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    6x32 MG Black

    As an alternative, Hinode Optical has 5x15 (reverse porro), 5x21 (reverse porro) and 6x30 (normal porro) units that seem well built and highly regarded, at least in Japan. The 6x30 B+ in particular claims top-level multicoatings - the transmission graph reaches 95% (!). The 5x21 also comes in an...
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    Celestron Regal ED 8x42 Mini Review.

    Progressive eyeglasses change prescription as you move from top to bottom. So if you are looking through a different part of the eyeglasses because your eye shifted or the glasses shifted, you may have to refocus the binos to get them sharp, or CA may be visible no matter how you refocus. It's...
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    Digiscoping options for Leica Ultravid 8x20 BR

    I tried a 2x Sirui 60mm teleconverter lens attachment for my smartphone, but the results were poor. I also tried a Vixen 6x15 monocular, but it had insufficient eye relief, rubber eyecups and mediocre optics. Results were also poor. I have been tempted to try a better monocular, but have so...
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    Digiscoping options for Leica Ultravid 8x20 BR

    I digiscope with binoculars quite often. Previously with a Celestron Trailseeker 8x42, now a Swarovski EL 8x32. I don't use an adapter, I just hold them together and shoot. For me the key is being able to securely hold the binocular eyepiece flat against the phone camera. This means the...
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    Scope Question

    Try this thread for ideas: https://www.birdforum.net/threads/moved-to-a-seaside-area-need-to-get-a-spotting-scope.433882/ I would say that similar to binoculars, to get meaningful improvements you need to double the price each time. The most obvious upgrade to look for in your new scope is ED...
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    Binocular for tripod during daytime viewing..

    Maybe you can consider a combo, an 8x30/32 for quick looks, plus an IS binocular for distant targets. 1. 8x30/32 eg Nikon Monarch 7/Kite Lynx/Opticron Traveller ED (midrange), Swarovski NL/Zeiss SF (premium) == Light, easy to track birds in flight. 8x25/20 even smaller but FOV is reduced so not...
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    In praise of small scopes

    I use a Sirui VA-5 with my 80mm angled scope. Took the handle off when putting the VA-5 on the tripod. Never missed it. I just move the scope itself to pan/tilt. The VA-5 works much better than the ballhead I had, and is still small enough for the legs to fold up over it.
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    Alpha IS?

    This is not a new topic. Short answer: patents block easy access to IS tech, and binoculars are a niche market so manufacturers don't want to invest into reinventing IS. Patents === Most of the relevant optical stabilization patents are held by companies involved in video and/or photography...
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    worth getting the 99a when I already have the 883?

    You will carry the extra weight 100% of the time. You may see a difference 5% of the time. Your money, your decision. Maybe the 77 and 99 would make a better pair.
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    Moved to a seaside area: Need to get a spotting scope

    Ideally you get to try before you buy. Else buy from some place that allows easy returns. Join a birding club/society in your area (or an organized birdwatching tour/walk), you may get to test-drive a few scopes. Simple rules of thumb: 1. ED glass === Better colour correction, essential for...
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    Cornell Lab sub $600 8x42 review

    While we all have our own views on whether the reviews were comprehensive, accurate or fair, we should keep in mind that the reviews are aimed at non-experts, specifically people who may be obsessed about birds, but not obsessed about binoculars. These people want to buy a decent bino and then...
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    Spotting scope alternatives

    Nikon ED50 seems to be the most-recommended of the very small scopes (~50mm). As it's an old design, it is considerably cheaper than its modern competitors like the Opticron MM4. However it is still priced above the likes of the Celestron Hummingbird. If you want better quality than the...
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    Svbony and Retevis - RED ALERT!!!

    Sorry to read about the problems. Any chance you can dispute the charge with your credit card issuer? Due to non-delivery of functional goods/services? For future reference, Chinese-brand products are best bought through channels that offer easy returns, such as Amazon. I have the Svbony SV406P...
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    Everything you always wanted to know about IS binoculars but were afraid to ask (Q&A)

    The Allbinos article has a graph plotting transmission against wavelength. The Fuji performs poorly across the spectrum (literally) in this respect given its modern vintage and price point. Allbinos transmission graphs often show 85-90% for modern mid-market non-IS binos, while premium units...
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    Which one to upgrade first, binoculars or spotting scope?

    Flat field's main advantage is in astronomy, when everything is effectively at infinity. For birding, flat field is only relevant when there is a large group of birds at the same distance to the observer. If the birds are mostly solo or in small groups it makes no difference. 3D is related to...
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    What is a good magnification for a distance of 500ft?

    At that distance, 8-10x will allow you to ID the eagles. If you want to enjoy the view, 20-40x is better, but you'll need a spotting scope. Buy from Amazon and see for yourself, return if it doesn't suit your needs.
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    Which one to upgrade first, binoculars or spotting scope?

    Besides the binos already recommended, consider the Canon IS 10x42L. Base optics are excellent, with the IS on they beat any non-IS unit. Main worry is the short warranty, but users on BirdForum/Cloudy Nights have reported 20 years of service. Batteries - Eneloops. Weight - Shoulder Harness...
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    Budget Spotting Scope

    Consider the Svbony SV406P, 65mm or 80mm. ED glass, standard 1.25" astronomy eyepieces, comes with a good zoom (15-45x/20-60x). I have the 80mm, very pleased. Search the forums, I've posted some pictures taken through the scope using a smartphone. In visual use, the image quality is even better...
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    When a <brand> labeled binocular is considered not deserving the label?

    It's not weird. It avoids competing head-on with your customers. If Kamakura made a binocular that was the same or better than the Zeiss Conquest HD, Zeiss would be very unhappy and might not give them any more business. Also, selling high-end binos under your own brand requires investment into...
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    80mm Spotting like Astronomical instrument?

    Try Sky Safari, I find it very useful. If you pay for the pro version you get viewing circles you can customize to match your binoculars or telescope eyepiece, makes it easy to confirm what you're looking at.
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    80mm Spotting like Astronomical instrument?

    My 80mm Svbony SV406P does fine for "casual astronomy". I can easily view Jupiter (with bands) and Saturn (with rings) up to 96x. Moon is great at anything from 20-60x. Many star clusters look great at 30-50x. The only issue is that 45 degrees is not ideal for looking up near the zenith. But all...
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    Budget spotting scope

    Consider the Svbony SV406P. The 15-45x65mm version should be similar to the 20-60x80mm version which I own. The 80mm has many good reviews. I am one of the happy owners. If you can, buy from a place that offers easy returns, like Amazon.
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    Alternative to Pentax Papilio 6.5x21 mkii for insects

    I have the Pentax 4x20. My observations: 1. 4x sounds low but is fine at short distances. 2. Monocular use with a partner is fun. 3. Effective eye relief is much more than 19mm, probably to allow use in stacked 16x mode. I wear glasses and have to fully extend the eyecup to avoid blackouts...
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    How you assess 10 x 30 IS II compared to 10 x 42 L IS WP ?

    I own a few binoculars: Canon IS 10x42L; Swarovski 8x32 EL; and Pentax VD 4x20 WP (plus a 80mm spotting scope) All of them are used for both birding and astronomy. Which ones I take depends on what else I am doing. Casual walks: Pentax in a cargo pants pocket Casual bike rides: Swaro in a...
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    BaK-4 or BAK4 ?

    The only thing that matters is the final optical performance, for which user reviews are a good guide, best if you test the bino yourself. For budget binoculars, quality control is probably more important than the optical design - basic designs that work well are not a secret. The type of...