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    Kowa Genesis 8x22 vs. Swarovski Curio 7x21

    Well, the curio with 2.5 m close focus is an instrument for birdwatching only, whereas the Kowa (1.5 m close focus) works for people also watching other things than birds. Dragonflies, butterflies et c. For me the Curio has no value because of this.
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    curio 7x21 close focus

    I will buy the curios immediately if Swarovski update them with a 1.5m close focus. In my view that is needed in a bino for allround nature observations. Being able to watch critters or flowers on the ground right in front of you. Are there any technical reasons for the present close focus of...
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    Curio 7x21 v Uvid 8x20 personal review

    Lovely binos. Tried them out recently. A flaw though. The close focus of 2.5 m makes them not so suitable for allround nature observations. Mainly for birding and not for butterflies and dragonflies et c. A pity. I hope there will be a second version with a close focus of 1.5 m or less. Till...
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    Zeiss Diascope and Baader eyepieces

    Hi everyone, I'm new to Zeiss scopes. I recently bought a used Diascope 85 with a 20-60 Zoom. I like it a lot. However, I'm a fan of fixed 30x eyepieces and Zeiss has none for this scope. After some googling I'm now aware of the Baader Hyperion eyepieces. So with one of these and an adapter I...
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    Nikon ED50, still fragile?

    Wow. Some wild stories in this thread... But basically, the issue with the scopes breaking in two parts could be solved in the ones manufactured today, or am I too optimistic?
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    Nikon ED50, still fragile?

    Thanks to both of you. Alexis: good to know they have improved this part of the scope. Kevin: I'm not really sure how they did it. I can only see a metal thread. Thanks for the tips!
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    Nikon ED50, still fragile?

    Hi everyone, I own a 10 year old ED50 which was sent for repair once. Broken thread mount (a well known problem as can be seen in older threads in this forum). This model has been around for many years. Are later specimens improved in this respect? Owners of this lovely scope: do you carry it...
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    Kowa BDII XD 6.5x32 OR The Maven B.3 6x30 ??

    Thank you Gijs Yes, theoretically, they should be brighter. However, I did not experience my former binos, Vortex Fury 6.5x32, as very bright. Cheers Wolf
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    Kowa BDII XD 6.5x32 OR The Maven B.3 6x30 ??

    Hi everyone, Nice thread. Winter is approaching and the dark time of the year is here. Are the Kowa 6.5x32s noticable brighter than most 8x32s? At dusk or in dark forests? Or pretty mych the same? Wolf
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    Close Focus Anyone?

    For premium binoculars, focusing down at your feet while standing is a necessity in my view. There is often some interesting critter at your feet So the close focusing distance depends on your height :-)
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    Canon's new 14x32 IS

    Hi everyone. I wrote a review on the 14x32s above (and also discussed it's CA performance in another thread). I thought the CA was unacceptable and this was the main criticism of these otherwise fine binos. HOWEVER, after using them since October 2018 I now find it hard to see any CA in most...
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    Review of Canon 10x32 IS

    Regarding CA, I have noticed before that when using binos with some CA, after a while I can hardly see it. I think my brain somehow adapts and process the view. I have some Vortex binos where that happened. Really did not like them because of CA to start with, but now I cannot see any. Takes a...
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    Review of Canon 10x32 IS

    I own the old Canon 15x50s and the new14x32s. I find it very odd that I have to look hard to see any CA with the 15x50s whereas in the 14x32s it is all over the place. Center, edges, everywhere...
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    Canon's new 14x32 IS

    I wrote a positive review above that I want to change a bit after 5 months of using the 14x32s. The review was written after use in nordic October light. I had some issues with CA but thought it was acceptable. Now I have spent a month in the bright bright light of Peru... And I must say I now...
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    Birding on the porch in Peru

    Hi everyone, I will spend Jan 2019 in Peru, travelling the country. I'm looking for nice places to stay where it is possible to do good birding and nice walks near hotel/lodge. Paracas, Cloud forests, Amazon, the Andes. But also outskirs of towns/villages. I'm aware of the fancy lodges, but...
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    Canon's new 14x32 IS

    Rocket in my pocket I found a good deal on the 14x32 and bought a pair. Now I own these and a 15x50. I will sell one of them soon :-) Findings so far after some comparison Case. The 14x case is a bit too bulky and lacks a compartment för spare batteries. I will find another case. Size. The...
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    Canon's new 14x32 IS

    Hi, everyone I recently compared the 14x32s with my 15x50s. Got a good impression in bright daylight. Could actually discern more detail with the 14x32s. So I'm thinking of buying a pair. However, I'm a bit worried about the small exit pupil and how good the binos are in winter/dark cloudy...
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    Birding on the porch?

    Hi everyone, I'm heading to Sri Lanka next week. Looking for places to stay a few days where one can do some birding in hotel area or garden? Also to do good birding walks without having to use a car to get there. Any recommendations? Cheers Wolf
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    Hummingbirds in Yucatan

    Yes, quite few flowering plants here right now. Perhaps manmade habitats are the best at the moment? Some garden. Any ideas, anyone? I visited the botanical garden in Puerto Morelos a few days ago, but it was mainly trees and wild nature rather than flowers. Cheers Wolf
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    Hummingbirds in Yucatan

    Hi guys, I'm presently on vacation in Yucatan and Quintana Roo. One week remaining. I have seen very few hummingbirds so far. Any tips on good spots for these? I'd like to do some photography. I will stay on mainland, so such sites are preferred. Thanks! Wolf
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    Good hotel for birding on Crete?

    Hi, I'm heading to Crete on May 1st. I have not booked lodging yet, only car hire at the airport. Suggestions on a hotel with good birding in the near surroundings are very welcome. Ideal would be a place where morning bird walks should be productive. Right now I'm thinking of Georgioupolis...
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    new Papilio II

    Still no side by side comparison of the old and new Papilios? Here or on other sites? Really looking forward to one.
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    Question on the 10x30 IS

    Hi, I mainly use them for wetland and lake viewing. I also have a small and very good scope, Nikon ED50, which mainly stays on the shelf nowadays. Just like with a scope the 15x50s are not used alone. I often bring my lightweight Pentax Papilios with the Canon. Both worn with neck straps. One...
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    Question on the 10x30 IS

    In Canon IS threads the worry of having to do expensive repair is often seen. I bought a used pair of 15x50s five years ago and never had any problems. Well, a tiny one perhaps. They don't switch off by themselves after five mins. They just stay on. Thus I have to make sure I switch them off...
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    Multi day hiking i tropical regions?

    Hi I'm travelling a month every winter and the past years Ive been to Cameroon, Uganda and Guyana. All three are highly recommended. I like to arrange hikes when I get to a place, getting a guide and perhaps a cook and spend some days/nights in the forest. In Cameroon I did fanstastic walks in...