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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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    Naked My Junior!

    Looking at those pics brought a passage from Tolkien to my mind: "And he that breaks a thing to find out what it is has left the path of wisdom".
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    Weight of 8x42 recommendations ?

    8x32 or x30 is regularly chosen by those who can't or don't want to deal with the weight of large binoculars (the "geriatric crowd", as one regular here is fond of putting it). A good quality 8x32 or 30 handles very well, often offers wider field of view than 8x40/42 and is a very competent...
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    Welsh bird photographer fined

    Surely tarring and feathering is the appropriate sanction in this case?
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    Shorebirds and big open fields + owl watching at night / NL 10x42 or 10x52 ?

    Attempting to answer the original question - if you are looking for owls in true darkness or virtual darkness, some thermal sensor device is probably going to be more useful than binoculars. For shorebirds - if you are intent on nailing down IDs, you will most likely need (as Tringa has noted...
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    Brief comparison between Opticron Aurora VHD VS Nikon Monarch HG (in 8x42)

    The other thing is - beyond a certain point, not all of us can see these differences in sharpness. Some who are blessed (or cursed!) with exceptional vision may be able to arrive at decisions like those in jackjack's post #33 quite quickly, but I have to be honest, a lot of the sub-alpha...
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    ZEISS @ Global Birdfair - 12th - 14th July 2024, Lyndon Top, Rutland

    @wllmspd - they're not reviews at all. A proper review would be more like what jackjack does (detailed comparisons etc) and Canip has done previously for models like the Maven 10x50. I'm just jotting down the impressions I took away from trying them for relatively brief stints. But I was able...
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    Older Leitz binocular service in the uk?

    I can recommend East Coast Binocular Repairs in Norfolk, though be aware that your binoculars may be away for some time due to their backlog and the need for them to proceed cautiously with disassembly, as spare parts availability is likely very limited. Note that even after service, your...
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    Brief comparison between Opticron Aurora VHD VS Nikon Monarch HG (in 8x42)

    quick question jackjack - Swarovski transmission curve (at least for the EL series) is supposed to have a bias towards blue ("cold" view compared to eg Leica). Do you feel eyestrain when viewing through an EL, also do you see rolling ball?
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    Brief comparison between Opticron Aurora VHD VS Nikon Monarch HG (in 8x42)

    Really interesting stuff, thanks. I was able to try both at the Global 2024 Birdfair last weekend. I wasn't able to compare the two side by side over the amount of time you did, and don't have the expertise to go as deep into the technical aspects as you've done, but your thoughts on the...
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    Birding West Papua –Logistics and Observations

    How much is 1 million rupiah in US dollars these days?
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    Hey Joe, where you gonna go with those parakeets on your hand?

    I would like to see more proof, or at least accounts of, this. A rose-ringed parakeet must be close to the weight of a male hobby, far above the average prey weight taken by the Eurasian hobby anywhere in its range. Peregrines unquestionably catch them and in pretty good numbers - but...
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    What did you see in your binoculars today?

    I would think under good conditions I can spot one at about 1km. For me, peregrines start becoming tricky to see with the unaided eye at about 700/800m (assuming reasonable seeing conditions) but the European common buzzard (a little smaller and slighter than the American redtail), being...
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    What did you see in your binoculars today?

    That pretty much sums up why practically all my birding focuses on trying to see things like this. To see those few seconds of incredible manoeuvering from predator and prey can make up for hours of patient observation. You're right, it is indeed a privilege. It's a real test for both...
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    ZEISS @ Global Birdfair - 12th - 14th July 2024, Lyndon Top, Rutland

    Opticron Aurora - I tried the 8x42 and 10x42. The 8x42 was a very good performer, definitely better than Opticron's version of the Tract Toric I'd looked through a few years back, not so much in pure image quality (although from memory the Aurora is slightly but definitely better in that...
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    ZEISS @ Global Birdfair - 12th - 14th July 2024, Lyndon Top, Rutland

    Decided to continue here rather than starting a new thread - mods please do the honours if you deem this post to be infringing on Zeiss's sponsorship. I was pleasantly surprised to see a Maven stand outside the main optics marque and went straight there. There have been a lot of positive posts...
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    ZEISS @ Global Birdfair - 12th - 14th July 2024, Lyndon Top, Rutland

    I visited with my brother earlier today (Saturday) between about 12.40pm and 5.15pm - which went by very quickly indeed as there was a lot to see and people to speak to. If you have to travel any distance, I recommend starting as early as possible. For those who remember the mudfest that...
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    Raptor ID (Britain)

    Yup. I often think the quest to get photos (useful though they can be) can also expend precious time that can allow you a good look at the bird and its flight pattern. Another thing that could have been worth doing was to follow it with binoculars until the crow had finished mobbing it, then...
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    Does anyone not keep a life list?

    I don't keep a list, although I do try to note down all species seen on various trips. I sometimes think it would be interesting to compile everything I've seen, but keep finding it too much of a pain. My focus is almost always trying to see birds doing cool things observe interesting...
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    (Not) Servicing older binos in Absam

    I have to admit I always found watches difficult to take seriously after watching (pun not intended) the Gold Watch segment in Pulp Fiction. But (seriously), thanks for the education.
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    Binocular magnification: an immutable 2008 perspective

    I don't for a moment question the chops of any of those birders, but other great birders have used, and still use, different formats. There's a well known photo of an incredibly well worn 10x50 porro (edit - found it! - Chandler Robbins). I always liked (though not necessarily agreeing with)...
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    New binocular day! Nikon 7x42 EDG

    I'm not a great fan of the EDG series, though accept they are good - but there is a kind of joy in getting to know a new binocular, especially one that you take a liking to, that suits you. May they always give you the same pleasure as they do now. Thankfully some here are more concerned with...
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    ZEISS @ Global Birdfair - 12th - 14th July 2024, Lyndon Top, Rutland

    I hope the venue is better for trying optics than in 2022 when a combo of unremarkable surroundings and heat haze meant that there wasn't much to look at, and seeing conditions weren't at all good. Heat haze probably isn't going to be an issue this year, but I miss the old venue by the...
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    (Not) Servicing older binos in Absam

    It may be different in the world of watches (I have no idea as my only use for a watch is to tell the time) but IMO a company is only really obligated to service its product for the term of warranty (or whatever consumer protection legislation exists, such as car manufacturers being legally...
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    Product Review: The Sky Rover Banner Cloud 8 x 42 Binocular

    ... a fate they share with many, many binoculars of much more heralded pedigree, I'll bet... @akhil - enjoy your new binoculars - I wouldn't be too worried about close focus with a 10x50 myself, that class of binocular is not really intended for close-up viewing. It looks like you have a nice...
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    (Not) Servicing older binos in Absam

    Fascinating comment. Should watch manufacturers, or indeed binocular manufacturers, feel obliged to pander to collectors - as opposed to keeping their products functioning - or even improving them (cf Swarovski updating older SLC lenses and prisms)?