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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. Jono L

    Zeiss SF 10x42 dissection

    My less-technical and photographed write-up is here: Zeiss Victory SF 10x42 - initial thoughts ATB Jono
  2. Jono L

    Zeiss SF 10x42 dissection

    Great write-up. I bought a pair last week and have been very happy with them optically. However, it is a shame that Zeiss have done nothing since this product was launched to address the key weakness - the eyecups - which are still really poor. I got in touch with Zeiss and they quickly passed...
  3. Jono L

    Wildfowl flock? Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, December 15 2023

    They look like Teal to me. The lower circled bird in the screengrab in 0110101001's post shows the black-framed yellow triangle at the rear end of the male quite clearly. Thanks, Jono
  4. Jono L

    Zeiss Spares UK - how to buy them?

    I am looking to get hold of a rubber eye cover for the eyepiece on my Zeiss Diascope 65. Does anybody know who might supply Zeiss spares in the UK and how to contact them? Thanks, Jono
  5. Jono L

    Tromso - November - birding info requested

    Many thanks Ratal, I really appreciate the info. I can see some forested areas not too far away (if I have a car); are they worth a look? Also, are there any other good sites worth a look within, say, an hour's drive? Thanks in advance
  6. Jono L

    Tromso - November - birding info requested

    Great - I will let you know! Thanks :)
  7. Jono L

    Tromso - November - birding info requested

    That is great, I will take a look - thank you.
  8. Jono L

    Tromso - November - birding info requested

    Hi folks, I am visiting Tromso in mid-November primarily to see Orcas and Humpbacks, but would be keen to know what birds can be seen locally at that time of year and also if there are any reasonably close sites we can reach if we hire a car. Particularly interested in species such as Siberian...
  9. Jono L

    What smartphone?

    I have been using Samsung A5 for four years (firstly with a Zeiss 65 and now with Swaro 85) and it continues to give me good results. It has a 16MP rear camera, whereas many only have 12MP and that does make a difference. Sadly there is no slow motion option. I have a home-made adaptor which is...
  10. Jono L

    Night vision equipment for mortals

    Hi Peter, it was a cloudy day, c4 deg C. Thanks, Jono
  11. Jono L

    Night vision equipment for mortals

    I have just bought a HIK Micro Owl 35mm 35mK 384x288 17um Smart Thermal Monocular from Optics Warehouse for doing nocturnal survey work of wetland birds. It was £1749 and I received it within two days. They were also very helpful and honest helping me decide between this and the equivalent and...
  12. Jono L

    Used Canon EF 300mm f4 L IS USM Lens

    I am thinking of trading in my Canon 100-400mm mk 1 for one of these. Anybody think that is a good idea? Mostly for getting record shots of migrant birds in bushes and trees and the odd flyover bird. I am not a serious photographer, just want something relatively easy to use that will deliver...
  13. Jono L

    Pine Martens - Aviemore area RFI

    I have a few nights in the Aviemore area next week (late August). Speyside Wildlife report that PMs are not visiting their site until after their viewing hide closes. Can anybody recommend any areas I could look for them in and how, ie driving around in the dark with a big light? Any help...
  14. Jono L

    Berlin Goshawks

    Much has been written about Goshawks in Berlin. I visited in the early part of this week (end of Feb 2019) and found at least two pairs and an immature female very easily in Tiergarten, mainly on the south side. They called regularly and were mating too. Hawfinches were present in good numbers...
  15. Jono L

    Turtle Dove sightings in Yorkshire

    Hi Turtle Dove, there is a big project going on just north of you on Turtle Doves. Whilst you are outside the area, it would be great if you could submit your records to them and to the YNU as this species is becoming increasingly rare in Yorkshire...
  16. Jono L

    3 weeks Oz - April

    Like the last guy, I am heading out to Australia's east coast in April with my young family. Family hols but with as much birding/wildlife watching as I can fit in. I desperately want to go on a pelagic but it seems the Sydney ones are second Saturday of the month ie 8th April (we will be in...
  17. Jono L

    Sierra Morena, Spain - Iberian lynx etc

    Hi John Sorry for not seeing your reply. No, they weren't collared. Cheers Jono
  18. Jono L

    Sierra Morena, Spain - Iberian lynx etc

    Just back from a visit to the Sierra Morena in Spain. Spent 2.5 (8-10 May) days looking for Iberian Lynx etc and had two sightings. Also, saw Mouflon (2 and 21), Wild Boar, Gtr Mouse-eared Bat and plenty of birds. If anybody wants any further details, please feel free to PM me. Cheers, Jono L
  19. Jono L


    Hi all I am spending the weekend in the Andujar area. Are there any Rufous Bush-chats, White-rumped Swifts or Pin-tailed Sandgrouse in this area, or between Cordoba and Malaga? Thanks in advance! Jono Leadley
  20. Jono L

    Late March Trip

    Big thanks Mark, Randy and Carlos, all very helpful! Best wishes Jono
  21. Jono L

    Late March Trip

    Thanks Simmojunior!
  22. Jono L

    Late March Trip

    I will be doing the Birding Dad thing from end of March to mid April, doing a loop from Miami - Key Largo - Everglades City - Sarasota - Orlando - Sebastian - Miami. I will be with the family including two little kids, but hope to get some birding in. A couple of questions if anybody can help...
  23. Jono L

    Cats on Fair Isle

    Just saw the caption on an OBP photo on Surfbirds.com saying 'shortly before being eaten by the Quoy cat'. Has the issue of cat removal ever been considered on Fair Isle? Surely a small island like this with large numbers of breeding seabirds (let alone migrants) should not allow cats? Not...
  24. Jono L

    Raiders of the Lost Auk, et al

    Catcher in the Wryneck
  25. Jono L

    Orca The Minch

    :-) The Minch is the less well known cousin of The Grinch....