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  1. pbjosh

    What's your favorite bird song?

    Rufous-and-white Wren any Schiffornis Straw-headed Bulbul Musician Wren Also partial to a huge number of Antbird and Babbler songs
  2. pbjosh


    Proposal 879 passed (some time ago, actually) for a three way split (S. grandis = Middle American, S. olivascens = Caribbean, and S. coerulescens = Amazonian groups), but is awaiting English name decisions in order to be implemented. I am in the midst of writing up an English names proposal but...
  3. pbjosh

    Avian misnomers

    I also (personally) think Bohemian fits well for a wandering irruptive bird. Probably not why it was named that, but...
  4. pbjosh

    Best field recorder with internal mics

    In general, if you want to record a bird that is singing (ie, target an individual bird), a shotgun mic connected to a cel phone will outperform the best recorder with integrated mic. This is because the microphone is far far more important than the recorder. For soundscapes, nocturnal...
  5. pbjosh

    Monocular for one handed person

    It seems the idea of a small low power spotting scope on a table top tripod has the most promise to me.
  6. pbjosh

    Brewer's Sparrow Brea California

    Indeed, young White-crowned Sparrow
  7. pbjosh

    Which to Sell?

    A bit of a left field answer for you. Sell all three and purchase a used or new alpha 10x42. Unless, of course, you and a friend/partner/lover/child/parent/dog/whatever regularly have need of two 10x42‘s simultaneously :)
  8. pbjosh

    Monarch HG 8x30 or Monarch HG 8x42

    I have been a happy owner of the 8x30 MHG for almost 3 years now, and use it a LOT. It's a tremendously capable binocular, very light weight and compact, with a nice focuser and nice ergonomics. The view is very good. If I critically compare it to my Zeiss SFs or Swaro NLs, you can see that it...
  9. pbjosh

    The annual 'whose got Swifts' thread

    First Swifts in Zürich were a group seen on a rainy evening, approx Apr 22-24th? Then not noted again until about a week ago - now they're present in force, including 300-500 feeding low over a local lake on a shitty cold windy Saturday (May 1) morning.
  10. pbjosh

    Pereyra's Yellow Finch

    From what I see the name is Pereyra, not Pereya. I also see a conflicting date of death, see here: "José Pereyra visitó con asiduidad (desde 1920 hasta su fallecimiento en julio de 1965)"...
  11. pbjosh

    Why can't Swarovski get a little thing right? NL Objective cover issues.

    Yes, the ocular rainguard. As mentioned, I've read a couple commentaries that they "break in" so I've not done anything yet. But it's pretty silly to have what I'm sure Swarovski hops is regarded as the best binocular on the market and every time you take the rainguard off, it pulls the eye cups...
  12. pbjosh

    Why can't Swarovski get a little thing right? NL Objective cover issues.

    I have considered using a dremel type tool or craft knife to remove the ridges inside the ocular covers on my NLs... I'm a month or so in and they are still so tight that they pull up the eyecups every time I remove them. I will give it another month or two, as there are a few reports that they...
  13. pbjosh

    Latest IOC diary updates

    I agree with Mysticete here - much rather have FG authors' opinions and expertise reflected in the books rather than resolutely follow taxonomic authorities. Having to track differences between official lists and what the FG says is book-keeping. Omitting possible splits or differing...
  14. pbjosh

    Just received a 10x42L

    Agree completely with Canip. If the 10x42 received a modernization and achieved the ergonomics of Canon's top telephoto lenses, it would kill the market. It may be that the now long-in-the-tooth design uses every inch of the space inside the bulky body, but that does NOT mean that a modern...
  15. pbjosh

    Why can't Swarovski get a little thing right? NL Objective cover issues.

    I don't use mine either, but dislike the attachment system and the little rubber blanks you have to put in. I haven't lost any yet but have now seen 2 pairs of NLs in use in the field with the blanks missing. I also dislike the ocular covers - they are so tight fitting that they pull up the eye...
  16. pbjosh


    Seems interesting to publish a paper on these birds using common names that aren't in contemporary use anywhere in the hemisphere where the birds occur, to the best of my knowledge. I've never heard of a Variable Buzzard nor of a Gurney's Buzzard, and I've spent ~6 years living and birding...
  17. pbjosh

    Bird of prey, Cottbus, Germany

    My gut / first reaction was perhaps Black Kite instead of Red but agreed it could be either and I wouldn't definitively ID this one.
  18. pbjosh

    Latest IOC diary updates

    Really agree with you, Jurek, regarding using multiple names and being clear about how you apply the names. I think it goes beyond just being unequivocal, it also has real implications for the accessibility of your work. I don't think there's a taxonomist alive who knows ever species in the...
  19. pbjosh

    Thrush - Anorí, Antioquia, Colombia

    I don't see any problem with that being Pale-eyed Thrush, and your recording sounds likely for that species, though it's been a few years since I've heard northern Andean Thrushes so someone like Avery would be better able to confirm / ID the Thrush in your recording. Cheers.
  20. pbjosh

    ~6.5 power binoculars?

    My last email from Markus suggested April/May, but per APM's website the 6x30's are now pushed back to (at least) June... Keen to see these when they're finally available.
  21. pbjosh

    Green Listing 2021 - Joint thread

    Migration is finally in swing, and I have been biking around a good bit the past few days. I think I have one green tick for the combined list this morning - Grasshopper Warbler. I didn't do an exhaustive scan but the other migrants I saw (Savi's, Sedge, etc) were already on the list. Cheers
  22. pbjosh

    RFI: Bird Guide for Panama City

    Beny Wilson or Euclides Campo would be highly recommendable. I’m sure there are many other capable guides. I should think Canopy Tower could also arrange an extra morning for you as well, if you wanted them to. Good luck on PA, awesome place and awesome birding :)
  23. pbjosh

    Need feedback: Nikon Monarch HG durability?

    I cannot say that the MHG is for certain super durable. I think any binocular used 8 hrs/day 5+ days/week is going to suffer, though I used a Zeiss Conquest HD for 1000+ full tropical field days and it held up stunningly well. I have, though, had an MHG for ~3 years now, and have probably used...
  24. pbjosh

    Latest IOC diary updates

    Do we know if these are HBW driven proposals to adopt their splits, or if these have been reconsidered by WGAC/IOC and are posted as proposed splits after already passing a round of consideration? Perhaps an academic point but I'm curious. I'm also happy to see these all being considered. And...
  25. pbjosh

    What did you see in your binoculars today?

    Some first of season birds for me today - Nightingale, N Wheatear, Eur Reed Warbler. Also fun watching a good number of Red & Black Kites, Kestrels, and Buzzards harassing each other a bit and taking turns being harassed by / harassing stacks of Carrion Crows.