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    Best 8x Bino’s for the money

    Don't focus on the cost, focus on what works for you.
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    Question regarding enclosed bino harness.

    I've not seen any issues in all the years my cases have had them.
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    Perhaps another game changer

    I also switched frame styles to make binoculars easier to use. Made a huge difference. My optician had never heard of this issue.
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    New Binocular Bargains Thread

    https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1026658310?pid=850996&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Service&utm_campaign=products-on-sale&utm_content=product-description-link $199
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    Tripod to bino adapter for standard tripod head with 3/8-16 stud

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    What are your priorities in binoculars?

    image and eye relief
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    What did you see in your binoculars today?

    For a retirement present my wife took me on a Mississippi river boat trip. Boarded at 6:30am and ended at 6pm. Lots of time with our binoculars. Saw lots of turtles, bald eagles, pelicans and many more I could not identify. Had a beautiful sunny 82 degree day with little wind.
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    new kid's edition roofie 6.5x32 voretx- comments?

    Got to try a pair in Cabelas this afternoon. The sample I tried just couldn’t be focused in sharp across the store. Seemed clearer around the outer edges than in the middle.
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    Which binocular(s) did you use today?

    We had an airshow this weekend TBM Avenger Reunion Grabbed my old Vortex Viper 6x32 HD's. Worked well for keeping a 200-300mph plane in view from the runway.
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    New 7X Bins

    Used my older Meopta 7x in Big Bend National park the last couple days. 7x was good choice with all the wind. Easy to keep steady.
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    New 7x32 binoculars and 7x42 monocular models from Hawke

    Sounds like you have a bad sample. Mine are pretty good , just soft around the edges.
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    The enduring allure of the 7x50 Porro

    As much as I love 7x binos all of these older ones typically have very short eye relief making them almost useless to us wearing glasses.
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    Recommend 6x binocular?

    I wear glasses. I suspect they would be just fine without. I tend to favor 6-7x binos. Not sure how many of the lower power ones I have. They are located all over so one is always handy. If I had to pick one it would probably be the Meoptas. They are heavy so they stay in my truck. Easy to use...
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    Recommend 6x binocular?

    I actually have both, can't fault either. The Vortex is heavier. Haven't spent anytime comparing them but will say the Mavin is softer around the edges.
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    Recommend 6x binocular?

    Leupold's old Katmai 6x32 if you can find one.
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    Long term quality...Leica or Swarovski

    For what it's worth most hunters are not noted for babying their equipment. In my case my Swaro EL 8x32's and my Vortex Fury 6x30's have spent the last 10 years of hot dusty summers in South Dakota fields and both are just fine.
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    Binocular viewing day with friends...

    Who needs a reason to relax and enjoy life.
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    Anybody else use a monopod?

    I used a monopod with binoculars regularly when going to my son's football games. It was much less tiring to steady the pod than hold the binos. Worked pretty well.
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    Tasco 7800 trinocular binocular/camera hybrid

    I had a 110 years ago. Can't remember if it was a Canon or Minolta. Could usually get a pretty good 8x10. It was actually better than some of the cheap 35mm's my friends had. It had a snap on close up lens that was outstanding and handy.
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    Most Important Factors in Binoculars For You

    Ease of view of which eye relief is a major part of as I wear glasses. Everything else secondary. I tend to favor lower powers like 7x. My most used binos are my old Vortex 6.5x30 Furys, Meopta 7x42 and Swaro EL 8x32.
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    Vortex Viper HD 6x32 Mini-Review

    Can't argue. I still have mine also.
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    Any theories on why I keep choosing a cheaper bin?

    Any theories on why I keep choosing a cheaper bin? Because you’re choosing ones that work for you. My favorite pair is still my old vortex 6.5x30’s…..$$$’s be dammed.
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    Are your binoculars giving you cancer?

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    How Many Pairs of Binoculars do you Have?

    If you know how many you have you don't have enough ;-)
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    What Discontinued Binocular Would You Redesign and Bring Back If You Could ?

    Vortex Fury 6.5x30....it's still a favorite with me.