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  1. rockfowl

    S Thailand pipits

    All Paddyfield.
  2. rockfowl

    Krang Krachan update

    You can still camp at Bang Krang Camp and the white-fronted Scops has been showing there recently.
  3. rockfowl

    squirrels from Vietnam

  4. rockfowl

    squirrels from Vietnam

    Then I think the second is more likely a Variable too, based on distribution.
  5. rockfowl

    Aged Common Kestrel help, China

    Xuky, http://blascozumeta.com/wp-content/uploads/aragon-birds/non-passeriformes/131.kestrel-ftinnunculus.pdf
  6. rockfowl

    squirrels from Vietnam

    Where were they taken? The first could be Cambodian Striped, the second a Pallas's, the third a Variable.
  7. rockfowl

    Id, large rat-like mammal, N Vietnam

    Could be a Greater Bandicoot Rat Bandicota indica
  8. rockfowl

    Sahara. Southern Algeria (and 5)

    4/5 Tristram's Warbler
  9. rockfowl

    Ringed Seal Ireland

    Wow, does make you wonder!
  10. rockfowl

    Hooded Seal, Ireland

    Hooded Seal, Toormore Bay, Cork - https://twitter.com/Schullseasafari/status/1212735697586655232
  11. rockfowl

    Morocco Warbler ID Needed

    Great record for the desert!
  12. rockfowl

    Car rent and insurance for South East Asia

    I'm not sure though various Thai friends feel something is imminent. Whether you are allowed up to Panoen Thung is anyones guess until I hear confirmation. Last year we couldn't do the streams above Ban Krang, hopefully this season is different and we are allowed at least that before the climb...
  13. rockfowl

    Dead Starlings in Wales !!!

    In the article it states ""It's as if they just dropped down dead from the sky.My partner spotted it when she was on the way to the doctors yesterday late afternoon.She said she saw hundreds of them flying over and thought it looked amazing but on her way back around an hour later they were all...
  14. rockfowl

    A.Nisus or A.gentilis NELondon ?

    Sparrowhawk for me.
  15. rockfowl

    Jungle unhindered: where in the world?

    I've been and loved it, and have friends that have been since. I didn't need a Visa and was unaware that you did, maybe that's just country specific. As for transportation, we did a lot by dug out canoe and some of those were supplying villages in the interior. Certainly not a particularly...
  16. rockfowl

    Digiscoping with Swarovski ATX85, 20-60mm lens and Fuji X100T

    I think you are looking for something like this rather than any of the current Swarovski lines - http://www.digiscopeadapter.com/swaro-models/
  17. rockfowl

    Old World sparrow? from Peloponnes

    Cisticola juncidis
  18. rockfowl

    Wader ID - Caribbean

    Image 2 - Stilt Sandpiper and Lesser Yellowlegs
  19. rockfowl

    Warbler ID Turks & Caicos

    First looks ok for Palm, the second image is a Yellow-rumped.
  20. rockfowl

    What duck is this

  21. rockfowl

    Warbler Dona Paula Goa 23/11/19 help please

    Still a tristis for me, even more since Brian added his images. Other than this birds overall colour tones fitting a Siberian Chiffchaff better than the 'tea' browns of a Kashmir (Mountain) Chiffchaff, I find Kashmir's overall jizz subtlety diiferent. Think Marsh/Willow Tit. Kashmir being having...
  22. rockfowl

    Scaly-breasted munias? Zhejiang, China

    Agreed, Juvenile SBM.
  23. rockfowl

    Jungle unhindered: where in the world?

    Suriname might be just what you are looking for Jan, I've been there, few people and a vast wilderness.