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  1. Craig H

    Spotting Scopes - Personal needs and perceptions vs optical ability

    The expense was, let’s say, regrettable!!! I think you are probably right though about the 773 performance compared with the Leica, and weight wise it’s a clear winner. But I do still look at the odd APO 77 that comes up for sale and think should I…….?
  2. Craig H

    Spotting Scopes - Personal needs and perceptions vs optical ability

    Around four years ago I sold my faithful Leica Televid APO 77 with its 32x Wide eyepiece after nearly 20 years of service. There were a few factors, weight being one, but what I was really missing was the ability to zoom in that I was seeing on so many 'new' scopes. I bit the bullet and bought...
  3. Craig H

    Noctivid eyecups

    You probably know already but just in case.....I had been using my 8x32 UltravidHD+ for two years and tolerating the short eye cups and thinking I had extended them to the max. It was only when I was discussing with my local optics dealer that I discovered there was another click stop. It took a...
  4. Craig H

    Zeiss Gavia vs Kowa 773 vs Swaro

    @ Peregrine Took - Only just come across this thread so this is largely immaterial, but it might give you confidence in your purchase. I have just swapped from a Swaro ATX85 to the Kowa 773. I wanted something lighter, and didn't get on with the barrel focus - just could not get stuff in focus...
  5. Craig H

    Binomania Kowa TSN-773 video review

    Great scope. I've just swapped from a Swarovski ATX 85 - wanted a lighter scope without the barrel focus - and although I have only had chance to use it half a dozen times but I love it.
  6. Craig H

    Kowa vs Swarovski

    Cheers for the feedback and advice. I think I need to have a think!!
  7. Craig H

    Kowa vs Swarovski

    I currently have a Swarovski ATX85 which I’ve had for a few years - warranty runs out this year. Despite it being optically excellent I have never really got on with the helical focus (previous scope was a Leica APO77 and I loved the focus). I should have swapped years ago but held on purely due...
  8. Craig H

    Quick release question

    Manfrotto 128RC Head has a lock on the quick release. I've been using mine for nigh on 20 years with no problems.
  9. Craig H

    Natural England scraps general licence to kill ‘pest’ birds

    Apols if I misunderstood your post. Personally I suspect that the number of licences applied for won't be that high simply because in many cases they won't be able to show that they've used and failed with other methods. Its amusing (or not) that so many farmers and shooters are now citing...
  10. Craig H

    Natural England scraps general licence to kill ‘pest’ birds

    I think you misunderstand the general licence system. It has nothing to do with breeding seasons. Basically it allows people to kill certain species if they are causing certain problems. In many instances a specific licence would need to be applied for but currently under general licences you...
  11. Craig H

    Tips please

    I have dabbled one and off for years with pencil sketching, watercolours and, more recently coloured pencils. I think an area I'm going wrong is in my paper choice. I can never seem to get the 'texture' of the drawing correct. Should I be using a smooth paper or a rough one etc etc. What do...
  12. Craig H

    Advice on birding in Cornwall

    Cheers Dan
  13. Craig H

    First day out with new 8x32 EL's

    Hi Roy. Just out of curiosity, how do you find the strap lugs? I tried both the 8x32 ELs and the Leica 8x32 HD + but found the lugs on the ELs made holding them uncomfortable so went with the Leicas.
  14. Craig H

    Advice on birding in Cornwall

    I'll be down in Cornwall for a family holiday in May, staying near Newquay. I'd appreciate any tips advice people have on places to go nearby. I will be nipping out in the mornings before the tribe get out of bed so won't have time to travel too far - maybe 10-20 miles max. Cheers
  15. Craig H

    Leica Televid APO 77 Focussing broken: repair?

    I believe Viking Optical do optics repairs so could be an alternative.
  16. Craig H

    ATX 85 - Initial thoughts

    Some members may remember I was asking a few questions about this scope before xmas and, eventually I bought one second hand, choosing this model over the Leica, Kowa and Zeiss equivalents. Here are my initial thoughts - not technical stuff, just how I find it in use. Prior to this scope I had...
  17. Craig H

    Opinions sought

    Cheers fellas. And Joachim, I might just be tempted to stick a bit of a review up in a couple of weeks.
  18. Craig H

    Opinions sought

    Sorry Lee. Only just revisited this post and seen this, mainly because on the day you posted it i was out buying a Swarovski ATX85. Saw a great value second hand one and couldn't resist.
  19. Craig H

    Nikon UK Service - experiences

    That might be worth a shout. Thanks David
  20. Craig H

    Nikon UK Service - experiences

    Cheers Bob The armour is ok - just that the there are signs of wear on the badges which make them look a bit 'tatty'. No idea whether they can re-armour them and, like I say, not entirely sure its worth it. Regarding the eyecups - Yes, I should've been more clear, its the rubber sleeves rather...
  21. Craig H

    Nikon UK Service - experiences

    I have a pair of 8x32 HG that I'm considering sending in for a service and possible re-armour. Nikon can't give me an estimate and as I'm looking to sell I cant decide whether it will be worth the investment (I know they need new eyecups and maybe, at a push, a re-armour). Any idea of what Nikon...
  22. Craig H

    Paramo Pajaro 2018 v Halcon v RSPB Avocet

    I have a Pajaro, my mate has the Halcon. Got to be honest other than a bit of fleece around the collar and the handwarmers I cant see much difference and I personally wouldn't be swayed to pay the extra just for these features. Each to his/her own but for me the Pajaro is a cracking jacket that...
  23. Craig H

    Kowa after sales - good, bad or indifferent?

    The 883 is one of three scopes I am considering buying, but never having had any Kowa products I have no experience of their after sales performance. Through personal experience I have found Swarovski are very good and Leica a bit more hit and miss. If I'm forking out over £2000 on a product I'd...
  24. Craig H

    Opinions sought

    Thanks for the input all! I have considered buying a zoom for my 77APO but to be honest, forking out £250ish (seems to be abound the going price) for an eyepiece to stick on a scope that's probably worth £6-700 at current rates doesn't seem to have a good cost/benefit ratio. Especially as I...
  25. Craig H

    Opinions sought

    I'm considering a new scope and would like to hear others views. The contenders are Leica 82mm, Kowa 883 or the Swarovski ATX 85. I currently have a Leica APO 77 that is still good but I've been drawn into wanting a zoom and I only have the 32x eyepiece. But I love the view through the Televid...