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  1. FrankD

    Optics at the ABE

    I was surprised not to see a thread here for the American Birding Expo since it is supposed to be the US equivalent of bird fair. :-) I am here for the 3 day event. Anybody want me to check anything in particular out? More optics companies than I remember seeing in past years....even Steiner...
  2. FrankD

    Opticron MMS 160 - Image stabilized handheld scope

    Just saw the demo video on Facebook/YouTube. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=5JI-mvRPgyI
  3. FrankD

    Opticron Explorer WA ED 8x42 Review

    Time for the third review in this series, the Opticron Explorer WA (wide angle) ED 8x42. This model replaces the non-ED Explorer WA which was only introduced a year or two ago. I don’t have the original on hand for direct comparison but going by past experience the new model seems practically...
  4. FrankD

    Opticron Natura ED 8x42 Review

    Introduction: I have been putting off my review of the new Opticron Natura ED models for the last four or five months for a few reasons. For one, as I mentioned in my previous post, life has been busy on my end and I just haven’t had the time to sit down and do the reviews that various...
  5. FrankD

    Kowa's new 50 mm scope

    Just saw a facebook ad for Kowa's new 50 mm spotting scope. Pic below......
  6. FrankD

    Opticron Traveller ED 8x32 review

    Opticron Traveller ED 8x32 Introduction It has been quite some time since I posted an optic review. For that I apologize. As I am sure many of you can relate to, life can sometimes get busy and out of control. Though that hasn’t changed at this point I thought it was time to sit down and put...
  7. FrankD

    New Opticron MM4 50 and 60 mm with Iphone 6S

    Just my first pics with the new Opticron MM4 50 and 60 mm scopes and the Iphone 6S. First round of pics will be with the 50 mm model. Taken this past weekend at a local zoo as my youngest son's cub scout pack had an event there and I brought this phonescoping rig along. Unedited except for...
  8. FrankD

    New Opticron MM4 spotting scopes

    Just a heads up that I received my review Opticron MM4 50 mm and 60 mm spotting scopes. I had a brief opportunity to try out the 60 mm model in comparison to my MM3 60 mm. I also received the newer version of the 23x (on the 60 mm) wide angle HDF eyepiece. I mounted the new eyepiece on the MM4...
  9. FrankD

    Opticron UTA 2x (doubler)

    Not sure if this belongs here or in the Spotting Scopes forum. Since it can be used with either binoculars or a spotting scope I just opted to place it here as the binocular forum gets more visitors. I just received it yesterday afternoon so I didn't have a great time to try it out before dark...
  10. FrankD

    Opticron HR 80, Iphone 6S phonescoping

    Though I have had the opportunity to handle the Opticron HR 66 on a few occasions it wasn't until last week that I had the opportunity to give the HR 80 a go. Yesterday was the first day I had time to sit down and try phonescoping with this monster. I was pretty satisfied with the results. The...
  11. FrankD

    Athlon Optics Cronus 20-60x86

    This post isn't meant as a full review as I only received a review unit of this scope yesterday. However, I was so impressed with this scope that I felt the need to begin the discussion on it. I only have a few comments for now and some pics to share but I thought it worthy of discussion. For...
  12. FrankD

    Athlon Optics Cronus 8.5x42

    With all the love being thrown around lately I thought it an appropriate time to post my review of the new Athlon Optics Cronus 8.5x42..... P.S. They just sent me three other new units...two spotting scopes and one of their mid-price binoculars. More to follow..... I was given the opportunity...
  13. FrankD

    Opticron DBA VHD 8x42 Review

    Do you know how much I love doing optics reviews? I really do. They are so much fun and now is a great time to be involved with the sport optics industry because there are so many new and interesting products. If it isn’t the startup companies with their new designs then it is the longstanding...
  14. FrankD

    Athlon Optics Argos 8x34

    I haven’t had much time lately to sit down and share my thoughts on a few of the more recent binoculars that have graced my home. Besides all of the usual holiday hustle and bustle I have been intently birding my local patch(es) in search of any new and interesting birds. With the holidays over...
  15. FrankD

    Internal reflections?

    So the thread on mid-price binoculars has me thinking....how difficult is it to judge internal reflections? How much do they affect performance? I quickly snapped off some pics from a variety of binoculars I have on hand. They are a mix of roofs and porros. Short of comments directed on my...
  16. FrankD

    Athlon Optics

    Just found this interesting line of sport optics and wanted to share with you folks. Some of the bins look familiar and others don't. This model looks to be their top of the line. https://sportsgearoptics.com/home/49-athlon-ares-10x43.html Scopes too...
  17. FrankD

    Opticron MM3 50 mm and Iphone 6S

    Just upgraded my phone to the new IPhone 6S with its higher resolution camera and 4K video capabilities. I haven't really done much with the video side of things yet but I have been taking a few still shots. Here are the best of the lot so far. Downsized, of course, to fit into forum requirements.
  18. FrankD

    New kid on the block ... Theron Questa

    I will just post the pics for now....and just to save some typing for a few folks...they appear to be the same overall platform as the Zen Ray Prime HD and Leupold McKinley but with the refined 2nd generation eye ups and a smooth armor. No sllop in the buttery smooth focus which started out a...
  19. FrankD

    Opticron Savanna R 8x33

    I haven't seen anything posted yet here but Opticron has quietly snuck a new budget roof prism model into their lineup. It is offered in both the 8x33 and 10x33 configurations. I had some time to play with them over the last couple of weeks but haven't had time to put a formal review together...
  20. FrankD

    Iphone "7" camera rumors

    I was just doing a little research to see if any info has been leaked about the upcoming new Iphone for 2015 (conveniently called the "7" for point of discussion here). The first article I pulled up is fairly recent and provided some rumors circulating about the potential new camera design. The...
  21. FrankD

    Maven B3 8x30 ...

    The Maven B3 8x30 binoculars were sitting outside my garage door when I went to fill up the birdfeeders late this afternoon. Sadly the sun was all but set when I took them out of the box. As a result I didn't have a chance to try them outdoors. I am going to save initial impressions for another...
  22. FrankD

    New Zen Ray ED-4?

    Just saw this snipit from Doug at CLNY over on the campfire site...... I wonder when they are coming out this summer and/or if there are any other changes.
  23. FrankD

    New kid on the block?

    Just heard a bit about these...... http://styrkastrong.com The 8x30 S7 looks a bit familiar. Marketed for hunters obviously but.....
  24. FrankD

    Pulling still shots from video

    As I am sure most of you are aware at this point I have been using my Iphone 5S to take both video and still pics with both of my spotting scopes. I just started pulling still pics from video footage via the Vhoto and StillShot apps. I also started tinkering with the photo enhancement app inside...
  25. FrankD

    Opticron 60 mm MM3!

    This is a bit of repost of what I posted the other day..... One of the US retailers listed the info ahead of time and I noticed it. The scope isn't set to debut until this weekend at the Birdfair (UK) and Tuscon Birding and Wildlife Festival. I was given the ok to repost what I found by the...