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  1. kahraba

    Lithuania in April

    A late but nonetheless warm thank you for your very helpful reply, kb57 !
  2. kahraba

    Lithuania in April

    I am planning a trip to Lithuania in early-mid April. The trip will basically be : Birzai and region - Nemunas delta - Zuvintas and region (4-5 days each). Any local contact, info or resource welcome ! It will be a relaxed trip but any help finding the local delicacies will be greatly...
  3. kahraba

    Long-tailed Skua ? France

    I recently (21/8/23) saw this Skua on Lac de Pannecière, France (Morvan) and identified it as long-tailed, struck by its color and a few features such as primary tips and the amount of white on primaries. Nevertheless, the overall jizz of the blying bird and bill shape and coloration brought in...
  4. kahraba

    Finch? Connecticut, US

    A slightly yellowy House Finch
  5. kahraba

    Kwai, Botswana October 2022

    Looks like a female Village Indigobird
  6. kahraba

    Peru - Tambopata National Reserve near Puerto Maldonado - 2

    It looks like this unfortunate Striated Heron has a broken bill...
  7. kahraba

    Peru - Tambopata National Reserve near Puerto Maldonado - 2

    #1 is a Greater Ani (tall, clear eye, long "hornbill-like" bill...) (nice bird !) #3 breeding adult Capped Heron (rather than juv.)
  8. kahraba

    Plovers - Oman Masirah

    Thank you all ! My inital thoughts were not too wrong then. I believe that I did not see any Grey or EG Plover during the trip.
  9. kahraba

    Plovers - Oman Masirah

    I tend to agree. Another thing weighing against Grey Plover on the last bird, from the same book : "Small hind toe <=> in other similar plovers absent". Despite a few pics with views of the feet (including #5 above) I was unable to see the faintest hind toe on that bird, which should rule out...
  10. kahraba

    Plovers - Oman Masirah

    Thank you The Fern, you may as well be right. Bills looked a bit weak to me here for Grey plover (esp. on the last bird) and I have seen greyer ones but they are birds that is see quite rarely.
  11. kahraba

    Plovers - Oman Masirah

    Hello, I would appreciate opinions about these plovers seen recently (oct 31/nov 1) on Masirah Island, Oman. photos #2 and #3 are of two different birds seen together, #4 and #5 are of the same bird. I believe 1-3 are Pacific and 4-5 Golden but I have some doubts left...
  12. kahraba

    Tern - Masirah Oman

    I guess it would but I never managed to get any positive ID of this species, in this season when common and (perhaps) roseate should also be present.
  13. kahraba

    Tern - Masirah Oman

    Is it possible to ID this lone elongated tern with a rather strong black bill and reddish legs ? Common tern or something spicier ? Masirah Island, Oman, october 31 2022
  14. kahraba

    Peru, Cock of the Rock area of Manu Road.

    Probably Olive-backed Foliage-gleaner but let's wait for other opinions...
  15. kahraba

    Seen near Abra Malaga pass, heading back down the road, Peru.

    Not familiar with Peru's birds but this is a Brush-Finch. Probably Grey-browed (ssp. assimilis ?)
  16. kahraba

    Wren, Huatulco - Mexico

    It matches Bewick's to me.
  17. kahraba

    Bird of Prey Identification, Korcula, Croatia

    Visible thick barring on the flanks definitely tilts toward Short-toed Eagle for me.
  18. kahraba

    Lesser kestrel ? Sardegna

    Thank you all for the answers. A difficult ID ; the distant shots with a lot of heat haze are of little help. Nevertheless, I had hope that someone could confirm my feelings, mainly based on coloration (face, cere, underparts...) and the very limited spotting. I shall leave this bird...
  19. kahraba

    Lesser kestrel ? Sardegna

    Hi all, two weeks ago in Sardegna, Stintino (NW) - above the steppe behind the house where I stayed, one kestrel drew my attention as a possible Lesser. I took a few photos before it went a little out of sight and all I could see was it met another one, which I could not see properly - if at...
  20. kahraba

    Fly-catching nuthatch (no pics) - Northumberland 15/04/22

    Hello, interesting ! These are quite different birds of course but I have seen Treecreepers do that.
  21. kahraba

    Ethiopia January 2019 - Is this an Eastern Imperial Eagle?

    Thank you for your insight, Tom ! For my information and personal improvement (probably a few others' too), is the age you are referring to 4cy ?
  22. kahraba

    Ethiopia January 2019 - Is this an Eastern Imperial Eagle?

    Double underwing band, long gape, along with the smallish head and upperwing markings point towards Steppe IMHO but I am also hoping for other opinions.
  23. kahraba

    Duck from Poland

    Thank you Butty and Alexander for your replies, especially Alexander for - once again - taking the time for thorough and precise argumentation ! To me this bird looked like a straight-out-of-the-book juvenile greater Scaup according to the first two points that you mentioned. I regret not...
  24. kahraba

    Duck from Poland

    Nice juvenile Greater Scaup (Aythya marila) !
  25. kahraba

    ID a help I’m 99% sure it’s Marsh Tit but…

    I admit the bib is on the wide side but the rather shiny cap and the pale bill spot tend to confirm Marsh Tit.