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  1. HelenB

    Sad news from the Osprey team at Bassenthwaite, England

    There is some very sad news about one of their Ospreys, No 14 (aka White 14). Apparently he has died on his southbound migration through Mali in West Africa. This news was reported by the British Trust for Ornithology and the Bassenthwaite team are waiting for more details. He was 7 years old...
  2. HelenB

    Dove in Tobago

    While on a cruise a few years ago, we stopped in Tobago. Saw this dove in the Botanical Gardens, Scarborough. I think it's one of the ground doves, but the blue on the head has me puzzled! TIA HelenB
  3. HelenB

    Finch? - Parintins, Brazil

    Have been working through photos from a cruise up the Amazon River in 2008 and came across this bird which I never identified when I wrote up my trip lists. It was seen in the cemetery of the Catedral de Nossa. TIA HelenB
  4. HelenB

    Small white bird - Amazon River

    Going through old photos, while we are sequestered at home, I found a photo of this small black and white bird which I never identified. It was taken in March 2008, at Santarem on the south bank of the Amazon River, while exploring the waterfront. TIA! HelenB
  5. HelenB

    Bassenthwaite Ospreywatch for 2020 cancelled

    The Ospreywatch team have just announced that this year’s Ospreywatch in Cumbria, is cancelled due to coronavirus, and all the facilities and viewpoints are closed. They will keep the website and social media pages updated with news.
  6. HelenB

    Sparrow - Central Texas

    Having trouble with this sparrow ID. Could it be a Lincoln's? Photo taken in our garden, but we are surrounded by ranch land in the country. Thanks for any help! HelenB
  7. HelenB

    Guanacaste region of Costa Rica

    On a trip to northern Costa Rica with a NatGeo expedition in early December, I got a photo of this bird, with the white wing bars, but cannot find anything like it in my field guide! We were on a long walk in the Punta Zapatol area. Thanks in advance for help with this! HelenB
  8. HelenB

    Shorebird, Galapagos Islands

    In early October this year, I visited the Galapagos Islands. On Santa Cruz Island, while visiting the giant tortoise sanctuary, I saw this shorebird which has me puzzled. It was close to the Semiplamated Plover in the second photo, which is a good guide to its size. TIA HelenB
  9. HelenB

    Flycatchers - Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

    Early April this year, on the western edge of Corcovado National Park. I think the first one is Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, but the second one has no wing bars and a different shaped bill. The photos were taken within a few seconds of each other, but they are obviously not the same species...
  10. HelenB

    Juvenile woodpecker - Costa Rica

    Early April - Corcovado National Park, Osa Peninsula, on the Pacific Coast. Got this shot of a very dark juvenile woodpecker. Can't find any photos of juveniles of any of the Costa Rican woodpecker species in field guides or online. Hope someone might be familiar with the area. Thanks, HelenB
  11. HelenB

    Seedeater or finch type bird, Panama

    This bird was seen in the botanical gardens adjacent to the Biomuseo in Panama City on March 29th. There were also Saffron Finches there, but this bird is different - the bill is bigger and the wing markings are different. I'm including o photo of the Saffron Finch, which has some orange/red...
  12. HelenB

    Finch of some sort - Panama

    Visited the gardens of the Biomuseo in Panama City on 29th March. I'm trying to get an ID on this finch type bird. We saw Saffron Finch there, but I'm thinking this is a different species. TIA HelenB
  13. HelenB

    Raptor, central Texas

    The raptor was flying (actually gliding along) very high and heading south. These were the best shots we got with a 400mm lens. I'm thinking it may be one of the falcon species. TIA HelenB
  14. HelenB

    Juvenile hawk, Central Texas

    Outskirts of College Station, south Central Texas. Is this a juvenile/immature Red-shouldered Hawk? Had wondered about a Cooper's Hawk, but don't think the tail is long enough. Thanks in advance, HelenB
  15. HelenB

    Flycatcher Central Texas

    I think this is an Eastern Wood-pewee, but this is the only photo I got. Not very good with the light behind it, though. Didn't hear a call, which would have helped. Photo taken on 15th April near College Station in south Central Texas. Thanks! HelenB
  16. HelenB

    Bassenthwaite Ospreys 2018

    The 2018 season began on Good Friday, 30th March, when the Observation Points in Dodd Wood and the Osprey display room at the Whinlatter Visitor Centre were opened. The unringed male Osprey, has returned, but there is no sign of the female, ringed White KL, his partner for the last 5 years...
  17. HelenB

    Shorebirds - Central Texas

    I always have trouble with the dowitchers. I think these are Long-billed, but would appreciate a confirmation. The sandpiper in the 2nd photo has me confused. Other people have seen Baird's, Pectoral, Western and Least at this local hotspot on the north side of Bryan-College Station. I am...
  18. HelenB

    Bassenthwaite Ospreys 2017

    The OspreyWatch Team have a confirmed sighting of an Osprey on the nest this morning - 25th March. They said it looks very much "at home", but they couldn't tell which one it was. HelenB
  19. HelenB

    Is this a Fox Sparrow - central Texas

    Birded a private ranch yesterday, for the Great Backyard Bird Count and saw several sparrows which I think are Fox Sparrows, but would appreciate a second opinion, please. This would be a lifer for me!! TIA HelenB
  20. HelenB

    Hawk sp Texas

    Have just completed the College Station Christmas Bird Count survey today - south-central Texas. We got this hawk, which we thought was perhaps a juvenile Cooper's due to the long tail, but it is very pale below with few breast markings. Help would be greatly appreciated as I have to get the...
  21. HelenB

    Juvenile Willow Warbler? - Northern England

    Just wanted to get a confirmation that I'm correct with this ID, as it has so much green-yellow in its plumage! Photo taken in July a few years ago, at a nature reserve in Cumbria. Thanks, HelenB
  22. HelenB

    Photos of Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve needed

    I'm one of the Opus editors and I'm looking for some recent photos of the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve. I did the page on this reserve some years ago and used photos I had taken in 2002. Since then there must have been some changes, after the restoration project to reopen the tidal inlet was...
  23. HelenB

    Bassenthwaite Ospreys 2016

    The 2016 season begins on Saturday, 26th March - Easter weekend. Number 14, from the 2013 season, has spent the winter again on the island of Bioko, south of Nigeria. The tracker on last year's chick, VO, sadly stopped working in December 2015, either due to a malfunction or the death of the...
  24. HelenB

    Albatross off southern Australia

    A few years ago we did a "Round Australia" cruise. I never did ID all the seabirds. This albatross photo was taken while sailing between Adelaide and Melbourne in November of 2009. TIA for the help. Helen
  25. HelenB

    Great Backyard Bird Count 2016

    This year's Great Backyard Bird Count will take place the weekend of 12th - 15th February. You can count birds in city, state and national parks, nature reserves, etc, as well as your backyard/garden. It is now a global event, so please look at the GBBC website, below, for more details of how...