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    Latest IOC Diary Updates

    Halmahera Swiftlet Aerodramus infuscatus Moluccan Swiftlet Revert Halmahera Swiftlet to the original English name Moluccan Swiftlet with the re-lump of A. sororum and A. ceramensis.
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    Latest IOC Diary Updates

    I think it's more clear in the Clements update file: The Malay Peninsula populations previously treated as a subspecies of Sunda Scops-Owl (Otus lempiji) are hereby moved to Collared Scops-Owl (Otus lettia), restricting that species to Indonesia, Borneo, and Con Son Island, Vietnam and...
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    Latest IOC Diary Updates

    Does this mean Swiftlets in Singapore become identifiable?
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    Latest IOC Diary Updates

    The Clements update also splits Gray-browed Wren 'Mantaro Wren' is there (seperately) listed as undescribed
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    There are clearly some unresolved splits in Psalidoprocne pristoptera
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    Gruiformes and Charadriiformes

    Seasonal migration and the evolution of an inverse latitudinal diversity gradient in shorebirds https://doi.org/10.1111/geb.13817
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    Latest IOC Diary Updates

    Mar 7 Post split of Angola White-eye from Northern Yellow White-eye...
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    AOU-NACC Proposals 2024

    It's a bit weirdly worded I think, I suppose Lesser Redpoll will also be lumped, at least thats how I read this:
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    Doesn't the paper say that all domestic birds are from livia?
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    But Bubo as defined now is very unlikely to be wrong. There's at most 8 species in Ketupa that might change genus when new studies come out. If you lump everything in Bubo now, you need to change 15 species later...
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    These are now all included in Ketupa, which seems wrong: African Eagle Owls (Nyctaetus): lacteus, shelleyi, leucosticta & poensi South Asian Eagle Owls (Ptiloskelos): nipalensis, sumatrana Fishing Owls (true Ketupa) - unknown if coromandus & philippensis belong here Also, Scotopelia is...
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    In my opinion, Ketupa is still overlumped, there are some very different birds in there A split between Ciccaba & Strix should be between the old world & new world groups... which seem rather alike?
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    Latest IOC Diary Updates

    Nov 4 Revise linear sequence of genera within Lybiidae. Recognize genera Cryptolybia and Pogonornis. Nov 1 Revise linear sequence of genera within Trogonidae. Oct 31 Revise linear sequence of genera and species within Sulidae.
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    AOS to discard patronyms in English names

    pretty sure it's the same as in dutch: 'staart' = tail
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    This is for Neopelma chrysolophum?
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    Latest IOC Diary Updates

    Since IOC doesn't include it in the split species: It's very likely staying in Fire-breasted Flowerpecker Dicaeum ignipectus Ebird also has a group Fire-breasted Flowerpecker (Fire-breasted) Dicaeum ignipectus ignipectus/dolichorhynchum
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    Clements 2023 Checklist Update

    Pholidornis is indeed in family Hyliidae, just checked
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    Latest IOC Diary Updates

    Elseyornis melanops Black-fronted Dotterel Charadrius melanops TAX, PHY Black-fronted Dotterel was previously assigned to the monotypic genus Elseyornis. But phylogenetic analyses show it to be sister to the two species formerly assigned to...
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    according to TiF: Red dot: Western Beardless-Tyrannulet, Camptostoma sclateri, including maranonicum and griseum Green dot: Central American Beardless-Tyrannulet, Camptostoma flaviventre, including orphnum and majus Colombian Beardless-Tyrannulet, Camptostoma pusillum, including...
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    Latest IOC Diary Updates

    Quite some English name changes already unrelated to splits & lumps: (I suppose Black-fronted Dotterel may also change to Black-fronted Plover?)...
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    Has the WGAC published a list?

    I noticed this on the last entry in IOC updates: WGAC must have a proposal system in place. I hope the proposals will (eventually) be public, as SACC does. Always very interesting to see the reasoning behind a decision.
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    Latest IOC Diary Updates

    under Species Updates – IOC World Bird List the note for Santa Cruz Fantail is wrong (it's a copy of Louisiades Fantail)
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    Latest IOC Diary Updates

    A quick look on ebird tells me there are 5 sp. (+ a spiderhunter), of which only Aethopyga shelleyi (Lovely Sunbird) is also endemic to the Palawan area. aurora does look like the easiest to encounter
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    Latest IOC Diary Updates

    AFAIK it should be like this: jugularis Garden Sunbird obscurior n Luzon and Babuyan Is. (n Philippines) jugularis c, s Luzon group, Mindoro, Visayas and Mindanao group (n to s Philippines) woodi Sulu Arch. (s Philippines) aurora Aurora Sunbird Palawan group (sw...