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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. PeterPS

    Initial user impressions of the NL x52’s

    That's clear to you, me and others, any idea why Swaro chose not to do it? A small correction: the bino is not glare free, it's just that you have manged to avoid seeing it by tweaking the eyecup length.
  2. PeterPS

    Initial user impressions of the NL x52’s

    You have finally seen the light! Those who don't see glare in EL/NL are lucky: facial features help, and people wearing glasses can avoid glare more easily by sliding the bino a bit down.
  3. PeterPS

    Jun for fun. Dead serious (not) review of some 60x60 night vision ? binoculars

    Monoculars can have higher magnification (2000!) and a seemingly huge FoV (8000m/80000m).
  4. PeterPS

    EL 12x50 swarovision eyecups (inadequate eye relief)

    My experience is that the NL 42mm eyecups cannot be used on the EL 50mm, so the rumors that they fit the 50mm EL are not true. Congrats on getting the EL 12x50---it is one my favorite bino.
  5. PeterPS

    New AX Visio 10x32 binocular

    It appears that with the AX Visio you're going to have to use your phone more than your binos: review of swarovski AX Visio binoculars - Google Search At least if you buy the AX Visio from the following retailer you're going to save 533$ (which you can use to buy a good smart phone): Swarovski...
  6. PeterPS

    Funny ad

    I have been asked why Zeiss 8x60 blc and Nikon WX are GOATed. Goated is a way of saying someone/something is a GOAT=Greatest Of All Time.
  7. PeterPS

    What did you see in your binoculars today?

    A pair of burrowing owls. This cute little owl is one of my favorite birds. Binocular: Swarovski SV 12x50.
  8. PeterPS

    Funny ad

    They are listed for 25$, at that price they might be ...goated.
  9. PeterPS

    Funny ad

    I cannot tell you anything about the -ed, but many people posting on the internet use their, your etc. as a shorter form of they're, you're etc. (also to in lieu of too etc.).
  10. PeterPS

    Funny ad

    Title:"Binoculars Scanlux 8x30 Goated" I guess the seller meant to say Coated. The Zeiss 8x60 fat/tall boy and the Nikon WX 10x50 are GOATed.
  11. PeterPS

    Zeiss 10x32 T FL

    Your FL 10x32 has Lotutec coatings, which is good, but it is not a late production example. The SN of my FL 10x32, bought new in 2020, is 4919xxx and is likely one of the latest 10x32 FL made by Zeiss before discontinuing the line. The FL 10x32 is an excellent bino, still one of the best 10x32s...
  12. PeterPS

    Having 2 pairs of binoculars. Which would you choose?

    A binos enthusiast usually has a sizable collection, but in my opinion two binos are sufficient in most situations. My choice: Swaro 8x32 and 12x50 (either SV or FP).
  13. PeterPS

    What did you see in your binoculars today?

    Wild turkey with ruffled feathers and fanned-out tail that has survived Thanksgiving and now is trying to make it until after Christmas. Binocular: Swaro FP 8x32.
  14. PeterPS

    What did you see in your binoculars today?

    A pair of great horned owls sleeping on their favorite branch. Binocular: Swaro SV 10x50.
  15. PeterPS

    Zeiss 20 x 60 S binoculars; real or fake?

    Why do you suspect that these are fake? They look real to me: a pair of Habicht 8x30 apparently made at the end of 2000.
  16. PeterPS

    Is the Zeiss SFL 8x40 worth the difference in price over the Nikon MHG 8x42?

    I don't get the fuss about the "ignore feature", I have never used it and never will: if you don't like the posts by a certain member then don't read them, just skip them. I believe this feature is mainly used to show disagreement with or even humiliate someone: "I put you on my ignore list"...
  17. PeterPS

    What did you see in your binoculars today?

    Well-concealed Anna's hummingbird nest: the mother bird feeding a chick. Binocular: Swaro FP 8x32.
  18. PeterPS

    Nikon strap

    The risk of using the old strap might be negligible, but it does not hurt to get a free new strap from Nikon.
  19. PeterPS

    8x56 & 8x54 Brand Comparisons

    Likely a scammer, given the price (123$, reduced from 500$....) for a 5x56(!) me opta (!) (seller's description).
  20. PeterPS

    Lee Thickett (Troubador) - R.I.P.

    I have exchanged emails and kept in touch with Lee for many years, he was always very kind and ready to share his ample knowledge. I knew he had a terminal disease (in his own words), noticed he was not seen on the BF since October 16 and feared he was not well but was afraid to ask. May he...
  21. PeterPS

    Nikon SE and Zeiss SF 8x32 comparison.

    If you could keep only one porro, would you choose the SE or the Rangemaster? You have/had several SWA binos, which one is your favorite? I owned and tried quite a few SWA bnos and, when compared with the SE, none was a keeper.
  22. PeterPS

    What AI binoculars are these?

    The current "AI" systems don't have superhuman intelligence, and that's unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. Here is what the CEO of OpenAI said about this aspect: “I expect AI to be capable of superhuman persuasion well before it is superhuman at general intelligence.” I have asked...
  23. PeterPS

    What did you see in your binoculars today?

    Belted kingfisher. Binocular: Zeiss SF 10x42.
  24. PeterPS

    Holger’s Binocular Book - in English in 2023!

    I dare to question that claim: "your statistics" will be proven wrong when members of the BF will recite from memory facts from Holger's book they read (and understood) more than 2 weeks back. At least I hope so....
  25. PeterPS

    Holger’s Binocular Book - in English in 2023!

    I am sure there are also people who will read a book and understand and remember what they read for a long time, but that category has 0% in the above statistics. Also not all categories are mutually exclusive, but the percentages add up to 100%. As Mark Twain wrote: "lies, damned lies, and...