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  1. wolfbirder

    Scottish Highlands - Grantown-on-Spey

    Not sure what end of July is like for Crossbills, but when I stayed in Grantown On Spey late April 2021 I found the crossroads (footpath crossroads) at Boat of Garten Woods best for Crossbills, which is less than 10 miles from Grantown. I had Common, Parrot and Scotsbill there but only between...
  2. wolfbirder

    Bucket list bird, the Lovely Cotinga. Where?

    I cheated and went to Walsrode Vogel Park, Germany to see Birds of Paradise and also Spangled Cotinga. Not vaguely the same of course, but at least I saw them.
  3. wolfbirder

    Corsica, 50 years on

    Would be interested in seeing those Pallid Harrier records, I guess peak time is last week March through to second week in April?
  4. wolfbirder

    Corsica, 50 years on

    Boeing 707 - my favourite airliner as a kid........never flown on one sadly but have sat in the cockpit of a stationery one at RAF Cosford. That aside, looking forward to this as Corsica is a place I'm yet to reach.
  5. wolfbirder

    Finland, Lapland & Varanger May 2024

    Excellent stuff Leo!
  6. wolfbirder

    Maghreb or Crested Lark ? MOROCCO

    Those Maghreb Larks seen around Mergouza all seem to have a long bill AND a paler relatively unstreaked mantle. Recent DNA analysis has revealed Maghreb Lark is actually more closely related to Sun Lark than Crested. Of course larks can nomadic according to conditions, but most Crested type...
  7. wolfbirder

    Poland - May 2024

    Three-toed are very tricky in my limited experience, only seen once with a guide in Bialowieza, but then it showed superbly. I guess it depends where you are..........over 3 days in and around Bialowieza I enjoyed 5 White-backed Woodpecker sightings (involving 3-4 birds) and they are / were...
  8. wolfbirder

    Poland - May 2024

    Yes its all relative I guess (: -.
  9. wolfbirder

    GRAN CANARIA - 2- 6th February 2024

    I don't think the ring was blue on the Gran Canaria Blue Chaffinch that I saw - I can't recall now unfortunately. Maybe not countable to some (:-. Yes I noticed that 'Superbus' Tenerife Robin sang differently to 'marionae' Robin on Gran Canaria. I managed a Slender-billed Barn Owl on the...
  10. wolfbirder

    GRAN CANARIA - 2- 6th February 2024

    Glad you connected Jon!
  11. wolfbirder

    A Week in Morocco May 2024

    Excellent report Simon. Mirrors to some degree my efforts last year, and like you I worked hard but also failed with Egyptian Nightjar and African Desert Warbler. I also dipped Levaillant's Woodpecker and didn't look for Scrub Warbler not having realised that the ones I'd seen previously in...
  12. wolfbirder

    Tenerife, January 2024

  13. wolfbirder

    Poland - May 2024

    I dipped Grey Headed there even with a guide, well I had a split second view of one in flight. Well done, tricky buggers!
  14. wolfbirder

    Poland - May 2024

    Agree with the others, a smashing read Pete, sounds like you had a lovely and rewarding time. Like you, I prefer, where possible, to bird without a guide. Ok this means you miss some birds, but i think it is outweighed by the enjoyment of finding your own things, and birding as a free spirit, so...
  15. wolfbirder

    Poland - May 2024

    I've never seen a red Rosefinch either, just singing immature males.
  16. wolfbirder

    Poland - May 2024

    Looking forward to the next part Pete! I've only done Bialowieza and found it quite tough but ultimately rewarding though Hazel Grouse was nigh on impossible except a split second flight view and some of the woodies were only seen with a guide.
  17. wolfbirder

    UK Dragonflies and Damselflies 2024

    A 2023 survey of Azure sites by the British Dragonfly Society found that 90% of Azure sites had dried out with no surviving invertebrates. Matches my experience last year.
  18. wolfbirder

    UK Dragonflies and Damselflies 2024

    Thank you very much, appreciated.
  19. wolfbirder

    UK Dragonflies and Damselflies 2024

    Many thanks, I struggle with that site unfortunately.
  20. wolfbirder

    UK Dragonflies and Damselflies 2024

    Last year I went up exactly to that spot in the first week of June John, nothing and all the pools / boggy marsh were totally dried out. An official guided 'dragonfly walk' the same day there, along that track from the visitor centre also found none. Apparently it had been like a drought there...
  21. wolfbirder

    UK Dragonflies and Damselflies 2024

    Where can I find details for up to date sites for Azure Hawker? I went up to the Scottish Highlands last year and think I had one in flight, but the traditional sites are now feared dried out.
  22. wolfbirder

    May 2024 Canada Trip - Part two Lake Eire Spring Migration

    I've only done the Ontario thing once, back in May 2008, but like you I dipped on GW Warbler, once by ten seconds! I also preferred Rondeau - on the first day there we had single male Cerulean, Prothonotary, and Worm-eating Warbler, plus a few Black-throated Blue, Blackburnian, Black and White...
  23. wolfbirder

    Canada May 2024 trip - Part one Vancouver Island and surrounding area.

    I did Vancouver Island back in 1999, didn't connect with McGillivray's Warbler nor Black-throated Grey Warbler as you did, but did add Red-breasted Sapsucker on the island. No Anna's Hummers either, all we saw were Rufous repeatedly. I think we were a month earlier than you. Also saw several...
  24. wolfbirder

    Photos of Crested Lark and Maghreb Lark

    https://www.cloudbirders.com/be4/download?filename=SIMPSON_Morocco_0405_2024.pdf Bill Simpson's report on his recent trip to Morocco brilliantly captures images of standard Crested Larks and the Maghreb Larks with much sandier, unstreaked mantles. Go to Pages 14-16 of his report attached...
  25. wolfbirder

    Snakes on the sidewalk, Bonking Turtles and a few sps on Paphos Headland April 13-20th 2024

    I've been to Cyprus 5 times Ken but never had Blue-cheeked - one of my favourite birds! Seen them elsewhere thankfully. Nice report!