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    Not Too Bad.

    Definitely sounds well worth the effort for a damned good day's birding. Calling 0845 a late start is always amusing, mind you.
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    Offsetting Expectations

    Its that time of the birding year where I’ve had a go at all the plans I had made earlier in the year, and even the wildly ambitious ones set at the end of the previous year. I’ve ‘done’ the coast, ‘done’ woodland for migrants, picked up the expected birds by being out in general, and of course...
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    Green Sandpiper 2024

    04/06/2024 Clyde Walkway, Uddingston 128. Ring- necked Parakeet 05/06/2024 Musselburgh 129. Avocet (lifer) 130. Swift
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    Green Sandpiper 2024

    02/06/2024 RSPB Lochwinnoch 126. Wood Sandpiper 127. Spotted Flycatcher (50 miles)
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    The Unbroken Lineage Of Birding

    Following my perfectly imperfect days out my weekends have slowed somewhat. I had a busy weekend doing other ‘stuff’ followed by the chance of working overtime over the next weekends being too good to resist. Petrol and train fares aren’t exactly cheap, and I’m in that awkward age- bracket where...
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    Green Sandpiper 2024

    27/05/2024 Rowardennan Woodland, East Loch Lomond 123. Wood Warbler RSPB Loch Lomond 124. House Martin 125. Redstart (80 miles)
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    Goldilocks Birding- When Things Are Just Right

    Birding can be emotional, depending on what you put into it, and what you want from it. If you allow it to, it can take you to the heights of elation, to the depths of despair, and all points in between. The ideal, though, the holy grail for me, is to escape from the sine wave of ups and downs...
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    Green Sandpiper 2024

    07/05/2024 Turnberry/ Balkenna South Ayrshire 116. Ringed Plover 117. Whitethroat 118. Golden Plover 119. Sandwich Tern 120. Knot 121. Whimbrel 122. Razorbill
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    Green Sandpiper 2024

    06/05/2024 Loch Lomond RSPB 113. Garden Warbler 114. Cuckoo Garadbhan Forest, Drymen 115. Lesser Redpoll (85 miles)
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    Green Sandpiper 2024

    05/05/2024 Lochwinnoch RSPB 111. Garganey 112. Little Ringed Plover. (51 miles)
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    Green Sandpiper 2024

    28/04/2024 Cathkin Marsh SWT 110. Sedge Warbler (5 miles)
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    Where's My Willow Warbler?

    I know what you mean- its always going to be a long, WW summer, but it becomes an irritation if everyone else is posting about them and you're still waiting.
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    Oliver Twist Birding

    Avid readers will have worked out by now that I’m most definitely not a morning person. Which is unfortunate, given the amount of bird ‘life’ I miss out on by virtue of being a barely- functioning shell of a man before about half ten. My ‘birding hard reset’ though seems to have worked wonders...
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    Where's My Willow Warbler?

    Another highly productive morning, though thank God you finally got a WW!!
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    Green Sandpiper 2024

    21/04/2024 Balgray Reservoir, East Renfrewshire 107. Grasshopper Warbler 108. Common Sandpiper 109. Ring- necked Duck (38 miles)
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    The Dry Spell.

    I like how you slept in by 2 hours and still got out the door for 7:20........ I also like how you describe it as 'just about worth the effort.' I'd call it a damned fine morning's birding!
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    Green Sandpiper 2024

    14/04/2024 Musselburgh (old and new scrapes, and sea) 104. Linnet 105. Black-tailed Godwit 106. Gannet
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    Green Sandpiper 2024

    12/04/2024 the Spinney, Uddingston 103. Blackcap
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    Timing Is Everything & A Birding Hard Reset

    So much for the joy of being out...... Following my moan- fest in Dunbar I was desperate to get back out, find space and time, somehow and somewhere. I had booked a couple of days off work to give me a (very) long weekend, and had a set-in-stone plan to visit the Sma' Glen. The 'plan' if you...
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    Green Sandpiper 2024

    08/04/2024 Sma' Glen, Perthshire 99. Wheatear 100. Swallow Loch of the Lowes SWT 101. Osprey 102. Jay 148 miles (ouch)
  21. Green- veined White.jpg

    Green- veined White.jpg

  22. dunnock.jpg


    Dunnock on garden seed feeder
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    Green Sandpiper 2024

    06/04/2024 Horse Field Uddingston 97. Sand Martin 98. Willow Warbler
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    Citadels And Symphonies

    Thanks for your kind words Dave! I'm hoping to get a couple of quality days out in the next few days that will bring back some positivity!!