this morning to the sun shining and decided to take a quick trip to my prefered local patch (not all that local considering its locality to my house but oh well) Summerleyes Nature Reserve. if your in northamptonshire you should know of it; in my opinion the best place to watch birds in...
  6. lark o'dell

    white throat or flycatcher?

    hi guys its been a while since i went to my local patch iv been mainly going to the gravel pits near summerleys and earlsbarton if anyone from northamptonshire or the surrounding area is looking here you'l know there great spots all year round. however due to me not having a car today i decided...
  7. lark o'dell

    Summerleys birding

    hi all me and my dad went to summerleys today in northampton, the idea being in getting some pictures for my course at college... apart from being really cold the trip was overall really good with a total of 30 birds and a load of hopefully good pictures, i need to develope them. 1. blue tit...
  8. lark o'dell

    birding in brittany, france

    hi all. going to brittany in mid augest and was wondering weather any one here had been in the summer to brittany recently or if anyone knows any good spots to bird their. i have already checked fatbirder but information on the sites provided is limited. any information would be great. also any...
  9. lark o'dell

    gola rainforest spared from logging

    hi not sure how old this news is but it is new news on fatbirder. the gola rainforest spared from logging. full story here http://www.fatbirder.com/news/index.php?article=636 its good news |:d| _________________________________________ andy
  10. lark o'dell

    Cotes d`Armor info

    hi i need info on the area or surrounding area's of Cotes d`Armor. about the birdlife and what type of birds i would most likely see in mid augest or if their is any hotspots near the area that arn't to far away in a car. cheers andy
  11. lark o'dell

    best bird site in england and europe

    hi all this question has been on my mind for some time but all over websites just give me loads of rubbish stuff about bird flu that's not what i want. now then what is the best bird site in england? what is the best bird site in europe? i hope i get a good answer dosen't really matter but...
  12. lark o'dell

    london wetland center

    hi all i went to the london wetland center today for the first time and had a craking day. its a great place to go for the day. in total i had 47 birds and 1 fox. birds are as follows and in order. 1. pied wagtale 2. tufted duck 3. grey heron 4. mallard 5. canada geese 6. morehen 7. coot 8...
  13. lark o'dell

    any powerfull games?

    hi all i have just made my new computer and was wondering if anyone new any games that would test it. specifications: abit av8 motherboard amd athlon 64 x2 dual core 2.0ghz kingston 4gb ram sticks (put together from other kingston sticks)...
  14. lark o'dell

    zenith em

    hello all i just got a zenith em off of ebay and was wondering wether it was any good at taking pictures of birds thanks andy
  15. lark o'dell

    pc games

    hi iv just upgraded my hole pc 384mb ram to 1024mb 64mb graphics to 256mb 10gb hardrive to 80gb an ok gigabyte mothorbord to an even better abit one. 1.3mhz to an amd atholan 64 dual core cpu x2 3800 2.oghz making it in go 4 gigs i was wonderin what games i could install to see if it would...
  16. lark o'dell

    top 5 birds to see while in normandy france in the summer

    hello i have just got back from a holiday from normandy france i was wondering what you would say the top 5 birds i should not have left without seeing thanks lark
  17. lark o'dell

    sywell coutry park - northamptonshire

    i decided to visit sywell country park which was a resivoir but now has loads of things to do, i wasnt sure about the birds id see so i wasnt looking for any bird in perticular arrived there at about 9:55 am parked the car and walked in didnt even look at the bird sign of whats about at the...
  18. lark o'dell

    just sighn up

    helo im lark o'dell and iv just sighnd bye lark o'dell p.s im no good at speeling