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    How to REALLY reduce your carbon footprint

    I wish there was a simple like button. But, anyway, I find myself avoiding BirdForum a lot these days, and particularly anything that is not actually about a bird. It seems to have become a popular place for the pub bores as you say where anything that suggests people might have to change...
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    Fracking banned in UK because of earthquake fears.

    Not actually banned. They have done what the devolved administrations have done and placed a moratorium on fracking (ie, a temporary suspension of the activity). Choosing this avoids the fracking companies being able to challenge an outright ban through the courts. A moratorium can be put in...
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    Countryfile this evening.

    Hahaha.... even your slurs are stereotypes. You are correct though regarding the ease of pigeon-holing right-wingers.
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    Countryfile this evening.

    Wow! You are actually a living, breathing right wing stereotype. Can you clarify - are you also a devotee of Jordan Peterson and an incel? The latter seems likely. Oh, by the way - good birding.
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    Birding/Twitching and Global warming

    This thread has swept the board in terms of gold medals awarded in the categories of mental gymnastics and deflection.
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    Dunlin or Purple Sandpiper?

    I think they might be Knot.
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    new paper on the Ivory-billed Woodpecker

    My, you're so gracious. Can't just accept that your assumption about a country was just wrong but have to come back back with a sarky comment and additional cliches.
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    new paper on the Ivory-billed Woodpecker

    Upon assuming power in 1959, Fidel Castro’s government began to implement an aggressive national reforestation program. In large measure this program responded to a grave national concern given the country’s deforestation trend. From the time of discovery to 1959, the total amount of land area...
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    More alarmism 'Ecological grief':Greenland residents traumatised by climate emergency

    Mainly people don't respond, I suspect, because all of this has been gone over time and time again and all the denial tropes have been thoroughly debunked. I'm not willing to waste my time arguing with you. But, I will point out that no-one who accepts the findings of climate scientists would...
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    Wise move or Inevitable

    My understanding of burying power lines is that there are serious problems with cooling - as mentioned by Bird_Bill. I had been told that buried power lines would need to be in pipes that contained a coolant - oil was the medium claimed when I was told this. Also, there would need to be...
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    ID Please!!

    Male Linnet.
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    Morton Lochs, Fife

    See this thread for comments regarding "Scandinavian" Blackbirds. https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?p=3656529
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    Raptor-Chang Mai

    Thanks for that.
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    Raptor-Chang Mai

    Thanks for the comments. I should have stated that the bird was said to be much bigger than a Buzzard. I had it down as a Changeable Hawk-eagle before I asked for opinions here.
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    Raptor-Chang Mai

    A friend asked for help with this one - only this pic. Thanks in advance Gordon
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    Female Sparrowhawk?

    How do you tell if it's a female? thanks Gordon
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    Cloudbirders Trip Reports - getting taken over by Tour Reports

    They are undoubtedly another exercise in advertising. Look how big our list is. Largely undestandable I suppose as they won't want to give away details that would make it easier to go it alone or check the actual cost of the accommodation they use. I feel they are useful though and would...
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    Where to buy binoculars in London

    What are you talking about? Seems like you're spouting some complete and utter drivel that somebody like.... the man-child Trump?..... has spouted in his ignorance. best regards.
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    Which Tern? Alentejo Portugal

    Don't think a Sandwich Tern would show that carpal band. I think it's a juv/1st winter Common Tern - Arctic would have paler primaries.
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    İstanbul/ Ruff ?

    But the photo was taken on April 19th.
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    Indian Pond or Squacco from south Oman?

    Squacco Heron is also streaked in immature plumage. Dark loral line is not always present. Seems like a hard call to me from that image - upperparts would make it easier.
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    Sand Martin Pakistan?

    Relatively bold band across upper breast supports Sand Martin as opposed the other species of Martins that are possible in the Quetta area I think.
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    yet another willow/marsh tit (UK)

    This topic keeps coming back and the issue of very subjective features like "glossy"/"matt", size of bib etc are constantly recycled. British Birds had an article which debunked the reliability of those features. "Features such as cap, bib, structure, colour of underparts, habitat and...
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    Gull in Denmark

    Herring Gull for me too.