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  1. Geoff WORCS

    Warbler ID

    Can anyone help me with the ID of this bird please? It was found in the high street of a town in Central Serbia yesterday. I considered Marsh warbler but that reddish brown tail doesn't seem to be right nor does the short primary projection or leg colour. Any observations much appreciated.
  2. Geoff WORCS

    Harrier id

    Hi all, hoping you can help with Id. of this harrier seen in Serbia. Not my photo but asking on the behalf of someone else. Its been suggested that it's Montagues based on 4 primary fingers showing and striped and very smudged secondaries. I'm unsure because the pale sub secondary band doesn't...
  3. Geoff WORCS

    Juvenile blackbird breeding

    On 17th June I saw a juvenile blackbird collecting nesting material. I can't find any info. on such behaviour. Has anyone else seen a 1st calender year blackbird attempting to breed?
  4. Geoff WORCS

    Bunting dilemma

    Would be interested in your opinion on these buntings seen in Serbia yesterday please. They were seen in the north on a dry pond bed on a fish farm with some reed near by.
  5. Geoff WORCS

    U.K. ex-pat helps put Serbia on the map

  6. Geoff WORCS

    Buying bins

    Hi, can anyone tell me where I can purchase a pair of bins in or near Milton Keynes ? Cheers Geoff
  7. Geoff WORCS

    American vagrant reaches Serbia

    An American golen plover found on 11th of this month by Miroslav MareŇ°. A first for Serbia. Has this species ever got this far east before ? http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S38607389
  8. Geoff WORCS

    Little oasis

    Not one for treading well known paths these days and back for a breif visit to my beloved Blighty I spied a diamond in the rough. Between Lickey and Lydiate Ash stands a mound of rugged grassy scrub, a heath no less. Suspecting a prior landfill site with its unobtrusive methane vents and having...
  9. Geoff WORCS

    Unusual raptor ?

    This bird was seen recently in Serbia. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks Geoff Laight.
  10. Geoff WORCS

    UK birder in Serbia

    Have been living in Serbia for just over 2 years now. Great birding country. Here are a couple of visitors to my garden. The middle spot is a regular and the Rock bunting was a first for me this morning !!!
  11. Geoff WORCS

    Unusual finch ?

    This bird was hanging out with siskins at Opovo, Serbia on 1st of this month. Any observations much appreciated.
  12. Geoff WORCS

    Gull id Belgrade, Serbia

    This was taken by a young birder in Serbia at Belgrade rubbish dump last week. She identified the Black headed gulls but I noticed the much smaller bird far right. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
  13. Geoff WORCS

    Melanitta - current status ?

    Can anyone tell me is the following up to date and correct ? It was taken from IUCN. Melanitta fusca has been split into Melanitta fusca, M. deglandi and M. stejnegeri following a review of recent literature (Livezey 1995, Garner et al. 2004, Sangster et al. 2005, Collinson et al. 2006, AOU...
  14. Geoff WORCS

    Permaculture, hope for life on Earth ?

    Hi all, I have recently become very interested in a relatively new phenonomen, a design system currently sweeping the globe called Permaculture. If you haven't heard of it I urge you to look it up because I believe, it has great potential for life on earth. A little dramatic may be and you may...
  15. Geoff WORCS

    Best in field recording method

    Best in-field recording method Birdtrack is an excellent resource and conservation tool and I think anyone interested in helping to protect birds should be using it. In case you wern't aware you can now post your sitings from around the globe. I recently acquired an android tablet and...
  16. Geoff WORCS

    Serbia is amazing !

    I moved to Serbia just last October and the birding is just fantastic. This spring just gets better and Im seeing species on my doorstep that would take me all year trolling round Blighty to possibly see. Im in central Serbia and feel like I have the place to myself as most of the small birding...
  17. Geoff WORCS

    Feathers got me stumped

    Hi All, can anyone give some thought to these attached feathers please ? Found on my patch yesterday, Im thinking owl because of the amount of down on the quill, however I cant pin it down to any species decisivley except possibly tawny owl, however the only tawny owl feathers i can see with...
  18. Geoff WORCS

    Unusual murmuration ?

    Weather causing some odd bird movements - today had 2000+ starlings feeding on pasture in Mamble Worcestershire. As you might expect this is unusual for 1st week of April, last week my local Starlings in same county were nesting. I guess these birds are re-grouping to wait out this Arctic blast...
  19. Geoff WORCS

    Unusual Starling ?

    Hi All have had a really 'oily' starling on my bird table this morning with next to no spots. Realise its unlikely to be a spotless not least because of how sedentary they are, just wondering if anyone has seen similer birds in UK ? Havnt really got to grips with this individual yet and light is...
  20. Geoff WORCS

    Jizz, Blink and you'll miss it

    Nobody seems to mention 'jizz' much any more in relation to bird ID. I don't think enough regard to jizz is given in relation to bird ID. Is it because so much reliance is given to field guides, photos and videos? Or worse are we risk averse, afraid of our instincts or intuition ? Afraid to...
  21. Geoff WORCS

    Crossbill food choice

    Have discovered Common Crossbill feeding on cones of what i believe to be Western Hemlock at 2 different sites in the Midlands. Went in search of this species with Larch and spruce in mind as directed by the literature. Just wondering if anyone else has seen Crossbill on Hemlock and whether its...
  22. Geoff WORCS

    Waxwing in WORCS.?

    Hi All Has anyone seen waxwing in Worcestershire this winter? as every bordering county appears to have some as do many other counties across the country. Must be some lurking in here somewhere. Hope someone can help. Regards Geoff