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    Comment by 'Erwin Driessens' in media 'Crawling up the hill'

    Dream shot! An afternoon well spent :) I have not had any opportunities to portray this species yet, they don't live where I live...
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    Comment by 'Erwin Driessens' in media 'Stop and go'

    Such a beauty, captured in a superb pose. Thanks for sharing!
  3. starling


    While cleaning up my collection of pics, I found this one, taken exactly two years ago.
  4. green woodpecker

    green woodpecker

    Hiding at the edge of a meadow where I had seen green woodpeckers foraging before, I was so lucky to have a close encounter with this one :)
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    Comment by 'Erwin Driessens' in media 'A stonechat - at last!'

    Congratulations to the both of you :)
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    Comment by 'Erwin Driessens' in media 'Howling'

    Ah the joy of living, bravissimo!
  7. E

    Comment by 'Erwin Driessens' in media 'Birthday Flowers for Ove'

    A wonderful setting. Isn't the earth a great place to be?
  8. E

    Comment by 'Erwin Driessens' in media 'Hobby Flyby'

    One of the most beautiful creatures if you ask me. Perfect pose. I've had my share of hobby sightings a few days ago, no way of scoping these in flight!
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    Comment by 'Erwin Driessens' in media 'Hawfinch'

    Congrats. Yes they like the tops of high trees... Maybe patience will pay off?
  10. E

    Comment by 'Erwin Driessens' in media 'Leap of faith'

    A split second for eternity, bravo!
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    Comment by 'Erwin Driessens' in media 'Comon Buzzard'

    Fantastic pose, thanks for sharing.
  12. buzzard


    The bird gave itself away by calling regularly. The calls were answered by another buzzard nearby which I did not get to see. They may be nesting there. As usual, crows and magpies were upset after seeing the buzzard, and made him/her fly to another branch from time to time. I stalked the...
  13. buzzard


    My first opportunity to portray a buzzard :) Posing quite well!
  14. canada goose

    canada goose

    Splashing itself with water on a warm spring day. I find this specimen a bit peculiar, lacking the white chest as they usually have. Could it be a sub-species?
  15. greenfinch


    Never really noticed how big their head is, it's huge! Taken near my dad's feeder, which dissipates about 25 kg of seeds per year...
  16. E

    Comment by 'Erwin Driessens' in media 'Dunnock'

    Great peek-a-boo shot :) Such a beauty with the "pearly" face.
  17. black-tailed godwit

    black-tailed godwit

    Present only in a few fields in the old polder, but fortunately in rising numbers, ever since these fields receive special treatment from farmers.
  18. redshank


    Sitting by the side of a pool, one may encounter the foraging redshank, walking in the water as deep as its legs allow.
  19. lapwing


    Always alert, staying with the chicks. Only flying up to chase off a crow or two. Life in a Dutch polder, observed under camouflage.
  20. E

    Comment by 'Erwin Driessens' in media 'A Sitting Duck'

    Indeed a moment you'll never forget. I'm still waiting for my first chance to portray a buzzard...
  21. E

    Comment by 'Erwin Driessens' in media 'Good Morning Woody'

    Wow. The two of you are getting along fine it seems :) I find them very difficult to get close to...
  22. E

    Comment by 'Erwin Driessens' in media 'Prey In Sight'

    Half decent? Excellent! Impressive depth in this shot, ideal blurred habitat backdrop if you ask me.
  23. E

    Comment by 'Erwin Driessens' in media 'Moorhen triplets'

    Great shot Christine. So serious looking them chicks! Nice setting.
  24. E

    Comment by 'Erwin Driessens' in media 'Cetti's warbler'

    Congratulations with capturing this elusive species! Very nice setting as well.