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  1. Weiss1

    Lots of birds from Sabah, Borneo

    Sorry for having so many :p I have the phillips' field guide but some of those raptors and flycatchers are just such a headache! Anyway here we go: 1. Possible Bat-hawk? Was found outside Gomantong caves. http://i.imgur.com/8kqoA.jpg http://i.imgur.com/pOIlj.jpg...
  2. Weiss1

    Unknown Mallee birds, australia

    Could someone help me ID these birds? 1. Rufous Songlark? 2. Some sort of cuckoo (helpful, I know) 3. Australasian Pipit? 4. Rufous Fieldwren? 5. Think it's Red-capped Robin but want to rule out anything else. Thanks in advance.
  3. Weiss1

    Brown Honeyeater? Northern Territory

    Hey everyone, Is this just a juvenile Brown Honeyeater or is it possible for it to be something else? Doesn't have that little yellow eyepatch so i wasn't sure. Thanks in advance.
  4. Weiss1

    Raptors, Vic Australia

    Hey everyone, just been going over some old photos and noticed these two raptors I saw at the Western Treatment Plant. I would have dismissed them as Whistling Kites but the white one makes me think they might be something more interesting, Little Eagle maybe? Just overexposed?
  5. Weiss1

    Lots of bird from Australia Top End.

    Sorry to dump so many here, just got back after a week in the Top End and i'm left with these birds to ID. 1. Maybe a Variegated Fairy-wren? There were a lot of Red-backed Wrens in that spot but this one seems to have some distinctive shading. 2. I'm hoping this is a juvenile Gouldian Finch...
  6. Weiss1

    Pallid Cuckoo? Melbourne, Australia

    Is this a Pallid Cuckoo? It doesn't really match up with any of the pictures in my guide but that seems like the closest match. Also it said Pallid Cuckoos eat large caterpillars so that maybe that's an identifying feature :P Thanks in advance.
  7. Weiss1

    Lenscoat questions

    Well I haven't bought anything in a while. I think my Gear Acquisition Syndrome is picking up again because i'm actually considering getting a Lenscoat for my 300/2.8. Just have a few questions about them for owners: Is it worth getting the teleconverter coats as well and does the 1.4x fit...
  8. Weiss1

    1 from Victoria, Australia

    Not sure where to begin with this one, the eyebrows are really throwing me off. Maybe a juvenile Grey Shrike-Thrush? Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. Weiss1

    2 from North Queensland

    Can anyone help me with these? I think the second one is a tree martin but have no idea about the first one. Thanks in advance.
  10. Weiss1

    Edit out seeds?

    I was thinking of printing this photo of a finch but someone told me the seeds made it look like the beak had something wrong with it. So what does everyone prefer, with seeds or without?
  11. Weiss1

    Atherton Scrubwren? Mt Lewis, Queensland

    I know this is the right area for them but I wanted some confirmation on the ID. - Thanks in advance
  12. Weiss1

    1 from Melbourne, Australia

    Might be some sort of honeyeater? I don't think it's something i've seen before. It has white wing tips which seems a bit odd.
  13. Weiss1

    5 from Victoria, Australia

    Taken sort of central east, near Alpine national park. 1-3 i have no idea about. 4 i'm not expecting any miracles with :P 5 i thought was a nankeen kestrel but those dark splotches near the tail make me consider brown falcon? Thanks for any help.
  14. Weiss1

    Fuscous Honeyeater? Melbourne, Australia

    I think i see a yellow eye ring so I'm hoping it's not another White-Plumed. Can anyone help me with the ID?
  15. Weiss1

    Wader IDs? Melbourne, Australia

    I thought i'd err on the side of caution with these since there's so many different species of waders. I was thinking the first was a Bar-Tailed Godwit and the second was a Sharp-Tailed Sandpiper. All opinions welcome.
  16. Weiss1

    Tips for carrying the 300/2.8?

    I recently got a Canon 300/2.8 and 7d but it seems too heavy to just hang the camera and lens from my neck like I usually do. I've tried putting the lens strap around my shoulder and camera strap around my neck which distributes the weight a bit better but I was wondering if there are any better...
  17. Weiss1

    Thornbill ID, Melbourne Australia

    Can anyone help me with this? It's probably just a Brown Thornbill but I haven't seen any pictures of them with streaking that goes so far down.
  18. Weiss1

    5 from France

    Just got back from a trip to Paris and Normandy. Wasn't a birding trip so I didn't bring a guide, could anyone help me ID these? 1. Some sort of treecreeper i guess 2. Yellow sparrow? I have no idea 3. ? 4. Saw this one hovering above a field in Normandy. I have a blurry pic of the top part of...
  19. Weiss1

    Little Grassbird? Melbourne, Australia

    Can anyone help me with this one? I think it's a Little Grassbird but I haven't seen one before and want to make sure.
  20. Weiss1

    2 from Melbourne, Australia

    Could someone help me with this ID? I'm not certain if these are the same bird because they were found in different areas at different dates but they look very similar.
  21. Weiss1

    Volgens de vogels - Animated short film

    Not sure if this is the right place for this but I just got back from the Melbourne International Animation Festival and saw a great animated short film about birds. Here's a link to it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCzq_8MCk2M
  22. Weiss1

    IDs for Queensland, Australia? #2

    This is the second and last batch of birds from around Lamington National Park in Queensland. 5. Not sure, seems like it should be easy to ID but i must be skipping over it in the field guide. 6. Ok i'm not expecting any miracles with this one. I saw these two birds in the undergrowth of the...
  23. Weiss1

    IDs for Queensland, Australia? #1

    I'm back from my trip to Lamington. These were all taken around Canungra and i appreciate any help in IDing them. 1. I think it's either a black-faced cuckoo-shrike or masked woodswallow but i haven't seen either before. 2. I think this one is either a striated or spotted pardalote, only got...
  24. Weiss1

    Bar Tailed Godwits? Melbourne, Australia

    Hello everyone, These are three waders I saw today, I'm not even sure if they are the same species but they were all near eachother. I thought they were bar-tailed godwits but since they have all those similar looking species I thought i'd get another opinion. Thanks in advance (sorry about the...
  25. Weiss1

    Honeyeater?, Grampians, Victoria

    This one's kind of old, from March, but I've sort of ignored it until now. I think it's some sort of honeyeater but I can't match it up to what I see in my field guide.