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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. pete_gamby

    Optics Events 2024

    Sorry for the break in service - have been unwell for several weeks and not totally 'on it' so to speak! Anyway, back to the programme: UK & Ireland Global Birdfair, Oakham, 12-14/7 Hauxley Nature Reserve, Alnwick, 14/7 Brandon Marsh, Coventry, 17/7 Portland Bird Observatory, Portland, 21/7...
  2. pete_gamby

    Defective unit out of the box - question about factory packaging

    Just to clarify a couple of points: We do not drop ship to this retailers customers - this item would have been sent to their warehouse as part of a larger shipment for them to send on to their customer Yes all products are QC'd in the UK but until we see the defective unit back here I can't...
  3. pete_gamby

    Spare parts for Velbon Quick Release Plate

    There's a PDF on the Vebon website that seems to suggest that the QB-46 plate is compatible with the PH-157 head: https://velbon.net/product/accessories/index_qrp.html Not tried it myself and they look to be scarce too.
  4. pete_gamby

    Optics Events 2024

    Next little batch for you all: UK & Ireland Blashford Lakes, Ringwood, 28/5 North Cave Wetlands, Brough, 2/6 Stanpit Marsh Nature Reserve, Christchurch, 8/6 Lockley Lodge, Haverfordwest, 8/6 Hauxley Nature Reserve, Alnwick, 9/6 Potteric Carr Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Doncaster, 11/6 Summer...
  5. pete_gamby

    Stay on Case ES80 vs HR80

    Hi there - I checked the fit of an ES 80 case on the HR 80 scope. It does go on with access to focus wheel and tripod mount all available but is a tight fit at the objective lens end. We still have HR 80 cases in stock should you choose to change scope and find that your existing case isn't a...
  6. pete_gamby

    Opticron SDL zoom

    Serial number for the MM4 60 is on the underside of the tripod mounting. There is no serial number for the SDL eyepiece. HTH
  7. pete_gamby

    Eyepieces for MM3 GA (non ED)

    SDL zoom eyepieces have an external diameter of 50mm+ and the HDF zoom is 49.5mm. HTH
  8. pete_gamby

    Optics Events 2024

    Heading into spring and here are the next set of dates for you! UK & Ireland Portland Bird Observatory, Portland, 21/4 Tophill Low Nature Reserve, Driffield, 21/4 Lakeside Country Park, Eastleigh, 27-28/4 Potteric Carr Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Doncaster, 27/4 Slimbridge Village Hall...
  9. pete_gamby

    Deciding between 8x32's

    Since Steve wrote that review we changed the rubber armor material on the Verano because as he pointed out the original marked up too easily.
  10. pete_gamby

    Optics Events 2024

    Next little lot for you: UK & Ireland Stanpit Marsh Nature Reserve, Christchurch, 6/4 Brandon Marsh, Coventry, 6/4 North Cave Wetlands, Brough, 7/4 Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve, Skegness, 10/4 Summer Leys Visitor Centre, Wollaston, 12/4 North Sea Observatory, Chapel St Leonards...
  11. pete_gamby

    Optics Events 2024

    And a few more as we head into spring: UK & Ireland Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, Rye, 22/3 Spurn Discovery Centre, Kilnsea, 23/3 College Lake Wildlife Centre, Tring, 24/3 Slimbridge Village Hall, Slimbridge, 24/3 Hauxley Nature Reserve, Alnwick, 24/3 Blashford Lakes, Ringwood, 26/3...
  12. pete_gamby

    Opticron BGA PC ASF 10x42

    There's no inspection fee but she would have to pay for return postage regardless of whether she has any recommended repair work done. Cost is £6 plus VAT.
  13. pete_gamby

    Opticron BGA PC ASF 10x42

    Our UK warranty doesn't cover accidental damage so any repair would be chargeable. This range had a 10 year warranty. The Countryman BGA range has always had a centre dioptre adjustment. If you mean the eyecup mechanism then this is almost certainly repairable. Best advice would be to call our...
  14. pete_gamby

    Optics Events 2024

    Next lot for you - starting to get that springtime feeling :) UK & Ireland Nene Wetlands Visitor Centre, Rushden, 8/3 Wild Chesil Centre, Portland, 9/3 Brandon Marsh, Coventry, 9/3 Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory, Sandwich, 10/3 Hauxley Nature Reserve, Alnwick, 10/3 Potteric Carr Yorkshire...
  15. pete_gamby

    Opticron BGA PC ASF 10x42

    BGA = B denotes roof prism, GA denotes rubber armour PC = phase corrected prisms ASF = aspheric eye lens and F-type multi-coating to improve colour contrast T = twist type eyecups The BGA ASF T was the fifth generation of the Imagic range. To some extent the model name changes over time were...
  16. pete_gamby

    ES80 GA vs ES80 GA ED v3

    Each generation of the ES 80 has had both SD and ED variants and this will be shown on the badge or labelling on the scope body. HTH Cheers, Pete
  17. pete_gamby

    MM4 77 GA ED 45 - construction?

    The main body components are polycarbonate (objective cone, rear body) whilst the tripod mount ring and various internal components are alloy. HTH Cheers, Pete
  18. pete_gamby

    Optics Events 2024

    Spring still feels a way off but we still have optics demos to go to! UK Hauxley Nature Reserve, Alnwick, 25/2 Slimbridge Village Hall, Slimbridge, 25/2 Blashford Lakes, Ringwood, 27/2 Dawlish Warren NNR, Dawlish Warren, 3/3 North Cave Wetlands, Brough, 3/3...
  19. pete_gamby

    UTA 2x on spotting scopes?

    Hi David The UTA 2x is much better than the 2.5x. Higher light transmission means it copes well at higher resolutions for example. HTH Pete
  20. pete_gamby

    Help with interpreting Opticron tech data, please?

    Unfortunately we have tried to persuade Tucson Audubon to allow us to join their festival but they've decided to stick with the brands they have. We used to sell to them but for reasons unknown (to me at least) they dropped us from their catalogue. There's an event in Sierra Vista in May but...
  21. pete_gamby

    Optics Events 2024

    Next little lot for you: UK & Ireland Abberton Reservoir Nature Reserve, Colchester, 8/2 Hanningfield Reservoir, Downham, 9/2 Potteric Carr Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Doncaster, 10/2 Hauxley Nature Reserve, Alnwick, 11/2 Tophill Low Nature Reserve, Driffield, 18/2 Portland Bird Observatory...
  22. pete_gamby

    Help with interpreting Opticron tech data, please?

    That would have been my colleague Chip Clouse - he's our US sales rep and customer service agent. He's also a phenomenal birder and really knows his stuff on optics. The Verano BGA VHD is the only one of our ED binoculars that doesn't have that feature mentioned on the website! Probably time...
  23. pete_gamby

    Old HDF Eypiece Identification

    It's an old version of the 40809 HDF - pre-dates my time at Opticron so can't enlighten on whether it was optically improved upon. Some info on the 40809 here: https://www.opticron.eu/ukhtml/Pages/eyepieces_archive.htm HTH Cheers, Pete
  24. pete_gamby

    Optics Events 2024

    Ooops. Bit late! Enjoy: UK & Ireland Slimbridge Village Hall, Slimbridge, 28/1 Hauxley Nature Reserve, Alnwick, 28/1 Blashford Lakes, Ringwood, 30/1 LCE Southampton (High Street), Southampton, 3/2 Stanpit Marsh Nature Reserve, Christchurch, 4/2 North Cave Wetlands, Brough, 4/2...
  25. pete_gamby

    Optics Events 2024

    There used to be events at WWT Castle Espie but I don't think they run them anymore. Birdwatch Ireland has a shop near Kilcoole, Co Wicklow but has a relatively limited range of products. If there's something from Opticron that you'd like to try, we can send to them on sale or return.