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    Weight of 8x42 recommendations ?

    Avian Ultralite ED 8x42 Not sure how local you are to Bath, but Ace Optics have just added a new lightweight Made In Japan 8x42 (and 10x42) model to their Avian range of binoculars. At 605g they would certainly fulfill your desire for a lighter full size binocular. I tested them at the shop a...
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    Avian Optics

    I'm currently thoroughly enjoying a pair of their newly released Avian Ultralite ED 8x42 binoculars. Made in Japan, super build quality, super optics, very lightweight, fit me like a glove (with glasses) and I'm struggling to put them down. An absolute bargain at £299 IMO. Not the widest field...
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    Shorebirds and big open fields + owl watching at night / NL 10x42 or 10x52 ?

    Fimmus, it sounds from your post that you've already made up your mind to stay brand loyal to Swarovski. I also sense money will probably not be an issue when you do decide to buy. So, your 10x42 NL vs 10x52 NL decision is one that only you can make, based on testing both models (preferably on...
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    Initial user impressions of the NL x52’s

    I simply can't, I really don't want to be held responsible for Paul and Hermann popping pills and Dennis undertaking an enforced holiday, it wouldn't be right...no. 😇 I will, however, ask a slightly different question. Does anyone who's tried the x52's believe the coatings might be to a...
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    Initial user impressions of the NL x52’s

    Yes, the size is certainly quite niche for birdwatchers, although it would appear that distribution stateside is behind where we are this side of the Pond, which will obviously affect reporting on here. I don't trust my grotty old eyes too much at the moment, although an upcoming cataract...
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    Initial user impressions of the NL x52’s

    I'm surprised this thread hasn't gained more traction, given that there will now be plenty of x52's in the hands of excited(?) and delighted(?) new owners, with the supply chain (certainly in the UK) seemingly delivering units well in advance of the stated 10th July delivery start date...
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    New Swarovski 10x52 and 14x52 NL Pure Binoculars

    Agree 100%, but will reaffirm what you say regarding latest production, as two separate stockists have now told me they understand the 'issue' is now sorted and does not affect current production. Hallelujah and Amen!
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    EL x42 rainguard perfect fit/upgrade for x32 NL's

    Hi Allan, I no longer own any x42 EL's myself, so can't physically check, and the supplied rainguards for both my x32 EL's are solid one piece rainguards (per current NL rainguard design), not hinged. The compliments slip accompanying the rainguard sent to me from the Gatwick House office...
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    Zeiss Terra ED Pocket 8x25 Binoculars -dimensions folded-

    Welcome to Birdforum! 12cm x 7.5cm x 5cm That's fully folded with eyecups fully extended. Hope that helps and good luck with your search for a pouch.
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    UK binocular deals, special offers and bargains

    Uttings jumped the gun, these same discounts will be available at all UK Swarovski dealers from Monday as part of Swarovski's anniversary promotions.
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    EL x42 rainguard perfect fit/upgrade for x32 NL's

    I've disliked and complained bitterly about (as have many others on here) the hard rubber rainguard supplied as standard with NL's, which drags the eyecups all over the place because it's so tight. I was, therefore, most intrigued (and delighted) to have my 8x32 NL's returned to me by Swarovski...
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    Initial user impressions of the NL x52’s

    Most UK stockists received 1x 10x52 and 1x 14x52 last Monday or Tuesday. The 14x52's appear to have been snapped up pretty quickly, but I'm aware of at least one still available. First thing that struck me is just how small their form factor appears to be, they are really very compact. In the...
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    UK binocular deals, special offers and bargains

    Not sure if this is Uttings stepping out of line or if other UK retailers will follow suit, but they've slashed the prices of Swarovski EL's and NL's (apart from the new x52's) quite substantially... Uttings Swarovski binoculars prices.
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    Having 2 pairs of binoculars. Which would you choose?

    Well, around 18 months later I reckon I've finally nailed it: 8x32 UVHD+ 10x32 EL (Field Pro) I own and use plenty of other binoculars, but these two are a perfect fit, have become my most used and cover my usage and preferred binocular characteristics profile in combination best.
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    Terrible Swarovski customer service for NL coating failure - No response for a month, then a $50 charge for expedited service

    Gotcha. I looked at the value as being a declaration of value for insurance purposes, in case of loss or damage whilst in the hands of the courier company (UPS). As this was a repair and not a purchase, I saw no other purpose for the low valuation, apart from being the replacement cost Swarovski...
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    Terrible Swarovski customer service for NL coating failure - No response for a month, then a $50 charge for expedited service

    This is kind of off topic, but maybe relevant to what Scotty was saying regarding EDG vs NL PURE pricing above. I've just received my 2023 manufactured 8x32 NL's back from Absam and was intrigued (to say the least) by their replacement valuation for import/insurance purposes of just 645 euros...
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    Terrible Swarovski customer service for NL coating failure - No response for a month, then a $50 charge for expedited service

    If this experience is typical of Swarovski's NA customer care, I'm shocked. In no way does this even remotely reflect my own experiences (and there have been at least half a dozen over the past few years) when dealing with Austria via the UK office. The level of customer service I have...
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    Speculative 10x30/32 question

    ...and 6 days later those same 10x32 SF's are 'For Sale' in the BF classifieds. Ok.
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    Speculative 10x30/32 question

    +1 I have an 8 year old 10x32 EL FP as my main everyday binocular. I wear glasses, if that makes a difference, and for me it is the best fit and most comfortable to use of any 10x30/32 binocular. I also own 10x32 NL's, which I find easy and perfectly comfortable to use, 10x30 SFL's which I...
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    Meopta 15x56 HD

    Thanks Pat! Currently, my left eye is giving me the illusion of being in the midst of a swarm of flies, and in my peripheral vision birds flying overhead, due to the abundance of tiny, and not so tiny, black floaters. This the result of a tear in the retina, repaired the next day by laser...
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    Meopta 15x56 HD

    Pat, I'm absolutely delighted that dodgy finger did the deed! I watched those last two units in stock at SWO remain unsold for week after week after week in absolute disbelief, given the price they were asking for them. Well worth making an offer, well played! I may have underplayed how good I...
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    Will Retrovid 8x40 leather case fit an ultravid HD 7x42?

    I don't know where you're based, but if you're in the UK, just contact Leica Customer Care and they should be able to sell you one. I enquired about purchasing the leather BL pouches for my 8x20 and 10x25 Ultravid BR's and they duly obliged. Strangely, the smaller 8x20 BL pouch was almost twice...
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    Deciding between 8x32's

    The first thing that hit me when I unboxed a pair of 8x32 Verano was the feel and quality of the armour. Certainly amongst the nicest and grippiest I've come across. If only your Austrian competitors were as positively reactive to the fact that their armour marks up (and degrades) so easily, it...
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    Ocular Lens Size

    I understand and accept 'the science' behind the so-called 'eyebox', it makes perfect sense. However, I have never really fathomed out why some binoculars have a reputation for being particularly finicky or unfriendly, and others of the same objective/magnification formula (8x42, for example)...
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    Which Opticron binoculars focus clockwise to infinity?

    So, this swayed me into a hasty decision... Seeing an outstanding price for the 8x32 Verano being offered by a Welsh retailer (units appeared to be flying off the shelf and they've since raised the price), I decided to go ahead and make a purchase. They arrived on Thursday afternoon and were...