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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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    Vulture from Masai Mara

    Was going to take a punt at Griffon Vulture but not sure at all
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    ID required, UK

    Also hassop station book shop…..last time I was there was the day when the lammergeier was first spotted…
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    ID required, UK

    Been a very very long time since I was that way…although managed a few visits to high peak book store and watched birds on the feeders there. Whilst talking about it, I can remember feeding chaffinches at chatsworth main car park with hand out the window with food on it….probably about 30 plus...
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    ID required, UK

    Yeses a dipper…I’ve seen them nearChatsworth, but that was a good number of years ago.
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    Lucky so and so!
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    Warbler. Hampshire UK

    I also think its a sedge warbler
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    Need help

    Looks like female blackbird to me
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    Farlington Marsh, May 24

    there were 4 at Snettisham at the start of the month.....should i have been more surprised than i was?
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    Duck in wetlands - Jerez, Spain

    I agree, that is a better feature for this particular picture. Thanks as always Alexander. I hope nobody took offence at my questioning.
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    Duck in wetlands - Jerez, Spain

    Neither disagreeing or agreeing with either of the above But this photo makes this shoveler also look like it has an eye stripe https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Northern_Shoveler/photo-gallery/300126071 And I’m afraid I can’t see any colour definitely other than a splash of white on the...
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    Duck in wetlands - Jerez, Spain

    Female shoveler?
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    Whinchats on Norfolk coast.

    Interestingly I spent this weekend in Norfolk….saw 4 red kites at Glandford, also a couple at Snettisham…I have to say it was noticeable how many I’d do seemingly see compared to previous years.
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    ID help please - Foulshaw Moss UK

    It could just as easily be a wood pigeon……this one best left as is for me.
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    Cetti's warbler?, Ham Wall, Somerset, yesterday

    I wish I had a snake list..I’d love to see an adder….I think I’ve seen slow worms…..not a snake I know,
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    Various at Eyebrook Res, South Leicestershire, UK

    So LROS reporting 5 Ringed plover on that day...but i am also of the thought i can see an eyering. lightened here. I've also found a setting on the camera that made it somewhat darker apologies for rubbish photos...hopefully they will get better. I also took these - first one i've lightened -...
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    Lumix DC-FZ82 - photo help!

    I acquired the above last year and havent really played about with it.....but i took some photos thursday using the iA mode at full zoom (suspect into digital approx 2400mm) they came out exceptionally dark...
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    Various at Eyebrook Res, South Leicestershire, UK

    4 more - pls find attached
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    Various at Eyebrook Res, South Leicestershire, UK

    annoyingly 2 days ago there were 2 gray waders that were much taller.. any view on the plover alexander
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    Various at Eyebrook Res, South Leicestershire, UK

    all photos taken today Linnit... Now i thought this was ringed plover - but looking at this maybe little ringed (dark bill). However all the photos i have taken appear quite a lot darker than i thought they would be - some because i was lookign into light but i suspect mainly due to extent...
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    Mediterranean Gull? Frampton Marsh

    the only point I sort of disagree with there is…..some bins are better than no bins, so £30 is infinitely better than a£0 spend. I have a scope, but I used to bird without it, but for me it’s better to take it with me when I specifically go birding a cos it’s big and cumbersome to carry...
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    Mediterranean Gull? Frampton Marsh

    It’s an interesting take….is it a stretch from that to say if you saw something in the field but couldn’t identify it, then someone identified it for you….is that a tick?
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    I’d like to crop and post an audio file from Merlin off my iPhone.

    Possibly i should have added 6 open icloud and download file to PC from there. 7 use VLC to copy small section of Wav file there are probably a few ways of doing this - but what i really wanted was to use itunes - connect iphone to pc and get the file that way....
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    I’d like to crop and post an audio file from Merlin off my iPhone.

    the tink after the tseep noise being the deciding factor?