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    That Lincoln - Song Again!

    First 2 pix when taken, gotta be dead easy to ID, nope, poss Song Variant? No3 I've got as a Lincoln's No4, again thought it would be easy, grey headed, rufuos chest streaks, sharp shinned variant? Appreciate any input from the experts.
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    Some US Birds for ID/Confirmation

    Hi Folks, Would appreciate some help with the attached. No 1 was taken in the Grand Canyon and I suspect it's a Dark eyed Junco, the colour of the bill is throwing me a little, should be pink but I don't think it's anything else....... or is it? No 2 believe it or not was taken on the Strip in...
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    Some US birds for ID please

    Hi, Struggling a little with these 3 I'm afraid. All were taken in Florida some 3 weeks ago and using the Sibley guide I've come up with Sedge, Savannah and Dickcissel but I'm probably way off the mark. If anyone out there can help I'd appreciate it, thanks. Pics not so good, 2 out them would...
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    Pantone Huey Calibrator

    Hi, Anyone out there using one of these? Any good? Any comments gratefully received, daughter wants a Christmas list from me! Thanks CB
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    Hawk ID please

    Hi Guys, Attached pic 1 is of an out of focus hawk, alas had to taken thro thick glass on a really dark day. My guess is juv. sparrowhawk, I can't confirm as my collins guide doesn't show the back and I've never seen this colouration before. The 2nd 2 have been sent to me by a friend for ID...
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    Is this the scruffiest Tit on the block?

    Hi Folks, I've been keeping an eye on this Tit in my garden for most of the winter. He's (I'm assuming) a cocky little git and has no qualms about landing within a couple of feet of me and tucking into the nuts. He's made me chuckle many a time with his forthright manner and I've become quite...
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    The Buddleia Feeder

    I have 2 large Buddleia bushes in my garden, which I admit, I curse every spring when seedlings shoot up everywhere, but not anymore. This year more than any other (that I've noticed) it has provided food for many birds. I've had up to 6 bullfinches at one time feeding on it, 8 Siskin at one...
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    Some American Birds for the ID and Get Stuffed Dpt.

    Hi Folks, Recently back from Florida and I'm a little stuck. The first I think maybe a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, it flew in it flew out no antics or song to go on I'm afraid. No. 2 is I think, an American Redstart, there were a few of them mixed in with vireos and titmouse. Flitting around...
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    Some photos for the database

    Hi, I've recently posted some pics; Snowy Plover, Wilson's Plover, Great Crested Flycatcher and Yellow throated warbler. You appear to have zero photos of these on the database. I would have liked to put the links up for you but alas my way around on a computer is not that advanced!! You'll...
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    Yellow-legged Gull? Leighton Moss

    Popped into Leighton Moss last month and got this gull from the Eric Morecombe hide. It was solitary and seditary, only flying off briefly once in six hours, before returning to the same spot. It was some distance away, this shot being taken with 500m lens, 2 times convertor and then cropped...
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    Aviemore Area tomorrow

    Hi, I'm off to the Aviemore area tomorrow, late call I know but I've been waiting patiently for a good day. I'm after the usual Scot Celebs, dotterel, caper, crestie,ptar etc. I've been twice before and probably just been unlucky or even in the wrong area. If anyone could help me out with some...
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    Warble, warble

    Hi, Been away on a 3 day birding trip, stuck on this last one. the first 3 thumbs are of the same bird, the fourth I think is a female linnet. 1-3 could be Sedge but I'm sure you'll put me right. Thanks CB
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    Assistance required please

    Hello, Got this little beauty in a marshy area in the dunes on the east coast, reed and scattered bushes. I've probably been looking in the wrong section in my Collins guide, any way I can't get anywhere near it, any offers gratefully accepted. CB
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    What's this then?

    A light hearted entry into the complex world of bird ID. I know what it is, do you?
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    Bloody Pipits again!

    Hi, Following "too many IDs " and other pipit threads it is with fear and trepidation I launch this thread. I've done my research and I think it's a Meadow. Taken in Feb on Holy Island this bird was sheltering from a "cut you in half " freezing wind. No song and the only flight I saw was as it...
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    A Few American Birds for ID

    Hi Folks, Just returned from 2 weeks in Florida with 2000 photos! Attached are 4 for ID please. One of them I think is obvious but I need confirmation, the other three I'm a little bit stuck on despite the help of Sibley's field guide, so any help will be much appreciated. There's a few more to...
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    Birding Locales around Orlando

    Hi Folks, Off to I'Drive for 2 weeks end of the month. I been right thro this section and picked up a few places. 1. Merrit Island and Lake Woodruff 2. Joe overstreet Landing and Three Lakes Water Management Area Most of the previous enquiries were about touring Florida hence suggestions...
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    Fieldfare escapes Sparrowhawk thanks to Crows!

    Hi Folks, I've not long returned from a few days in the Dales. Late in the day we were returning from an afternoons birding. Luckily my brother was driving and I had my camera at the ready on my lap just in case. Again luckily, I noticed a commotion involving several crows on my side of the car...
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    Is this a Juvenile Buzzard?

    Hi Folks, This one took me completely by surprise flying low along the tree tops. My initial ident said it wasn't a buzzard. The flight seemed different and it was certainly smaller than the juveniles in Scotland (this was taken in the Yorkshire Dales). It made no call and after getting over...
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    Birding Locations around Berwick and Catterick

    Hi All, Off for a few days visiting friends, 3 days in Berwick then 3 days in Catterick. Non Birders I'm afraid so no help from them! Any tips gratefully received. Regards Chris Baker
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    How are you on Waders

    Hi Folks, Been to the Eden Estuary again and I'm stuck on a couple of idents. Shot One shows the bird alongside a Redshank. Composition nil points but put it in for size comparison. Two of the shots show a flock belly up and top view. No problems for you good people. Finally there's a group of...
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    VIP Treatment on the Eden Estuary

    Evening All, Had my first visit to the Eden estuary today and what a day. My first stop was at Tentsmuir where an enlightened Car Park Attendant informed me I would be wasting my time there and that I'd be better off at a Council run hide on the Eden Estuary. Having got the directions off I...
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    Is This a Widgeon?

    Hi, I took this today at the Loch of Lowes, I'm guessing a female Widgeon in winter plumage, but really I'm guessing. I've looked thro 2 field guides to no avail, can anyone help please. Chris Baker
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    Who are these cheeky chaps

    Hi all, Request for ident please. The attached were taken on high moorland in Scotland in different locations. Possibly juveniles, there was a Stonechat nearby at one of the locations. All help gratefully received, thanks Chris Baker
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    Canon 1D Mk2- Opinions please

    Hi All, I'm considering upgrading from 300D to the 1D Mk 2. I've read a few reviews on the web, but wondered if any of you guys had had hands on in the field with one of these. Is the expense worthwhile in terms of detail etc. I cannot justify the expense on a 1DS, but as the Mk2 is almost half...