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  1. Dortmundbirder

    Mallorca 2024

    We went to the Mountains Yesterday. Around Lluc was a nice group of at least 6 Black and 1 Griffon Vulture Soaring. At Gorg Blau we SAW a Bonellis Eagle, a Blue Rock Thrush was Singing and on a small Island was a lone Great Cormorant
  2. Dortmundbirder

    Mallorca 2024

    Hello Mallorca Fans, we are visiting next week. I basically have one target left which is Mediterrenean Flycatcher, whcih shouldnt be too difficult I guess. But anyway it is better to get some backup intel. We are staying near Son Carrio / Manacor. Anyone has a good site for the flycatcher in...
  3. Dortmundbirder

    Would you personally tick, given a highly unlikely alternative ID?

    Some years ago they found a Rock Bunting here in my City which was a first. Turned out, that bird was of the himalayan subspecies and an escape. I think basically everything is kept somewhere.
  4. Dortmundbirder

    How many cuckoos have you seen?

    Surprised to have 25 thought it would be less. 1. Greater Ani 2. Smooth-billed ANi 3. Groove-billed Ani 4. Lesser Roadrunner 5. Green-billed Coucal 6. White-browed Coucal 7. Greater Coucal 8. Red-faced Malkoha 9. Blue-faced Malkoha 10. Great Spotted Cuckoo 11. Levaillaints Cuckoo 12. Pied...
  5. Dortmundbirder

    Birding events and birding location in Munich

    Hello and Welcome, directly inside Munich Schlosspark Nymphenburg should be a good birding start for commoner species. Depending on your mobility, the Ismaninger Speichersee is closeby to the city. If you can go a little bit further, Ammersee is very nice and if you can go a little bit...
  6. Dortmundbirder

    Recent Suriname Experience

    I wonder if anyone here had a recent Suriname experience, as we are planning to go in early 2025. Trip reports are found on the regular pages but mainly pre covid time.
  7. Dortmundbirder

    Amazon / Yasuni birding

    We did a budget Amazon entry and unguided in the Puerto Misahuallí area. Of course you are not getting as many Amazon specialities as in the more remote areas but you pay around 1/10 of what you pay in the top lodges and it is easy accessible by car or public transport without having to rely on...
  8. Dortmundbirder

    please help me identify my birds in srilanka march2022

    Oriental Hobby, is not recorded on Sri Lanka as far as I know. So should be a Shaheen.
  9. Dortmundbirder


    We saw Humpbacks and Orcas from a trip out of Reykjavik in late June. Thick-billed Murre und European Storm Petrel and lot of Manx Shearwaters seen as well.
  10. Dortmundbirder

    Ethiopia and binoculars

    We had no issues on transit inside the airport, there was no issue using the bins inside the terminal either.
  11. Dortmundbirder

    What was your best found “patch bird”this year?

    Three calling corncrakes where two stayed and probably bred. First record in my area after more than 50 years of absence.
  12. Dortmundbirder

    How many lifers seen in a single day?

    Ecuador Wild Sumaco 50 Lifer after 2 weeks already in the country (day was mental with over 150 species observed) Ecuador Mindo 59 Lifer on Day 2 in Ecuador South Africa: Johannesburg - Kruger NP 68 Lifer (my first time in Sub-Saharan Africa)
  13. Dortmundbirder

    Small island birding

    Id think about Cozumel. You get Migration, You have beautiful birds, and best of all Mexican food and lifestyle.
  14. Dortmundbirder

    The bird you’ve seen in the most countries?

    Great Egret and Barn Swallow are in Front for me. From a more rarer perspective Capian Tern makes an appearance which I saw at least in 13 countries on 5 continents.
  15. Dortmundbirder

    Kenya - Masai Mara 2

    1) Chinspot Batis 2) Brown-crowned Chagra, Black crowned would have a solid black head, the hooked Bill is a good indicator where to look it up. 3) Yes 4) Yes 5) A Wheatear, Isabelline and Northern are options. This looks more like a Northern to me 6) Should be Rufous naped Lark. 7) A Pipit Id...
  16. Dortmundbirder

    Kenya - Urban Nairobi

    1) I think Abyssinian Thrush is the only Thrush of this Complex in Nairobi. 2) Common Bulbul 3) You are correct 4) Cisticolas. Iam not experienced enough to give a definitive ID here but Rattling or Winding Cisticola are usually contenders.
  17. Dortmundbirder

    Ant-eating Chat female Skukuza Camp South Africa Oct 22

    Looks good for Southern Anteating Chat, really taken in Skukuza? as far as i know there are not many records of this bird inside the Kruger.
  18. Dortmundbirder

    Ecuadorian Amazon September 2022

    Thank you for your input. I think Mottle backed Elaenia might be a good call, we saw a couple of them.
  19. Dortmundbirder

    African Goshawk juvenile Skukuza Camp South Africa Oct 22

    Rufous breasted Sparrowhawk is extremly rare in KNP
  20. Dortmundbirder

    Ecuadorian Amazon September 2022

    We saw this bird around Tena in Ecuador. I have no clue, probably shot is too bad for a positive ID but any direction would be good. Thanks in advance.
  21. Dortmundbirder

    Birding solo in Malaysia & Singapore two weeks in february -march.

    As we are in the planning for 2025 Peninsular Malaysia, how extensive is the boardwalk in Taman Negara? And things like the canopy trail are then with mandatory guiding?
  22. Dortmundbirder

    How many shorebirds/waders have you seen?

    Added 2 Lapwings and Plovers + 1 Sandpiper to make it to 102 .
  23. Dortmundbirder

    Ecuador eastern slope birding

    Guango and San Isidro are quite expensive, worth the money, but certainly not a low budget birding. For the Cosanga area, you can stay at Cabanas Tamiaju. They have some good forest on their grounds and are close to the guacamayos ridge. For the amazon basin you could get an accomodation in or...
  24. Dortmundbirder

    Uganda July 2018

    Day 9) Transfer to Entebbe On our next day, we would leave Uganda and the drive back to Entebbe held a lot of the more common species we encountered during our stay in this beautiful country. We could still add 2 more species with African Wooly-necked Stork and Black-crowned Chagra en route. We...
  25. Dortmundbirder

    Uganda July 2018

    Day 8) Kibale Today was Chimpanzee Tracking. And while it was also nice to see and experience the chimps it does not have the same vibe as the gorillas. Chimps are loud and chaotic. They live in large groups and are not really paying attention to us “visitors” in their forests. The walk to the...