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  1. Acid John

    Blackbird with a berry- Dodder River in Ireland

    You can make out more Ivy berries beneath the Blackbirds chest.
  2. Acid John

    Mountain birch

    In taxonomy nothing is fixed. If you validly publish a name and enough people accept it then that becomes the 'correct' name for now. If people (scientists) don't accept your proposition then it does not matter how valid you thought you were it is not going to be used. I have a very old cactus...
  3. Acid John

    Most plant species per square metre

    Can I chuck dandelions in to this argument. Britain and Ireland have either one variable species (Lumper) or circa two hundred and fifty species (Splitter). But where ever you toss your meter square you will probably still only record one species because the microspecies are rare or widespread...
  4. Acid John

    Early flowering Woodland Strawberry NELondon?

    I'll just add this (if it works) as a good quick guide to UK Strawberries by @NatureLark https://bsbi.org/wp-content/uploads/dlm_uploads/dinkymoira-Strawberry.pdf
  5. Acid John

    Beavers in Scotland

    They are protected but several hundred licences were issued to shooters for 'control' purposes. https://www.thenational.scot/comment/23458112.many-beavers-really-shot-scotland/
  6. Acid John

    Beavers in Scotland

    What is the status of Beaver in Scotland? Last time I looked the ones that spread from the top end of the Mull of Kintyre were being legally shot.
  7. Acid John

    Whitemore Haye

    No access just telescope.
  8. Acid John

    Sequoia planting scheme in the uk

    Without the ability to sell carbon credits to companies wishing to green wash (think of some green energy providers who don't switch the supply off on cold, still, dark nights) this plan would not happen because there is no profit in it.
  9. Acid John

    Planet Earth III

    Jurek I am beginning to think more and more is been filmed in enclosed situations.
  10. Acid John

    Nikon Z400 MM F/2.8 T/C S Lens on Z9 anyone..?

    This reminds me in a fashion about my other hobby. People complaining about how expensive nice old cacti are and why should they be expected to pay that much for them? I always say its dead easy just plant your chosen seed look after it well then try and survive along with your plants for 60 to...
  11. Acid John

    Sea Birds Of St. Paul Island, Alaska

    I like it(y)
  12. Acid John

    Mystery red fish? at Caleta de Fuste, Fuerteventura.

    No photo's? even a blurry one can add some information otherwise google is your friend.
  13. Acid John

    Alternatives to Twitter / X for birders

    We need more birders and other nature lovers over there.
  14. Acid John

    Alternatives to Twitter / X for birders

    If someone needs a Bluesky code I have a couple.
  15. Acid John

    Denoise time to complete

    My files are approximately 25 to 29 MB's and take less than a minute. In fact it probably takes me longer to choose which version to apply.
  16. Acid John

    Planet Earth III

    I am awaiting the arrival of bins and scopes with speakers because we can not possibly watch wildlife without strange anomalous sounds that are totally fake and not found in nature. We are not watching nature we are watching a drama show with added peril.
  17. Acid John

    Hamza Strictly Birds of Prey

    Just joking about the contract bit, but if you watch any of his programs you will see more than you need of his 'sweaty face':ROFLMAO:
  18. Acid John

    Alternatives to Twitter / X for birders

    Speaking of 'Unsavoury' you should see what literally 'Pops Up' under the guise of free speech on Mastodon:eek:
  19. Acid John

    Alternatives to Twitter / X for birders

    My 'X' feed is almost entirely birds, bugs, botany with science and some art. But that was achieved by diligently blocking every account in my time line that wasn't mainly those subjects. If I could access it somehow I would not be surprised if my block list exceeded 20,000 accounts. You must...
  20. Acid John

    Hamza Strictly Birds of Prey

    I must be strange. I don't like nature programs with in this case 'birds of prey' in the headline then showing plenty of footage of the presenter talking about what they are watching when we could be shown the footage instead. Can we have programs with no 'Nodding heads' just a voice over...
  21. Acid John

    Wild Anglesey

    I liked 'Iolo's Anglesey' on my telly but I find the Iplayer signed version very distracting and for me unwatchable:mad:
  22. Acid John

    Any ideas as to fern ID?

    As Butty says Blechnum fluviatile.
  23. Acid John

    Heather ID, please

    Erica verticillata or similar from South Africa.
  24. Acid John

    Which orchid

    Possibly a just opening Frog Orchid.
  25. Acid John

    Memory card info please

    Haven't XQD cards been superseded by CFExpress?