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  1. lark o'dell

    Day 2

    Hi everyone, Second day of my new routine. Today saw a much longer journey, around 15km rode in total maybe even more. Used my bicycle and had binoculars and some food with me. Still no bird book though. I have decided to set a target of 20 birds minimum before I have to go home for when I...
  2. lark o'dell

    Day 1

    Recently moved to Germany and I have decided to keep a daily bird count and blog to keep me on a good routine. I am based in Köln in NRW region of Germany. Unlike my previous home for the last 5 years (London, UK) I am now surrounded with beautiful forests and many lakes which are all very...
  3. lark o'dell

    NRW Birdwatching

    Thanks albatross, I already signed up for the ornitho.de website. Will keep my eyes posted for any regular sightings of anything I really want to see :) such a change to living in London where all I saw was ring-necked Parakeets.. finally a garden with actual bird life! haha regular...
  4. lark o'dell

    NRW Birdwatching

    Thanks a lot for this information, It's great to know there is a similar site to the rare bird report here in the uk but for Germany :) I will be sure to take a look at the sewage ponds they sounds like a decent gamble. Thanks again!
  5. lark o'dell

    NRW Birdwatching

    Hi All, Recently just moved to Köln and looking at getting back into Birding, Anyone know of any good areas around the NRW preferably nearer to Köln than anywhere else as transport is limited for the time being. Let me know.
  6. lark o'dell

    Red Kite - Gower , South Wales.

    went to the gower in college loved it then but didnt bird :( only saw a buzzard tho
  7. lark o'dell

    Comment by 'lark o'dell' in media 'Slavonian Grebe'

    awesome capture, hopefully i'll be adding this bird to my life list if ican get down to pitsford res on monday theres been one there (northamptonshire) for nearly a month i think :D
  8. lark o'dell

    Comment by 'lark o'dell' in media 'Sedgewarbler'

    so many of these at my local patch arguably the most dominant warbler at summerleyes nature reserve this year awesome photo
  9. lark o'dell

    Lesvos 05 - 19 May 2011

    nice report, seems like a great place to bird iv only ever been corfu (3 times) but never had a proper birding trip to this part of europe :( will defo have to arrange one tho
  10. lark o'dell

    how rare are cuckoo's?

    hi everybody i went to Summerleyes local nature reserve today (trip report in my blog) and i heard a cuckoo now iv never seen one before but iv heard them in summerleyes a few times before i could not locate it but while i was walking around the site this morning i saw a lot of people with...
  11. lark o'dell

    New Blog - Trip to Summerleyes nature reserve

    woke up this morning to the sun shining and decided to take a quick trip to my prefered local patch (not all that local considering its locality to my house but oh well) Summerleyes Nature Reserve. if your in northamptonshire you should know of it; in my opinion the best place to watch birds in...
  12. lark o'dell

    The specialities of Suffolk - Trip Report

    nice report i have not had time yet to go upto to suffolk but definatly will soon i hope i'll get the old man along too split the costs etc
  13. lark o'dell

    white throat or flycatcher?

    cheers yer ill try again tommorow and take my camera this time aha
  14. lark o'dell

    white throat or flycatcher?

    hi guys its been a while since i went to my local patch iv been mainly going to the gravel pits near summerleys and earlsbarton if anyone from northamptonshire or the surrounding area is looking here you'l know there great spots all year round. however due to me not having a car today i decided...
  15. lark o'dell

    Ynys y fro reservoirs

    hmm nice little patch you got there keep up the good work
  16. lark o'dell

    Sunday morning going down.

    sounds like a good little trip then
  17. lark o'dell

    DE's Bird Sightings

    sounds like you've got an interesting garden
  18. lark o'dell

    Gibraltar point, Lincolnshire UK

    sounds like you had fun despite the bad weather i too got a little birding done on the way to hunstanton without bins or birdbook tho managed to see 17diff types of bird including my first views of a redkite which went overthe car near peterborough all in all a good day at the beach in the rain lol
  19. lark o'dell

    Fineshade Wood Rockingham Forest

    nice little day out then, some good pics to what camera do you use?
  20. lark o'dell

    Bristol to Kagu ?

    hows the weather treating you there larry this time of year it gets preety hot... or so im told
  21. lark o'dell

    Comment by 'lark o'dell' in media 'Incoming Peregrine'

    awesome shot this one keep it up
  22. lark o'dell

    A memorable day in Iceland

    nice list of birds there mate, i might just have to check out iceland if i can get the time off of work
  23. lark o'dell

    Bristol to Kagu ?

    wow thats a huge amount of birds you've seen and so many beautiful sights too im sure, keep updating dude its an awesome thread one of my favs so far
  24. lark o'dell

    hello from Paris

    hey welcome to birdforum
  25. lark o'dell

    na na na na bird forum!

    hey welcome to birdforum