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  1. bongofury

    Bongofury's UK List 2021

    1.1.2021 Garden 1. Magpie 2. Woodpigeon 3. Blue Tit 4. Great Tit 5. Coal Tit 6. Robin 7. Long-tailed Tit 8. Blackbird 9. Goldfinch 10. Feral Pigeon 11. Starling 12. House Sparrow 13. Carrion Crow 14. Chaffinch 15. Lesser Black-backed Gull 16. Lesser Redpoll 17. Jackdaw 18. Rook 2.1.2021...
  2. bongofury

    Bongofurys' UK List 2021

    1.1.2021 Garden 1. Magpie 2. Woodpigeon 3. Blue Tit 4. Great Tit 5. Coal Tit 6. Robin 7. Long-tailed Tit 8. Blackbird 9. Goldfinch 10. Feral Pigeon 11. Starling 12. House Sparrow 13. Carrion Crow 14. Chaffinch 15. Lesser Black-backed Gull 16. Lesser Redpoll 17. Jackdaw 18. Rook 2.1.2021...
  3. bongofury

    Bongofury's UK 2020 List

    1.1.2020 Garden 1.Blackbird 2. Coal Tit 3. Blue Tit 4. Lesser Redpoll 5. Great Tit 6. Starling 7. Woodpigeon 8. Robin 9. Goldfinch 10. Magpie 11. Pink-footed Goose 12.Long-tailed Tit 13. Feral Pigeon 14. Carrion Crow 15. Chaffinch 16. House Sparrow Hamilton to Troon 17. Jackdaw...
  4. bongofury

    Bongofury's UK 2019 List

    1.1.2019 Garden 1. Blackbird 2. Starling 3. Magpie 4. Blue Tit 5. Chaffinch 6. Siskin 7. Goldfinch 8. Great Tit 9. Wood Pigeon 10. Carrion Crow 11. Dunnock 12. House Sparrow 13. Robin Hamilton 14. Pied Wagtail Loch Lomond 15. Buzzard 16. Feral Pigeon 17. Jackdaw 18. Pheasant 19...
  5. bongofury

    Bongofury's UK 2018 List

    1.1.2018 Garden 1. Starling 2. Goldcrest 3. Blackbird 4. Magpie 5. Woodpigeon 6. House Sparrow M73 & M8 7. Kestrel 8. Buzzard 9. Black-headed Gull West End, Glasgow 10. Blue Tit 11. Great Tit 12. Chaffinch 13. Feral Pigeon 14. Redwing 15. Dunnock 16. Goldfinch 17. Robin 18. Carrion Crow
  6. bongofury

    Bongofury's 2017 UK List

    1.1.2017 Garden 1. Blackbird 2. Blue Tit 3. Wood Pigeon 4. Magpie 5. Great Tit 6. Carrion Crow 7. Dunnock 8. Coal Tit 9. Goldcrest 10. Starling 11. Chaffinch 12. Long-tailed Tit 13. Great Spotted Woodpecker 14. Robin 15. Feral Pigeon 16. Bullfinch 17. Song Thrush 18. Goldfinch...
  7. bongofury

    Compact Binoculars. Which Pair for Under £50?

    What with my birthday looming and no doubt the inevitable questions as what to get me, now might be a good time to look at cheapish compact bins. They would be used as a pair to put in my work bag for lunchtime walks in parks & by rivers so would need to be reasonably light and compact...
  8. bongofury

    Bongofury's UK List 2016

    1.1.2016 Garden 1. Chaffinch 2. Blackbird 3. Starling 4. Woodpigeon 5.Coal Tit 6. Blue Tit 7. Magpie 8. Goldfinch 9. Dunnock 10. Feral Pigeon 11. Robin 12. Siskin 13. Great Tit En Route to Glasgow Airport 14. Black-headed Gull 15. Herring Gull 16. Lesser Black-backed Gull 17...
  9. bongofury

    Singing Eurasian Wren in Winter

    For the last few mornings, a Wren has been singing at my local railway station in the dark at around 7.30am. I know Robins sing all year round, but I've not heard of Wrens doing so. I've tried Googling it but I just get hits on 'Winter Wren'.
  10. bongofury

    Stock Dove? UK

    In an urban riverside walkway in Glasgow today I saw a blue-grey 'pigeon' fly away from me with almost matching colour rump and no white wing bars. I relocated it in a tree, high up, but could only view from underneath. It was showing a wide black band at the bottom underside of the tail. A...
  11. bongofury

    Bongofury's UK 2015 List

    1.1.2015 Garden 1. Blue Tit 2. Blackbird 3. Starling 4. Goldfinch 5. Great Tit 6. Dunnock 7. Chaffinch 8. Feral Pigeon 9. Woodpigeon 10. Herring Gull 11. Coal Tit 12. GSW 13. Magpie 14. Long-tailed Tit 15. Bullfinch 16. Lesser Redpoll 17. Robin 18. Sparrowhawk 19. Siskin 2.1.2015 Dumfries...
  12. bongofury

    Jackdaw / Corvid, UK

    Taken at the weekend in Somerset, UK. Not my photo but I've been asked to ID it. My guess was Jackdaw based on size. Any thoughts?
  13. bongofury

    Filey Area Advice Please

    I'm heading to the Blue Dolphin caravan site in a week for a family holiday. Assuming I get some birding time, which is never taken for granted, what would be the most fruitful site? I'm guessing Flamborough, but where specifically? Is there a hide, key bushy areas or just seawatching? Ideally...
  14. bongofury

    Bongofury ' s UK List 2014

    A gentle start to the year with a few hours watching the garden in between other things. 1.1.2014 Garden 1. Blue Tit 2. Coal Tit 3. Great Tit 4. Long-tailed Tit 5. Great Spotted Woodpecker 6. Chaffinch 7. Goldfinch 8. Lesser Redpoll 9. Woodpigeon 10. Feral Pigeon 11. Carrion Crow...
  15. bongofury

    Skua, Hound Point, Uk

    Firstly, I have no experience of Skuas, until today. Looking across the Forth estuary from Hound Point I noticed 3 birds loosely together, all appearing similar. They were moving west and high, climbing as they went, but were very distant. In fact so far that they were barely visible to the...
  16. bongofury

    Shrew (Dead) UK?

    No experience with rodents at all, but going by the other similar thread, this looks good for an (ex-)Shrew.
  17. bongofury

    Curlew Sandpipers, Musselburgh, UK

    Struggled with this due to the size and bill matching the Dunlins and lack of supercilium. There was at least 3 of these birds there, associating with Dunlins.
  18. bongofury

    Bird sp (UK) - Suggestions Only

    I'm more intrigued by this than anything else and don't hold out much hope of an ID, but if you fancy a punt, please give it a go. Otherwise, don't waste your time! Medium - large sized bird passing overhead this evening. I was drawn to it by its single note call, perhaps like a Curlew or...
  19. bongofury

    Blackcaps 'Running'

    This morning I was at RSPB Baron's Haugh and saw a pair of Blackcaps circling me. They were moving between the tops of low scrub (under tall horse chestnut trees) and the ground, but not always close to each other. When on the ground they were running along with their wings partly open, as if in...
  20. bongofury

    Springwatch 2013

    Three weeks of programming begins on Monday 27th May at 20.00 with the usual suspects presenting. There will also be some afternoon shows during the first two weeks. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/natureuk/ http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2013/springwatch-2013.html#section-1
  21. bongofury

    Replacement Celestron Eyepiece Cap

    I've looked online, but with little success, for a replacement eyepiece cap for a Celestron Ultima 80 scope. Could anyone suggest where I could get one please?
  22. bongofury

    Frog / Toad ID Please (Scotland)

    I came across this frog / toad at RSPB Barons Haugh and would appreciate an ID for it please.
  23. bongofury

    Common Scoter, Ayrshire Coast, UK

    I only had bins available today while on Cumbrae and looking west from the island I saw a flock c50 of what appeared to be dark brown ducks positioned reasonably tightly together. I could see no stand out features but they had behaviour which I'm hoping points to them being Common Scoter: when...
  24. bongofury

    Bongofury's UK List - 2013

    1.1.2013 Garden 1. Blackbird 2. Robin 3. Dunnock 4. Goldcrest 5. Starling 6. Blue Tit 7. Great Tit 8. Coal Tit 9. Siskin 10. Woodpigeon 11. Feral Pigeon 12. Carrion Crow 13. Magpie 14. Treecreeper 15. Sparrowhawk 16. Great Spotted Woodpecker 17. Long-tailed Tit 18. Chaffinch 19. Bullfinch...
  25. bongofury

    Universal Adapter for Celestron Ultima 80 - Baader?

    I would like to get into digiscoping and am not sure where to start. I don't want to spend a lot, as my existing equipment is quite basic, but is enough for where I am at present. I have a Celestron Ultima 80-45 scope with a 20-60x zoom eyepiece and a Samsung P1000 compact camera. Note that this...