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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. dries1

    Habicht IF GA 8X30

    I would take a look at a center focus GA in 8X30, however they are extremely rare, I am sure Jan would agree. The seller also has a 10X40 IF for about the same price, ouch.
  2. dries1

    Habicht IF GA 8X30

    These are nice, but $2,800 nice? https://www.ebay.com/itm/326199652203?itmmeta=01J3B7RZPWQ5Y2KTSQ6D8FXZB7&hash=item4bf303af6b:g:VFMAAOSwMihmlCEb&itmprp=enc%3AAQ
  3. dries1

    Nikon Monarch HG 10x42

    It is obvious from this thread how important facial structure is for one to obtain the most from specific glass. What is best for one is not necessarily good for another. I find enjoyment from both the EDG and MHG, eyecups on both work fine for me, but I understand they might not work for others...
  4. dries1

    Which binocular(s) did you use today?

    Yes and it has about 12mm eye relief, more than the later Zeiss 8X30s at 9mm. Representation of colors is excellent and the case is mint, very lucky find.
  5. dries1

    Brief comparison between Opticron Aurora VHD VS Nikon Monarch HG (in 8x42)

    Thanks for the subjective opinion, mine differs.
  6. dries1

    Brief comparison between Opticron Aurora VHD VS Nikon Monarch HG (in 8x42)

    I guess they will have to take his word on that.
  7. dries1

    Older Leitz binocular service in the uk?

    Service on those are more complicated than service of a porro. In the US that would go for at least $250.00. Additionally they have silver coatings on the prisms which tarnish over time, and is irreverssble.
  8. dries1

    Initial user impressions of the NL x52’s

    Have had the NL 8X42 for a while now, I do not wear glasses. I find the eyecups out from fully collapsed, on the third or fourth setting give me clear viewing, depending on the time of the day.
  9. dries1

    What did you see in your binoculars today?

    Where have you been?
  10. dries1

    Which binocular(s) did you use today?

    I just picked these up - (after bartering), always curious about them, enjoying the local blue jays, catbirds and cardinals. For a glass from the 50s, they are exceptional. The sample with a mint case smells new, the only small issue is these is some local/minimal evidence of moisture on the...
  11. dries1

    New binocular day! Nikon 7x42 EDG

    The EDGs were last offered by Nikon USA in 2018, but some were available from vendors after that - clearing out surplus. I grabbed a 8/10X42 then, could not be more happy with them, along with the 8X32. They have proven to be constructed very well - no complaints here, and how about that...
  12. dries1

    New Binocular Bargains Thread

    Don't forget a complete redesign of the eyecups.
  13. dries1

    Initial user impressions of the NL x52’s

    It would be great with these in Cherry Springs State park Pa. on a cool dry night. I am hoping to get there in October.
  14. dries1

    Initial user impressions of the NL x52’s

    Are you going to keep both?, or decide which one to keep. I am also interested what you think of them.
  15. dries1

    Brief review of Alpen Teton EDHD Abbe 10x42

    I would not take one review then change paths forward. I am sure Alpen sells enough of them. The real data are from many of the personnel out there who use them. This is the data Alpen should look at.
  16. dries1

    (Not) Servicing older binos in Absam

    If the bezel and bracelet have been replaced with NOS (new old stock (OEM) parts) I would see no issue with that at all.
  17. dries1

    Product Review: The Sky Rover Banner Cloud 8 x 42 Binocular

    The SRBC will be a one hit wonder just like many that have come and gone. Enjoy them, for those who have them, but please try not to bring in the monetary comparison issue, or passively slamming Swarovski. it is so predictable.
  18. dries1

    (Not) Servicing older binos in Absam

    It is pretty incredible Harold Ros was able to find a prism for the Spezial. You are absolutely right about finding mechanical parts easier than the glass.
  19. dries1

    (Not) Servicing older binos in Absam

    In the US, many of the older Habichts are sent to Suddarth Optical. Although he informed me that the leatherette covered ones were easier to work on than the green armored samples. Normally there is no need for replacements parts with the porro, unless parts, (lens/prisms are needed).
  20. dries1

    Scope Views offline

    The site has been offline for a week, any ideas/info?, perhaps Roger Vine is on vacation?
  21. dries1

    8x32 Dilemma?

    I have the BD IIs, 8/6.5/32 8X42, I prefer the 8X42, there is fall off to the last 10% field of view (blurring) in the 6.5/8X32, a bit less in the 8X32, not really bothersome, however when panning, er... the distortion can take a bit of getting used to for some. For the $$ they are well built...
  22. dries1

    UK binocular deals, special offers and bargains

    That is an excellent price for an M7 10X42, congrats.
  23. dries1

    In Search of the Perfect Compact Binoculars for Active Woods Adventures

    Perhaps,..... information overload.
  24. dries1

    Initial user impressions of the NL x52’s

    Dude I Dude, I have more than enough glass to enjoy, I surely don't heed to any of your tripe. Who gives a crap if it is 14.3, 14.4 or what ever.
  25. dries1

    10x42 MeoPro Air HDED vs 10x42HD Meostar B1 Plus - it's on!

    I agree HenRun, Meopta makes some fine glass, Personally I could careless what critics say when I find a glass that works for my eyes. Only the gullible believe reviewers.