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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. lilcrazy2

    Celestron Regal ED 8x42 Mini Review.

    I have the 8x42 Regal ED's, Trailseeker Ed's, Nikon M5's, Monarch 7's, and the SV202's, in addition to Monarch Hg's and EDG II's. While the SV202's are a heck of a deal for the $113 I paid shipped, I find I prefer the Trailseeker ED's over them. That said, for $113 the SV 202's are an...
  2. lilcrazy2

    Binoculars for People with disabilities

    Other than the suggestion for a samll IS bino, I would probably suggest you try one of the small reverse porros such as 7x25 or 8x25. They are extremely lightweight and easily held and operated with one hand - and inexpensive.
  3. lilcrazy2

    Older Zeiss 10x25 ID?

    I thought this was the Zeiss Terra TL and not the Terra ED. I have read in the past that some people consider these the same, but I have always been puzzled why you can buy brand new TL's for $160 or so, but the Terra ED's go for $300. Based on the pic it looks like the left barrel is marked...
  4. lilcrazy2

    Celestron Regal ED 8x42 Mini Review.

    I guess magnesium chassis and lighter armoring. (y) It seems that in the $600 and under range that most modern 8x42's weigh 24 oz or less. The only two I have in that category that weigh 27 oz are the Regal ED's and the Svbony SV202. Heck, my Monarch MHG 8x42's weigh the same as the Trailseeker...
  5. lilcrazy2

    Celestron Regal ED 8x42 Mini Review.

    They were quite nice back in the day and competed with the Pentax SP's and Canon WP's. I believe the Regals had aspherical lenses as did some of the Canon WP models. I sold my Regal LX's but still have an 8x32 Pentax SP and a Canon 7x42A WP with aspherical lenses. The new Regal ED's are better...
  6. lilcrazy2

    So what DID Santa bring you?

    Looks like the 7x42 Habichts he posted in another thread. Odd that the exit pupils look square instead of round (if thats what I am seeing)
  7. lilcrazy2

    So what DID Santa bring you?

    This year I decided to gift myself something from many Christmases' past since I like some of the older classics. Got a mint pair of 10x35 Nikon E (C) Criterion porros. Always regretted selling these and the Eii's I had 10 yrs ago, so decided to re up. Also, a mint pair of Celestron Regal LS...
  8. lilcrazy2

    Olympus 8x40 DPS I

    Welcome to the forum. The Olympus 8x40 DPS I was known as the Trooper model. If you enter Trooper in the search box you will find some members comments on the Troopers but it will take a bit of scrolling past word associations and movies. Having had them in the past and still having the 7x35 DPS...
  9. lilcrazy2

    Show Us Your Maven

    gcole Nice looking paint job (y) Any other 10x32's they seem to be comparable to?
  10. lilcrazy2

    Monarch M7+ 8x30

    The M7+ 8x30 with field flatteners only seems to be announced for Europe for now. Seems like Nikon may be starting to get serious about increasing bino share in Europe as well as new upgrades. Wonder how far behind a new alpha type may be in the future?
  11. lilcrazy2

    Oberwerk 8x32 SE

    Are they still making this model after all these years? These used to get fairly glowing reviews 10 to 11 yrs ago on BF. I still have my E2 from many yrs back as well, and wasn't implying they were as good. Only posted as a comparison to some of the other 8x42 clones others were bandying about.
  12. lilcrazy2

    Oberwerk 8x32 SE

    Here's some pics of 8x42 Vixen Foresta ZR CF WP Porros I found in my magic closet. NIB - made in China - purchased Sept. 2012. Very good optics. I also had the 7x50 model but sold it another BF member years back.
  13. lilcrazy2

    Kahles and Swarovski

    Steve Not to beat a dead horse but the only Gold Ring I was referring to as being "made in Oregon USA" in 1992/93 are these early monstrosities that were made in 10x40 and 12x50. see the pics below. My understanding was that the initial manufacturing run of these were made in Japan, and then...
  14. lilcrazy2

    new binocular wishes 2023

    I thought I saw a picture someone posted in the past where these were made in several different colors. I remember thinking the blue one was for me IIRC.
  15. lilcrazy2

    car surfing raven video

    Pretty amazing. It looked like they ran over it a couple of times when it dipped down low. lol
  16. lilcrazy2

    Kahles and Swarovski

    Well Bill, I guess under your definition of MADE or MANUFACTURED, since the Gold Rings made by Leupold in 1992 and 1993 that were marked "Made in Oregon USA" were merely assembled there since they used lenses imported from Japan. Leupold had manufacturing problems with the parts they were...
  17. lilcrazy2

    Kahles and Swarovski

    I only said that Leupold made one line of Gold Rings marked "made in Oregon USA" in 1992 - were you there then?
  18. lilcrazy2

    Roof prisms (Svbony SV202 10x42) Chromatic aberration, cushioning, blurring at edge - comparison, example pictures?

    I recently bought an 8x42 SV202 that I got for $113 from Aliexpress just for S&G, and I certainly wouldn't call them crap. Actually, they seem very well built, very smooth focuser, but heavy (nearly 27 oz), and somewhat large/tall. The pincushion is higher than most any other 8x42 I have, but I...
  19. lilcrazy2

    new binocular wishes 2023

    My wish is for 2023 is a new top line Alpha from Nikon. Either a revamped and improved EDG II, or a new design improving on the EDG II. And I'll bet you $10 to a donut that one or the other happens before the end of 2023.
  20. lilcrazy2

    Kahles and Swarovski

    Bill Evidently you don't remember the earlier thread where I said Leupold did make binos in the US at one time and we all went round and round. Despite all the press clippings announcing Leupold making binos, you disagreed. After I finally posted pictures of the very early Gold Rings that were...
  21. lilcrazy2

    Does anyone have working contact info for Swarovski?

    Please contact Customer Service at [email protected] or call 1-800-426-3089, option #2 with any questions. Thank you! Swarovski Optik North America Service Team
  22. lilcrazy2

    Best 10x50 Porro for under $200

    After reading your past praise of your Scope 7x50 porros, I stumbled across these about 2 min before the auction ended, and just for a hoot, simply couldn't resist for the price and condition. Wonder what the view from a Scope 15x50 is like...
  23. lilcrazy2

    Best 10x50 Porro for under $200

    sorry looked at the regular Adventurer
  24. lilcrazy2

    Best 10x50 Porro for under $200

    Says the Adventurer has bak-7 prisms. Would think many binos with bak-4 would be better.
  25. lilcrazy2

    Nikon Venturer

    I am only interested in the 7x21 Sprint II. The most common 7x21 Nikon is the one that has the squarish/blocky style similar to the 8x23 Venturer's, but I have never heard that one referred to as the Sprint model. Come to think of it I don't think I can ever remember seeing a Sprint I model...