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    Zoothera - Guiyang, Guizhou, China - Feb

    I offer some photos of presumed White's Thrush from Nara Japan. I have no experience of presumed Scaly Thrush, so I'm not going to comment further. 'Toratsugumi' is the name of this bird in Japanese - it means 'Tiger Thrush'. If these photos (same bird from St Valentine's Day 2021) are useful...
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    Comment by 'MacNara' in media 'Short-tailed Albatross'

    Thanks for the comments. We also saw two other birds of different ages. Good news as Birds of the World says: Incidentally, only now looking at this photo again, it seems to have been ringed - I think there is a silver ring on its right foot in the flight photo.
  3. Short-tailed Albatoss: resting

    Short-tailed Albatoss: resting

    The current Opus article on this bird shows only an immature bird, and there appear to be no other photos in the gallery. According to Mark Brazil, it takes twelve-plus years for this vulnerable (previously near-extinct) Albatross to reach adult plumage. On a ferry voyage last week off the coast...
  4. Short-tailed Albatross

    Short-tailed Albatross

    Short-tailed Albatross: underwing
  5. Short-tailed Albatross

    Short-tailed Albatross

    Short-tailed Albatross: flight upperwing
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    ID help for Namibian bird

    I think you are just being silly here. Or just being contrary for the sake of it as (I think at least) you very often are. As I said, cameras and Photoshop can do things these day. But all I said was that given the - to me undeniable - artefacts of a photo which has been heavily digitally...
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    ID help for Namibian bird

    About modern cameras. Here's a handheld video example I took recently with the Canon R5 and RF100-500 and its eye-tracking feature. Don't worry about the visuals (how good the colours are). This is a very very low resolution version of a 4K video original. Look at how the birds are basically in...
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    ID help for Namibian bird

    Dear Grahame and others interested in the photo adjustment aspect of my earlier comment: The 'streaking' I referred to concerned the leaves in the background and not the bird or its feathering at all, as I thought I had said clearly. This leaf streaking is quite un-natural and can only be the...
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    ID help for Namibian bird

    Thank you Grahame. I was going by what I had seen there; Sasol; and I also searched online for photos like this, but didn't find any.
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    ID help for Namibian bird

    It's a Yellow-breasted Apalis, though the throat is also yellow, when it should be white. I suppose this could be a regional variation or something like that. But looking more closely at the photograph, it's not very high quality and there are many other strong artefacts - e.g. the leaves in...
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    Phnom Penh, Cambodia - id help please

    It might be worth doing a small lighting adjustment before posting as in my version below. Digital photos are created by (incredibly wonderful) software from captured light data and there is no 'true, original' photo, so this adjustment isn't 'cheating'. With traditional film photos, the...
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    Falcon near Stockholm, Sweden (pic)

    Welcome to Bird Forum. A nice Goshawk picture by the way.
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    North East London yesterday an Accip. flyby?

    Since one photo was 'Saturday (1st image)' and one was 'Yesterday' would it really be so much trouble to actually show the full images rather than these miniatures? I used to think that You KenM were just sad, but now I think you are deliberately trolling again and again. You already knew what...
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    Yellow-billed vs Medium Egret

    Just to support the photos in the paper referenced by cerw8385 in post#4: posted below which I hope is fair use. Full breeding Intermediate in my area. Very different from the other two (former) ssp. Intermediate in my area show various breeding features, but as far as I know only the full set...
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    Yellow-billed vs Medium Egret

    Thank you John. Those links you posted are very very different from any Intermediate / Medium I've ever seen. Indeed, why aren't they called Red-billed?
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    Yellow-billed vs Medium Egret

    I have just a casual interest in this topic, so no-one needs to go to a great deal of trouble to answer this query. Intermediate Egret is a spring-summer-autumn visitor to my area in central south Honshu island Japan (Nara near Osaka and Kyoto). As far as I can make out, the non-breeding...
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    ID please - Konya, Turkey

    I couldn't see anything at all like a bird or other animal in any of the earlier photos, but in post #19 marked sequence A, the animal identified by the arrowed number 1, I finally did. Some people have suggested reptiles or other. I'm going to vote for Naked Mole Rat. (Excuse the facetious...
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    ID help request for a Namibian bird

    Cape Wagtail, I think
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    Eurasian sparrowhawk? Fukuoka, Japan

    Hi James. Welcome to Bird Forum, and welcome to Japan - or at least to birding in Japan. The bird in your video isn't absolutely definitely identifiable, but is almost certainly a Eurasian Sparrowhawk, probably male, but could be female. If you (and people on Bird Forum) can't be sure between...
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    Penang Malaysia ID help requested

    Or Malayan Night Heron?
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    mysteryduck, Hiroshima Japan 1st of October

    I apologise. I didn't think that my tone was angry in post #13 above. I was just surprised to see this thread come to life again. But I'm sorry for having been unfriendly in some replies to you and others in the past.
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    kingfisher - Trang An, Vietnam

    I would go for White-throated. Can the cap come so far down the face on Black-capped?
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    mysteryduck, Hiroshima Japan 1st of October

    Is this a comment about Japan? Having lived here for over forty years, I have never seen a Cotton Pygmy Goose in any park or garden or anywhere else. I can't say there aren't any at all, but if there are, they are definitely 'uncommon'. Given the distance of the birds, and the quality of the...
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    Bird Identification in india

    Summary: 1 & 2: Chiffchaff 3: Asian Koel, male, (a kind of cuckoo) 4: Brown Rock Chat 5: Black-winged Kite
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    In a tree next to the house - Nr Alyth, Blairgowrie, Scotland

    Enjoy this thread on an identical path, but from fully the opposite side of the great Eurasian continent. Like me, I'm sure you'll get the Harrier eventually! https://www.birdforum.net/threads/hen-harrier-f-or-buzzard-nara-japan.451703/