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    Your silliest/most entertaining/unlikely birding accomplishments

    Many years ago I was out mountain biking with friends in the Peak District National Park. A cold, grey autumn morning dodging puddles. As we headed across one trail my mates realised that the wet pasture had a few interesting mushrooms growing there including lots of Liberty Caps (Psilocybe...
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    Honey buzzards North Wales

    There are no well known HB sites in Wales such as at several of the English raptor viewpoints. Odd pairs scattered through huge areas of mainly forestry in the uplands but you will literally be searching for a needle in a haystack. In the last 28 years I’ve only seen one breeding bird and no...
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    Fair Isle Bird Obs Plans

    I sincerely hope that a comprehensive sprinkler system is fitted in the new building to prevent any future accidents and that other isolated observatories ensure such fire prevention measures are retrofitted/installed if possible. No doubt FIBO will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.
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    Underwatched areas of the Yorkshire Coast

    Many thanks for the tips people!
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    Underwatched areas of the Yorkshire Coast

    Many thanks for the suggestions. James, I remember seeing Lapland Buntings in stubble fields at Barmston in the mid-80’s (they might even have been lifers at the time). As you say there’s a shocking lack of cover along many sections of the coast as it looks to be ploughed to the cliff top...
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    Underwatched areas of the Yorkshire Coast

    Greetings So I’m contemplating a trip east (and I don’t mean as far as Rhyl for a change...) and am thinking of heading to the Yorkshire coast. Although I don’t mind the company of a few birders large crowds really aren’t my thing and I love the frisson of excitement/disappointment that...
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    Keela jackets

    I bought a Keela jacket 20 years ago (can’t remember model but some DWR type finish) and was impressed with the price being cheaper than other shells. The model I had was on the warm side but not overbearingly; great from autumn through to spring and has served me well in the mountains during...
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    Filthy twitchers - which birds do you regret NOT going for?

    That House Finch breaks my heart still.
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    Wing for ID, Flamborough, England

    Fulmar has to be a good candidate. FYI I came across this German website devoted to feathers and ID recently (with a bit of help from Google translate) the articles are interesting. https://www.featherbase.info/en/species/fulmarus/glacialis/all
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    Red Kite UK influx

    Interesting. I recall seeing c30 2nd-calendar year Red Kites once at Uwchmynydd on the tip of the Lleyn Peninsula, Gwynedd in late May or early June. I’d always see smaller numbers around this time but that passage was exceptional. Always associated with settled weather, south/easterlies and a...
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    Useful Birding Kit

    John You know as well as I that flavour is crucial when it comes to food but surely it isn’t the only reason to eat something? I’ve had a few Fairtrade/organic drinks and snacks over the years that I wouldn’t buy again as they tasted horrible. But it’s perfectly possible these days to purchase...
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    Useful Birding Kit

    There are plenty of really tasty Fairtrade snacks out there (eg Ubuntu cola is well tasty!) and studies show that lifting people out of poverty simply by giving them a decent price for their labour and products can have a really positive environmental impact. Things like shade-grown coffee are...
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    UK Legality of building a hide on Council land

    Go for it - but use pallets/a screen rather than building something like that RSPB thing at Titchwell. Maybe worth thinking about getting the footpath officially reopened if it’s a quiet area before some landowner decides to whack barbed wire across and claim it’s not been used for ages.
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    Birding in the mountains

    The best tip I ever had regarding upland birding is to (get comfortable somewhere and) spend ages scanning the horizon. Hopefully you’ll pick something up eventually. Good Birding Andrew
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    Straight or angled scope

    It a a personal thing. I prefer my scopes straight. Seems easier for me. I know a birder who had to visit the doctor with some kind of trapped nerve in his shoulder through spending hours hunched over his angled Leica while seawatching. Artists find angled scopes much easier to look straight...
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    Sound Recorder Advice

    Many thanks for the detailed response Iveljay - some really useful comments in your reply :t: As you say there are many variables to consider - am still working through and revising my ‘ranked list of desirables’ as you put it. Although several of the well regarded sound recorders are...
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    Two fieldscopes on one tripod - my solution...

    I heard of a sea watcher somewhere with a similar rig. One side held the scope which was used to scan the waves and the other a big lens or video camera focussed in the same area so they could immediately record anything of interest without having to mess around for too long switching from one...
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    Are alpha binos just getting too expensive? (perspective)

    That really hits the nail on the head. I totally agree with Keith & Ailevin. I was looking through some Leica Noctivids the other day and nice as they were the first thing that came to mind is that they didn’t strike me as being a thousand dollars or more better than a pair of ten year old...
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    Sound Recorder Advice

    That’s great Borjam - just the kind of information I’m after :t: I take it you don’t like Olympus? Lots more thinking and head scratching to be done I reckon. Any more responses would be greatly appreciated.
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    Sound Recorder Advice

    Greetings all So my antique mini-disc has finally died and I’m looking for a new recorder to use with my Sennheiser ME66/K6 Microphone System, pre-amp, Rycote shaggy dog windshield, pistol grip shockmount & handle and Sennheiser headphones. To be honest I haven’t got as much use out of this kit...
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    Will image recognition revolutionize birding?

    Well said Etudiant. Interesting how technology always influences ornithology. The developments in optics (from binoculars to telescopes), photography (film then digital cameras/video), sound recording and playback (from cassette tapes to field recorders and automatic digital listening stations)...
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    Will image recognition revolutionize birding?

    Look forward to the days when AI can accurately identify large white-headed gulls and their hybrids. Would save us mere humans a lot of head scratching!
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    Birds of the Middle East Arabic free app

    I don’t speak Arabic but it’s good to see Latin names are included. Would be a handy resource for the images alone if I ever get to that part of the world. All for free.
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    Magpies Breeding In December. Normal?

    Interesting observation. I recall seeing a bird carrying sticks to renovate a nest at Uwchmynydd one November day a few years ago. This was during an exceptionally mild period of weather. Once the temperature returned to normal activity ceased. I’ve never previously encountered Magpies...
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    What sort of diver is this?

    Looks like a Great Crested Grebe to me. Good Birding Andrew