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  1. chill6x6

    KAHLES HELIA S 42 is available for $1499 from europe

    Thanks for that Canip!
  2. chill6x6

    Binocular Weight, a Triviality?

    So I'll admit that a larger objective binocular is USUALLY optically superior. Probably more user-friendly too. BUT.... How many here are actual avid birders? Seriously.... I may put my binocular on at my HOUSE before I even leave...if not then I do at my first birding stop and then it...
  3. chill6x6

    Leica Trinovid 8x20 BCA-very new version review

    Nice review! I recently picked the Ultravid for the reason you DIDN'T pick it. I too wanted to take a step to a really compact binocular. I WANTED the larger focus wheel. I also like the idea of a central diopter adjustment. Great pics too!
  4. chill6x6

    Latest Optics not floating my boat ...

    What other binocular have you actually OWNED other than the Zen-Ray?
  5. chill6x6

    Swarovski CL Companion 8x30 vs Kowa Genesis 8x33 ??

    I don't have a Genesis 8X33 and I've never even looked thru one. But I do have a couple you mentioned. I like the CL B though it has never been one of my favorites. The diopter adjustment is among the most fiddly you'll find. I guess the main reason it's not one my my favorites is I much...
  6. chill6x6

    8.5 x 42 EL Swarovski Questions.

    I was going to recommend exactly that! Perfect choice! For the price a new one can be bought currently it's almost a no-brainer. As far as rolling ball goes.... I've let a pile of folks borrow and or use various EL SV binoculars....those mentioning seeing "rolling ball" is exactly zero.
  7. chill6x6

    It’s May!—has anybody bought/tried out a NL Pure 32 yet?

    Thanks Gijs and Canip! Beautiful pics!
  8. chill6x6

    Swaro EL 8.5x42.. Any other recommendations?

    SV 8X32. For a birding binocular it's been perfect for me . It points so instinctively. Throw it up, there's the bird. Lightweight. Large FOV. Bright. Sharp edge to edge FOV. Feels great in the hands. It's stood the test of time for me. My alternates....UVHD+ 7X42/SLC 8X42.
  9. chill6x6

    Which to Sell?

    I wouldn't sell the Leica. It's the most state of the art binocular of the three. Your MIJ Vortex Viper....I had the 8X42 and still have the 8X32....they really are good binoculars. I wish they were still to that standard. The Toric is a good one too. I say put those two on the classified...
  10. chill6x6

    Thoughts on 10x32 EL Fieldpros

    I remember reading that right after he did it. He's certainly a far better birder and more dedicated than I am. That sure is a lot of Leica products. I've never even seen a Leica tripod. One thing is for sure....if I were setting out for my own personal "big year" I'd have more than one pair of...
  11. chill6x6

    Thoughts on 10x32 EL Fieldpros

    I think that's a habitat/terrain thing. HERE...I RARELY see a 10X42. There's a good chance one would more than likely fall behind in bird count with 10X and 330ft FOV. Most in my birding group have 8X42s of some type. Last time I made note of the brands...Zeiss(3), Swarovski(1), Nikon(3)...
  12. chill6x6

    It’s May!—has anybody bought/tried out a NL Pure 32 yet?

    None in the US that I know of.
  13. chill6x6

    Who do I believe - Leica Trinovid HD versus Zeiss Conquest HD

    So I noticed you all ready HAVE an FL 8X42. What are you wanting a new binocular to do that it won't?
  14. chill6x6

    Swarovski EL 8x32 already discontinued?

    Sportoptics now OUT of the 8X32 SV.....
  15. chill6x6

    Availability of (new) Nikon Monarch 5 8x42?

    Here's the way I look at it. I probably looked at ten total retailers....all had the Monarch 5 8X42 on "backorder." Nikonusa even has it on "backorder." So I look at it differently as EVERYWHERE I checked the binocular is on "backorder." I'd consider that "not available." At least in the...
  16. chill6x6

    Swarovski EL 8x32 already discontinued?

    If I was wanting an SV 8X32....I'd be getting one. I paid $1600 for mine(pre Field Pro) on close out at Cabela's in 2016(I think) when Swarovski introduced the Field Pro system. Folks will be scrounging for them once they are gone. I've seen this movie before. ;)
  17. chill6x6

    Availability of (new) Nikon Monarch 5 8x42?

    I checked at a few places...I didn't see one in the USA NIB. You CAN get them from Japan on eBay. I've ordered a couple of Nikon binoculars from Japan and haven't had any issues whatsoever. Monarch 7 8X42 seem to be the same way currently.
  18. chill6x6

    Question about Zeiss Terra 8x25

    For sure use use your friends binoculars as a reference point. As Lee pointed out don't expect the Terra to be to the Swarovski standard but if everything is a-ok with the Terra I think you will be pleasantly surprised with its optics. I'd look at hinge tension as it should be pretty tight with...
  19. chill6x6

    Terra 8X25

    I hate Zeiss moved the production of that Terra ED 8X25 to China. It may be just as good of a binocular but many times when that is done quality falls off. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth as well too. That's one of my favorite binoculars. I've used it some all week!
  20. chill6x6

    Glass types in NL Pure-series

    Binoculars are no different than automobiles, stereos, cookware, hotels, etc, etc, ad infinitum. One can purchase an extremely good, functional product for a pretty reasonable price. To get the elite, the very best, which is only a small difference in increased performance in reality, one has...
  21. chill6x6

    NL Pure 8X42 pros/cons

    The good news is that both are very nice binoculars. Both binoculars have been problem free for me for the most part. The Conquest HD does generally have stiff eyecups right out of the box. I had to work mine in and out several times to smooth out. Since that, no issues. ER is fine for me...
  22. chill6x6

    Ultravid BCAs vs *current* Trinovid BCAs - real optical difference or mostly mechanical?

    One thing is for sure...the Ultravid 8X20 is one SMALL binocular! I just recently got one....I couldn't believe how small it is. It's a VERY nice binocular. Quality made, perfect functionality, and a nice bright view. I was amazed how nice such a small binocular could be.
  23. chill6x6

    NL Pure 8X42 pros/cons

    Good looking harness! ;)
  24. chill6x6

    NL Pure 8X42 pros/cons

    So.... The reason I asked some pointed questions concerning the NL 8X42 is...I'm going to get either the 32mm or the 42mm 8X in the near future. It looks as if the only advantage to the 32mm is size/weight and not FOV as it usually is. I have the 32mm with the most FOV, the SF 8X32. So I am...