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  1. POP

    Full Zip Wellingtons

    Could anyone please help in suggesting an outlet to buy the lowest price for fully zipped wellingtons. I find my butler has big problems in pulling my boots off,like me he has too many miles on the clock. POP
  2. POP

    Cargo Pants

    Are Rohan Pants the best cargo trousers you can buy (rather expensive) POP
  3. POP

    Bluetooth Problem

    I can no longer marry up my Motorola phone with my PDA,for using, to get onto the net.It was working fine but suddenly just didn't want to know.I now keep getting message cannot find device,whenI attempt to tie them both up. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. POP
  4. POP


    Could someone please send me a photograph of the F-Adapter connected to a camera. Many Thanks POP
  5. POP

    Quick Time

    I have 7.16 version of quick time,there is now I beleive 7.5 version,I seem unable to download this,is this because I have to purchase the quick time? It obviously is not free. POP
  6. POP

    Photograph Enhancement

    As a complete buffoon in most things of a technical nature,I would be most interested in the sequence of events in downloading from the camera ,into say Adobe photoshop to alter or enhance one of the images.For example once you have displayed the photograph,do you unsharpen mask then move onto...
  7. POP

    Dvd Computer Problem

    Can anyone please help with this problem.For no apparent reason my dvd drive is not reading my disks I receive the following message. "the following paths are not accessible [BDVD8] D:/DATA please check the [datapaths] section in the INI file. This has just suddenly played up.Any help would...
  8. POP

    Help With Sykpe

    Can anyone please tell me how to setup a webcam connection.I have bought for my son and myself a webcam,the audio between us is fine,but cannot get anywhere with the use of the web cam.Any help would be most appreciated. POP
  9. POP

    Book recommendation

    Could anyone please recommend a good POCKET field guide for Butterfly's and Moths and also dragonflys and Damsel flys. Many Thanks POP
  10. POP

    RBA Bird Site

    Excellent addition to the RBA site they now have the updated Google Earth map,and have introduced a news map site using the software.They give sightings of birds plus driving directions and driving times.Looked up East Anglia for latest sightings and directions superb piece of kit,yet another...
  11. POP

    Pda Wireless Card Help

    Could anyone suggest a good WiFi card for an Ipaq 2210,that is reasonably priced,and has a fair range.Is a CF card better than anSD card? POP
  12. POP

    Interesting Free Photo Software

    Have just found this interesting FREE photo software,from Google. Picasa 2 http://picasa.google.co.uk/ POP
  13. POP

    IPAQ pocket PC help required

    Can anyone tell me if I need a special memory card to store for example a word document and how do i get the Pocket PC to read the card? I have put onto a compactflash sandisk card an article on bins,but there appears no way the pocket PC will read it,should I be using a special card. Any help...
  14. POP

    New Nikon 8x32 Hgl Bins

    Has anybody any feedback on the Nikon 8x32hgl,I am now finding my Swarvoski 8x42 superb as they are, getting to be to heavy for a days birding,and the old Nikon Hg had glowing reports.The new HGL are even lighter so I would welcome any comments from users. POP
  15. POP

    Travel Insurance

    Please could anybody help in suggesting travel insurance companys,that,1 cover well past the age of 65,2 medical conditions.I had a heart by pass 18yrs ago which seems to create problems with insurance along with my high blood pressure.I have spent 2 days now searching for insurance cover and am...
  16. POP

    Mega Mega

    Mega Mega White's Thrush White's Thrush at Easington cemetery this morning. Pop
  17. POP

    Great Knot

    The Great Knot has turned up again. John
  18. POP

    Free Email Account

    Could anyone recommend a free Email account to use when away from home. John
  19. POP

    New Uk Government Travel Site

    A new travel site is to be launched later this year? to provide travel details by private car,bus and train to anywhere in the UK. It will give details of where and when you make connections along with times etc.Having looked at the site ,it looks first class as an example I asked for car...
  20. POP

    Problem With Mailwasher

    Can anyone help please with a problem I am having with MailWasher.It was working fine now it has gone all pear shaped. Every time it searches for mail an error message comes up stating that:- "No such host ensure that the POP3 server is correct." I have checked and double checked my server...
  21. POP

    Ballycotton and Bridges Of Ross

    [SIZE=7][B] Could anyone please help in information on site maps for Ballycotton and Bridges of Ross. Many Thanks. John
  22. POP

    Help Required with Pocket Bird recorder

    Can anyone help with a problem I have with the above Programme.When I attempt to download details two error messages come up. Peg delete database failed with error.32 as above error.CREATERECORDSDATABASE. My Pocket pc is an Ipaq. Many Thanks, John
  23. POP


    Can somebody tell me how to ensure that cookies work first time when using AVG,I have had to uninstall this as I had to constantly enter passwords to enter sites ,and on some sights it was impossible to enter.Any help would be most appreciated. John
  24. POP

    Pda Help

    Join Date: Feb 2003 Location: leicester Posts: 165 New PDA help!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have just bought an Ipaq hp 2210 which i am very pleased with,but could someone tell me how does one get the hang of writing with the stylus...
  25. POP

    New PDA help!!!

    I have just bought an Ipaq hp 2210 which i am very pleased with,but could someone tell me how does one get the hang of writing with the stylus? when i write it comes out as a load of jibberish (which is quite normal for me) the letters are totally different from what i have written on the...