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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. Mark9473

    New APC 50 Stabilised

    Look at the schematics that John posted. The rhomboid prism just in front of the eyepiece has limited size, which reduces the effective field stop size (hence FOV) of the eyepiece.
  2. Mark9473

    binoculars for aquarium

    For short-range viewing, field overlap is a consideration. I would rank from best to worst: monocular > Pentax Papilio > any other reverse porro > roof prism binoculars > porro prism binoculars. The Pentax Papilio is really special since at close distance the objectives move closer together just...
  3. Mark9473

    Who is still viewing through Victory HT 42s?

    I'm not a collector at all, but this is certainly a reason why I'll never let go of mine. The quality of the view would be the other reason.
  4. Mark9473

    Who is still viewing through Victory HT 42s?

    My 10x42 HT is everything I could wish for in a 10x42. The fact that I got it new from an authorized dealer for £1300 shipped, makes it all the sweeter.
  5. Mark9473

    Different scope for birds and for stars?

    I'm in Belgium, I know about planets being low. I totally understand that you like to view without a diagonal, but what I didn't understand is when you said most observers in the UK do so. That's contrary to what I hear from other observers on this side of the pond. Personally, in 40+ years of...
  6. Mark9473

    Different scope for birds and for stars?

    I think it's safe to say the eyepiece on that spotting scope is not of the "barlow" type. It's probably a translation mistake. Could they have meant "zoom"?
  7. Mark9473

    Different scope for birds and for stars?

    That would be on Newtonian reflectors only, right? On refractors and catadioptric scopes, eye placement without a diagonal is problematic for most people.
  8. Mark9473

    Monocular recommendations

    The Vixen Artes 6x21 ED is available again and, even better, about 100€ cheaper than it was a few years ago. https://www.astroshop.eu/instruments/vixen-artes-monocular-hr-6x21-ed/p,44035 I snapped one up immediately when I saw that. I had very high expectations for this monocular, and it has...
  9. Mark9473

    Maven C2 7x28: any sibling under other name from other manufacturer?

    Patrick, perhaps this is relevant for you: the Maven 7x28 is specified as having a FOV of 6.5° but in reality it is over 7.1° as measured by me on the stars. It doesn't really feel cramped at all.
  10. Mark9473

    GPO 10x32 ED & 10x42HD quick look and comment.

    They both look beautiful, Steve. I'm glad to have contributed to expanding your collection.
  11. Mark9473

    Prostaff P7, 10x30 a quick look.

    Looks like a nice compact pair, Steve. Let us know how they do when you've used them in more various conditions.
  12. Mark9473

    MeoStar B1.1 8x56

    Was that a typo or is there really a Meostar 8x50?
  13. Mark9473

    Zeiss binoculars in Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning.

    I'm now thinking Zeiss Victory FL 32mm and Zeiss Terra ED 42mm.
  14. Mark9473

    Zeiss binoculars in Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning.

    I'm bad at recognising binoculars, but it looked to me like Tom Cruise was using a 32mm Victory FL in the desert, and Simon Pegg in Austria looked like he was using an old Conquest (non-HD). But, as I said, I'm bad at this. Did anyone get a better look?
  15. Mark9473

    Zeiss binocular dirt

    Whatever you do, keep this monster away from all your other binoculars, camera lenses, etc.
  16. Mark9473

    buying advice needed: Opticron Traveller BGA ED vs Celestron Trailseeker ED 8x32 - or something else?

    I just received (today) the Maven 7x28 for exactly the same use. The same 4mm exit pupil as an 8x32, but just 351g in weight. The main trade-off is the narrow FOV of 6.5°. An acceptable compromise, for me.
  17. Mark9473

    Maven C2 7x28: any sibling under other name from other manufacturer?

    For prospective buyers of the Maven 7x28 looking for a store in the EU, here's one: https://www.optics-trade.eu/en/maven-c2-7x28.html
  18. Mark9473


    Galileans have a virtual exit pupil inside the instrument. The effective system pupil size is the eye pupil diameter x the instrument's magnification. In normal binoculars, the field stop size in the eyepiece determines the field of view; in galileans that field stop is the objective diameter...
  19. Mark9473

    Binocular for low light birding and astro UK

    No experience with this one, but I just noticed FLO have an ex-demo GPO Passion 8x56 on offer: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/offers/offer_gpo-passion-56mm-binoculars_345914.html
  20. Mark9473

    New Zeiss Victory HT 8x54 review from Allbinos

    Just speculating, but looking at the body shape of the HT54, it looks like a very short focal ratio objective, which inevitably stresses out most eyepiece designs.
  21. Mark9473

    Zeiss 10x40 SFL - Roger Vine's Review

    Great, they have a tripod adapter socket. I sometimes miss that on my HT.